The Metaphysics of Judgment

The Metaphysics



The Metaphysics of Judgment

When you feel judged you feel either angry or you feel worthless. Either way, you do not feel very good about those people who have just judged you. So, what is the Metaphysics of judgment and why is it so, so painful to feel judged?

For every judgment you make, either good or bad, means that you are rejecting someone, or something else. Let’s say that you make a good judgment. You think to yourself that this person is a really good person. You cannot say that, unless you have a really bad person already in your mind to balance the equation.

For every good person in your life, you must have a bad person to balance the equation, this is cause and effect. Now, you might think, there is no harm in making that kind of judgment that this is a really good person, and you would be correct, if you listened to the ego. But you would be wrong if you listened to me! Why? Because good judgments, or good thoughts about good people only exist on Level 2; they do not exist on Level 1.

If you make those judgments on level 1, then you are making them with the ego. It is these judgments of good and bad and right and wrong that we make that split our minds.  Now we end up the same as the ego, with a split mind, and being very judgmental just the same as the ego.

The entire ego thought system is built upon rejection, and the moment you are born in a body, you will begin rejecting places, people, and food and so on for your entire life. Because you are now attached to a mind that is split between right and wrong, and good and bad, so you have to judge whether you like it or not.

This means that everything in your life will be split right down the middle between good and bad, and right and wrong. Your entire life will be one big judgment from birth to death, as long as you remain on Level 1

Those people who dwell on Level 1, and who claim to be either without judgment or they claim to be non-judgmental are really in denial. They are denying their judgments, suppressing them, and then projecting these judgments onto an already judgmental world.

Again, the thing to know about judgment is that on Level 1, you must judge! Even on Level 2, you are also making judgments, and it is not until you accept the Atonement and move to Level 3 that you will be without judgment.

Now, again remember this: these three Levels are just states of minds, and it is possible to attain not only these three, but all 5 Levels while you are in a body, and therefore it is possible to attain all five states of mind in a body.

So, the question then should be, “how does judgment work on each of the bottom two Levels?”

Let’s start with Level 1:
On level 1 the first thing you should know is that the judge is the split mind of the ego. Every time you think you have judged someone good or bad, right or wrong, think again, you have not! What has happened is this: you have just tuned into the judge, and now you are thinking just like the judge, and I bet you now think that these thoughts are yours?

And if that is the case then you must also now believe that those judgments are yours also. The ego wins, again! So what is the true error here?  And who is the real judge? 
The real error lies the moment you seek anything externally from the ego. This is the same as seeking anything form another person. The moment you seek anything from anyone, you must judge them!! Period!

So, let’s say that you want a favour from someone, so you will choose someone whom you think will be a very good person to fulfil that favour. Then for whatever reason that person says, “no, or they can’t help you.”

The real truth comes out and you will judge them as not a very nice person, and you will reject them. This was the ego’s game all along. It will make you believe every time, that these thoughts and judgments you have about this other person really belong to you.

Here is how cause and effect works with the ego and judgment. You being the seeker enter the ego through the persona door. Now you could be seeking for anything or from anyone. The immediate effects are this: you now must listen and you will hear only to the ego’s voice, and you will hear only the thoughts of the ego, and those thoughts will be very, very judgmental.

The great illusion is this: you will think that it is you thinking these thoughts that are very judgmental, but all the while it was the ego fooling you once again. So the moment this happens and you find yourself being judgmental, you will either deny these judgments, suppress them, and then project them out onto others by rationalizing them.

Or, you will accept them, and then you will think you are a bad person for being so judgmental of others. The ego wins again! You lose again!

Let’s say that you go to an ACIM group meeting, and you share some personal stories with the group and then you feel judged by the entire group!
What is really happening? And what should you do about it?

Like I said above on Level 1 you must judge. So, you either deny them, project them out, then rationalize them. Or you possess them, thinking they are your judgments, and now you will also think yourself a bad person for having these awful judgments.

So let’s say that you go to an ACIM group meeting, or any meeting for that matter and you are seeking for some answers to problems that you have experienced. The moment you enter this ACIM group as a seeker, you enter this group as an ego.

And if everyone there is seeking, then everyone will be there as an ego, and the entire group will be very judgmental. Now, maybe you will judge this group as being helpful, because you may have found some answers to some of life’s questions that you were seeking for.

Or, if you do not get what you were seeking for you will automatically find them unhelpful, and so you will find them also judgmental. And, the same goes for everyone else who was seeking, they will all go way and feel judged in one way or another. The ego wins again!

You do not have to go to a group to feel judged. Your friends will judge you, and you will judge them, depending on how helpful they are to you, and you to them. The point here is: if you are seeking anything from anyone, then you will be a seeker in the persona, and now you must judge, and if you do get what you want, these judgments will be severe!

But again, these are not your judgments, they belong to the ego, but you will think that these awful judgments are yours. This is the only error you are making!

 If you go to a group and you feel judged by anyone at that group, then you are responsible for those judgments. Why? Because you denied them, you suppressed them, and then you projected them out onto others.

Now, your reaction is that you feel judged and that should tell you that what you see in another is what you have not forgiven in yourself. These are your judgments which you have denied, suppressed, and then projected out! It is impossible for you to feel judged if you did not judge in the first place, because the very fact that you feel judged, is a judgment!

So, what should one do with judgments while living with the ego on Level 1?

The first thing is to recognize who and what the real judge is, and then listen very carefully for it, and to it, as often as you can. Why? Because it is like everything else in the ego thought system, it is only when you take your eyes off it, and you think that these thoughts are yours, that the ego will really hurt you!

So the next judgment you have about anyone, or anything, listen carefully to that particular judgment and reveal its true source. What is the reason for the judgment?  What is its source?

The true source of all judgments come from the egos split mind. It is then the persona who is the real judge here, not the shadow. The persona wants only special people with special gifts in its special house.

If anyone or anything does not pass the persona’s test, which is always specialness, they will be judged and rejected into the shadow. It is the persona that orders you to keep all your good friends close, and get rid of all your bad friends.

To do this, it is the persona who will judge them, and you will of course think it is you, and you will feel terrible about this unless you can rationalise that your judgments are right and proper, that these are really bad people.

But then again remember the rationaliser is also the persona; so you have been duped once again. If you can rationalize your judgments, then you will feel great, at least for a day. But, because you rationalize your judgments you keep every single one of them, and they will keep coming back up, over and over again.

So, what are the Metaphysics of Judgment on both Level 1 & Level 2?

On Level 2, you will as the Course suggests make good judgments, and this is how you do this! When you judge on Level 2 you are making judgments on what is true and what is false. You will of course judge and reject what is false, which is the entire ego thought system. You will reject both the persona and the shadow. And you will keep what is true; the One Mind of Spirit.

But when you judge and reject while you are on Level 1, only half of the ego is rejected (which is always the shadow part), and the ego just loves it when you try this. Why? Because the good part you are keeping….. the persona is also the ego!

So no matter what you do with the shadow while you are in the persona, it is pointless and worthless, and the ego knows it. You can try and heal your past which is really the shadow, and it will make no difference to you spiritually, because you will still be in the persona, and the ego.

The game here for the ego is to disempower you, confuse you, bewilder you and torment you. Why? Because this is where the ego really bends your will and takes total control over your mind and your life!  The persona really only wants like-minded, special people in its circle of family and friends. If you do not fit that bill you will be judged, and therefore, you will be rejected. This is a very painful experience for many people that feel judged and then rejected.

You will find that the most judgmental people in this world are those who are heavily invested in this external world. The more determined you are to get something from someone, no matter what that is, or who it is, the more judgmental you will be.

Then you will meet some people and they will be less judgmental than some others. The reason for this is that person is less invested in the persona, and external seeking, so they are not listening to the ego as much.

 The trick here is this; know that you are on Level 1, and do not judge yourself for judging. Why? Because the ego hates honesty, and if you are really honest on Level 1, then you must know that the judge is the ego.

When you hear these judgments, good or bad, right or wrong, stop and listen to them, and then call out in a loud voice and say this to the ego!
“I  know you; these are not my judgments; they belong to you!”

Then smile, and be on your way!! This will bring the ego to its knees and you then take back your power from the persona and the judge!


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