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Michael Murray has released his new book, see below….

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Wake Up – Life Is but a Dream

WHO are we truly? WHY are we here? WHERE are we going? HOW do we get there? WHAT is the purpose of life? HOW do we end suffering in our lives now? This Book Contains ALL the Answers to life!!!

Author Michael Murray takes you through his REMARKABLE LIFE story in which he survived FOUR NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCES, along with enduring hundreds of frightening and uncontrolled out of body experiences, over many years.

Then, in the fall of 2008, when he was in the depths of hell in his tormented personal life, the most amazing and MIRACULOUS events occurred, quite UNEXPECTEDLY, without SEEKING, and, without WARNING, Michael simply woke up.

Wake Up – Life Is but a Dream

Introduction by Anthony Grey

Massively important, significant, and potentially epoch-making – that is my own considered estimation of this claimed new historical and spiritual information with the profound teachings that follow in this extraordinary book. They call into question in a dramatic way I have never encountered before, many of the core spiritual practices, which over the past two millennia have greatly influenced and shaped the ancient and modern world.

And perhaps most significantly, if widespread credence is given to these newly presented teachings – whether that is sooner or later – great positive changes in spiritual understanding and practice can potentially follow to unite all mankind and influence the ways of our whole world for the better.

This book, in fact, makes it unmistakably clear that this is the key reason for the publication, which is to stimulate a new and destined process of enlightenment and spiritual awakening, not only for spiritual seekers but for people of each and every faith across the world.

The timing of this information clearly enshrines Wake Up! – Life Is But A Dream’s core ambition; to alert the world that it is time to wake up! And this is to emphasise to all readers that the process of enlightenment is rooted ineluctably in love, forgiveness, compassion, unity and oneness – and the firm understanding that every human being is in true reality not a physical body but above all an eternal, divine being and equal always to all others whatever their race, gender or creed.

As a foreign correspondent working for Reuters international news agency in Cold War Berlin and Eastern Europe, and later in the China of Mao Tse-tung and his violent Cultural Revolution, I spent my days and nights seeking out new slivers of truths to add to our world’s ever-lengthening spiritual search for peace, love and reconciliation, and indeed that elusive state of enlightenment that so many have failed to reach.

Wake Up! I feel sure, provides vital new understandings we have never had before, it will continue to inspire and without realizing it, we may have already begun to witness the beginnings of a historical leap forward in the growth of a unified human spiritual awareness.

It certainly looks like that to me. And I believe it is not an exaggeration to say that this latest addition to the growing list of inspiring publications, Wake Up! has in itself the inherent power to help accelerate the spiritual evolution and awakening of all mankind.

And as I give way to Michael’s first relating his own remarkable story, I will conclude by saying I trust that you, dear reader, may possibly be inspired too in some way or other, as I have very gladly been, by all the truly extraordinary writings which follow.

Anthony Grey 21st January 2016

Anthony Grey is a former foreign correspondent with Reuter’s international news agency in Eastern Europe and China, an international best-selling author of the historical novels Saigon, Peking and Tokyo Bay and the recent non-fiction memoir The Hostage Handbook. He also founded the Tagman Press publishing imprint in 1998.

Buy on this book on Amazon here…just click this link… Shop Here!

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