The Metaphysics of the Persona ~Part 1

The Metaphysics


The Persona

~ Part 1 ~

We have already covered the false images of the Persona, and now I would like to cover the tools of the persona, which are really the tools of the ego.

So, what are these tools and why does the ego need you to use them so badly. Remember, the ego is nothing without you, it needs you just to be somebody, or something in and by itself.
It needs your energy, period, and that is what the true game of the ego is really all about, it is all about making nothing into something.

Remember, it is you that gives your energy to the ego, which then this gives the ego all its strength and power to wage war against you.

You really could not make this up, people are fighting over and over again with their egos, and the ego just loves this battle, because this fight gives the ego all the strength it needs, to destroy you!

You must remember the law of cause and effect, when you ‘battle’ with the ego. The ego must obey the law of Cause & Effect the same as everyone else, and that also includes God. This is one law that cannot be broken on any Level. And, that law states that when you use force, you will meet the exact same resistance with what you forcing.

For example; let’s say that you are a little overweight and you wish to force yourself to lose a few pounds. Then, this is what will happen is when you force certain foods or health diets upon yourself, you will now meet the exact same resistance to the force you are applying.

Which could result is you not losing a single ounce of weight, even though you are starving yourself and maybe running miles every day. The ego just loves it when you use force, upon yourself, or anyone else for that matter.

When you force anything on anyone, you will meet the exact same resistance, even if your intention is for their own good. So when you are thinking of using force on anyone the next time, even yourself, think again. There is always another way!

So I think you are now getting the picture, the ego wants energy, your energy, and it will lie, cheat, steal, and just do and say anything to get that energy from you.

And, not only that, when it gets your attention, and you begin to feed it on a daily basis, then it will go after your partner’s energy, your friend’s energy, and your family’s energy. It will devour everything it gets its hands on, and more if you will give it to it.

So, how does it do this?
Let’s say that you have chosen a false image already in the persona. And let’s say that you wish to wear a false image of a “Good Person” mask. You will now need the following ego ‘tools’ to pull of this manipulation on your friends and family. You will need the ego tool of ‘passive aggressive’ to be a good person in public.

Let’s say that you are invited to a very special occasion, and your partner or date turns out to be a bit of an embarrassment, probably having too much to alcohol to drink!

Remember, the most important thing for you now will be your good person image, so that must be protected, at all costs. So, you will now use the persona’s passive aggressive ego tool to conceal that internal anger raging inside you about how your date could embarrass you on such a special occasion.

In Metaphysical terms what you have done is this, you have trapped and stored all of that rage, and all that internal anger in now in your chest, and it will have an effect on your entire body.

This energy now has to go somewhere, and fast, because if it stays inside your chest area, it will attack your lungs, your heart, kidneys etc. And, if you end up holding onto this for a period of time, you will become very sick and maybe even get cancer from all this ego energy in your body.

So, to get rid of this negative energy, you will now either sublimate that anger, or displace it. If you sublimate it, you stay in the good room, the persona, and keep your good person mask.

If you displace it, you end up in the shadow, the bad room, and all your hard work is now been undone. And, no one who thinks they are a good person will choose and use displacement, so the only other option will be to use sublimation. You can see the law of cause and effect working here.

Firstly, you seek a good image, then secondly, you adopt a good person mask to wear. Next, thirdly, you need the passive aggressive tool to keep your false image mask in control. And, finally then when you use passive aggressive, you must use either displacement or sublimation as a direct effect of using passive aggressive tool.

Here is the thing though, when you sublimate your false image, you also feed the shadow, and when you feed your shadow, your shadow will end up feeding on you!

And, that is not a nice place to be, most people call this state of mind ‘clinical depression’

Also, it does not end there for you either, because the ego has more tools that you will use and they will all end up feeding the shadow of the ego thought system.

You see, no one in their right minds would choose to do this, no one would deliberately choose to feed this ego darkness that is called the shadow, because you would know that this will hurt you.

So, the ego came up with a very cunning plan, and that plan is called the persona. The persona is the ‘honey trap’ that pulls everyone into the ego, just like the spider does with its spider’s web. We are all getting sucked into it, and then we are trapped in it, we cannot see the web itself that is keeping us stuck. We now blame other people for our own errors because we cannot see the truth once we are in the false image of the persona.

So, what other ego traps has the ego in store for us?
Again cause and effect come into play here. When you end up in the shadow, and you will, that must is certain, you will need help and support from your family, friends, or spouses or partners, and this help and support is called “Affiliation’.

Affiliation works just like this; you will deny, suppress, and then project your shadow onto someone or something else, and it will be your family or friends that will give you both the encouragement and strength to do this.

No one likes to blame someone else, but if you can get someone on board with you to agree that they are the problem why you are in such a bad state, then that will make this projection onto them seem true and correct, you will now be validated by your friend’s support and affiliation.

Of course, you or your friends do not know what is really going to happen after this, because if you did, or your friends truly knew what they aware doing, they would never agree to support you like this in the first place. In fact, your friends would run a mile from you, when you would utter the words or even when you first mention that you are a victim and some else is the victimizer.

Because you have now just infected your family or friends with the very same ego energy that you have created for yourself by not being truly honest within yourself and not adopting a false image, and then using all these ego tools to go with it.

As we have discussed many times here already, every time you adopt a false image from the persona, to get or get rid of something, then you will also either be the victim, or victimizer in that very same story.

These are just a few examples of how cause and effect works within the persona and the false images. I spent the last seven years inside this mind set, learning how exactly how all this works, and that was not a very nice job to do, but it was very worthwhile!

Tomorrow I will post Part 2, of the Persona which has all the ego tools. Using these tools will greatly effect you, and everyone around you. It would be very silly of you not to take this very seriously, or maybe you would prefer to keep blaming everyone else for your antics.

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