The Miracle

A Course In Miracles uses the word “ miracle” simply to mean a correction, the undoing of false preception.

It is a shift in perception, it is forgiveness, it is the means to healing. All of these words are basicly the same.

It has nothing to do with anything external, such as walking on water, it never has anything to do with the external ( form), but always with content, which is internal or the mind.

A miracle is an inner shift. One of the most beatiful lines in the course defines a miracle in this way; “The holiest of all the spots on earth is where an ancient hatred has become a present love”. That is a miracle.

When you suddenly shift from a perception of hatred for someone to where you now look with love on that very person. That is the miracle.

That is why this book is called A Course in Miracles, it show us exactly just how to do this. It is showing us how we can change our minds. We do not change the world, we change our minds.

We do not change another person, we change how we look at this person. It is a change in mind with a shift in perception. That is what a miracle is, and that is the goal of this course.

What hepls us to achieve this goal is, the Holy Spirit. True forgiveness is impossible without the the Holy Spirit. It is not us that does the forgiveness, it is the Holy Spirit. Our decision to forgive, allows His forgiveness to come through us.

In and of ourselves we can never forgive, because we are the ego. So we need help from outside the ego. That help enters into our thought system through us and transforms it.

That help is the Holy Spirit. That is the miracle, the invite to the Holy Spirit.


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  1. R.Montrose says:

    Its a Pleasure to go through the contents of your website.The above content articles is pretty outstanding, and I really enjoyed reading your insights on Acim, and the points that you expressed. I appreciate all the hard work that you have encountered writing and explaining a very tough concept such as A Course In Miracles. Thanks for sharing…keep writing!!! R.M.

    • Kenelm says:

      How neat! Acim is ralely this simple !!You make it look and sound so easy. I would love to come to one of your workshops one day, I will save up and do it. Thank you for all your hard work. Love Kenelm ( Sweden)

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