The Metaphysics of the Persona – Part 2

 The Metaphysics


The Persona 

~ Part 2 ~

Today, as promised, I will cover Part 2, of the Persona which covers just some of the ego tools that we all use. I will cover the psychological meanings, and then then Metaphysical meanings to all of these mechanisms.

And, also the health risks that come with each one, because you do pay a heavy price for choosing and then using the ego.

Again, we will also use Cause and Effect with these ego tools. So, let’s say that you have been seeking for and now acquired a false image, of a good person. To pull this manipulation off, you now need to make this illusion of yourself the best you possible can, to deceive as many people as you possible can.

The most popular ego tool for you to use to manipulate your unsuspecting friends is called ‘Altruism’

People who use Altruism really want to show everyone around them that they are a good, kind and caring person. This is the ‘Good Persons’ favourite tool, because it re-enforces that this ‘I’ is actually a good person.

Unlike the self-sacrifice sometimes characteristic of reaction formation, the individual receives gratification, comfort and respect from the response of others. The false image is delighted and now the shadow ego will get fed, which is really bad news for you, the personality!

In Metaphysics; Altruism, simply feeds the false image, which is the persona ego. This in turn will feed the shadow ego, which in turn will now attack you, in the personality. This is classic of how Cause and Effect works in the ego thought system.

Health Issues;
Depression; Anxiety; Stress; Sickness;

However, you cannot use this by itself, because you will also need to use this other famous ego tool as well, called ‘Reaction Formation’.

This is where you will have a false image, and you now will also have a false smile and make everyone believe that you are a really good person, doing good deeds with your ego tool Altruism.

Reaction Formation
Reaction formation is where you begin taking up the opposite feeling, impulse and behaviour, that what you are really feeling inside. You may not even like those people you are smiling and pleasing, but this tool will convince them, and yourself, that you are a really good person underneath.

This is the People Pleaser’s favourite tool. They will utilize this tool more than any other. An example of reaction formation would be treating someone you strongly dislike in an excessively friendly manner in order to hide your true feelings.

According to Freud, they are using reaction formation as a defence mechanism to hide their true feelings by behaving in the exact opposite manner. Poker players are a prime example, the show weakness when they have a strong hand, and they show strength when they have a week hand of cards.

Or, another example would be, that you will also use this tool in the office with your boss, or with a superior who you wish to manipulate to gain promotion, or just to keep your job, if you feel that you may be fired.

Another example would be at a very important social gathering. You will use it for the entire evening and maybe your face will even become stressed using this fake smile to fool all those around you.

In Metaphysics.
When you use Reaction formation, you are also using denial, suppression, and projection. Reaction formation is the most dishonest ego tool that one can use.

Reaction formation is where you are being completely dishonest. You are a seeker, which means that you are doing this with the ego, and you are seeking to manipulate all those around you.

You do this to re-enforce your good person image, and the ego just loves it when you do this. You may think that this is the right and proper way to behave in social gatherings, but in truth, all you are doing is feeding the ego, and there will be hell to pay for this, for you.

Because reaction formation feeds the shadow directly, and then the shadow will feed of you. It is draining to keep this pretence going all the time, so health issues will arise.

Health Issues;
Tiredness; Depression; Anxiety; Anger; Stress; Paranoia;

You will be unable to keep this illusion of yourself all of the time, and sooner or later that ego mask will begin to drop. Why? Because it takes an astronomical amount of energy to keep using this ego tool.

However, and like I already said, sooner or later this mask will fall, and you will now automatically revert to the next ego tool to keep this charade going.

This ego tool is called the ‘Passive Aggressive’
You are angry with someone, but because you have adopted a ‘good person’ mask, you need to keep your image intact, and so, this is the ego’s answer to your request. Ask and you will receive!

Passive-aggressive behaviour is the indirect expression of hostility, to another, where you will not be honest with yourself and tell yourself what is really going on inside you.

This does not mean that you be an ignorant so, and so. It just means that you be honest internally. You will know someone who is using this ego tool by some of the following tell-tale signs.

Such as through procrastination, sarcasm, stubbornness, sullenness, or deliberate or repeated failure to accomplish requested tasks for which you are often explicitly responsible.

Passive aggressive behaviour takes many forms but can generally be described as a non-verbal aggression that manifests in negative behaviour.

It is where you are angry with someone but for some reason you cannot express that anger. Why? Because you are a ‘good person’ and good people do not get angry.

Instead of communicating honestly when you feel upset, annoyed, irritated or disappointed you may instead bottle the feelings up, shut off verbally, give angry looks, make obvious changes in behaviour, be obstructive, sulky or put up a stone wall.

It can either be covert (concealed and hidden) or overt (blatant and obvious). A passive aggressive might not always show that they are angry or resentful.

They might appear in agreement, polite, friendly, down-to-earth, kind and well-meaning. However, underneath there is severe manipulation going on – hence the term “Passive-Aggressive”.

Passive aggression is a destructive pattern of behaviour that can be seen as a form of emotional abuse in relationships that bites away at trust between people. It is a creation of negative energy in the body, which has been projected from the mind.

Some examples of passive aggression might be:
Non-Communication is when there is clearly something problematic to discuss, but you are so angry that you feel you cannot speak calmly and keep your good image.

People who use this are often evading problems and issues, and it is like they are just burying an angry head in the sand.

Procrastinating intentionally is putting off important tasks for less important ones. Obstructing deliberately stalling or preventing an event or process of change. Fear of competition avoiding situations where one party will be seen as better at something.

Also they will use; Sulking, being silent, sullen and resentful in order to get attention or sympathy. Making excuses and always coming up with reasons for not doing things.

In Metaphysics;
Passive Aggressive in Metaphysics simply means you could not be more dishonest, to yourself. It also means that you are still denying your shadow, you are still suppressing it and then projecting it onto the body. You are still reacting, but you keep that reaction hidden, in your body.

However, instead of you projecting honestly onto another, you instead project onto your body, and this will have grave consequences on your body and health as you go through life.

Health Issues!
The health issues that will arise from using the passive aggressive are; Angina; Stress; Anxiety; Cancer; Strokes; Heart Attack.

Now that you have used the passive aggressive tool, and even that will be hard for you to keep applying, so sooner or later will have a blow out and it will be big. So, to keep this good image in place, you will revert to using the another ego coping mechanism.

Remember, if you still wish to have a good image of a good person, then you will automatically use the ego coping mechanism called ‘Sublimation’

Sublimation is a defense mechanism that allows you to act out unacceptable impulses by converting these behaviours into a more acceptable form.

For example, a person experiencing extreme anger might take up kick-boxing as a means of venting frustration, and this also keeps them in the good room, with a good image.

Freud believed that sublimation was a sign of maturity that allows people to function normally in socially acceptable ways. Again Freud was looking at this from the perspective that our body and this world is our true reality.

In truth, Freud unknowingly was revealing the egos tools which will keep you in hell. However, once you adopt a good person image, you will need sublimation, to keep your good image and be successful in manipulation all those around you!

Examples of Sublimation;
Many great artists and musicians have had unhappy lives and have used the medium of art or music to express themselves, a singer may write and sing a song about ‘Special’ love that they have lost and now are they experiencing the pain of this loss, and they deal with it through music.

If you listen carefully to any love song or ballad on the radio, you will feel their pain in that song. Sublimation for Freud was the cornerstone of ‘civilised’ life. But when you look closely at this civilized life, it is completely ego dominated civilized life!

Also kick boxing, running, walking in nature, swimming, and even watching television are all forms of sublimation. What you are really doing once again is you are directly feeding the shadow.

In Metaphysics;
Sublimation is an attempt to control, suppress and then project onto the body what we are refusing to look at within ourselves. Again, this is dishonesty, and you will pay a heavy price for using sublimation.

Health Issues;
Depression; Colds, Flus; Viruses; Body Aches; Stiff Joints; Nightmares;

Remember, sublimation is seen as a constructive tool, but this is far from the truth. Why? Because it is very constructive to the ego, it feeds it all day long.

And, if you use this again, it will finally one day not work for you, and then that big blow out will happen and then you have now just used the ego tool called ‘Displacement’.

According to Freud displacement is seen as a destructive tool to use, but again, I do not agree. Why? Because both sublimation and displacement are truly destructive tools to use.

Let’s say that you are at work, and the boss has called you in and has given you a really hard time, and maybe the reason for this was not your fault.

Then you will bottle up your anger, because you may get fired if you fight back. Then, you have gone home and taken out your frustration on your family and friends?

Displacement is where you take out your frustrations, feelings, and impulses on people or objects that are less threatening to you. Rather than express your anger in ways that could lead to negative consequences like arguing with your boss. So, you now instead express your anger towards a person or object that poses no threat (such as our spouse, children, or pets).

We do this both in thoughts and deeds, and they are the most common of all are self-sabotages. Displacement is where you now control your projections in a more calculated way, so displacement and projection go hand and hand.

Displacement is the redirection of an impulse (usually aggression) onto a powerless substitute target. The bully at school uses this tool to target weaker students, or work a bully at work who will pick on the weaker ones.

The problem with displacement is that it is contagious. For example, someone who is frustrated by his or her superiors may go home project onto his/her spouce. The spouse then displaces onto the children, and send them to bed early. The child then may kick the dog, and the dog wil attack the cat. Displacement works from top to bottom.

This is really just scapegoating, your aggression, and it may be displaced onto people with little or no connection with what is causing anger. Some people punch cushions when they are angry at friends; a college student may snap at his or her roommate when upset about an exam grade.

Displacement acts, like I just said, in a chain-reaction, with people unwittingly becoming both victims and perpetrators of displacement.

For example, a man is angry with his boss, but he cannot express this so he is angry with his wife because the dinner is cold. The wife then is angry with the children, possibly disguising this as punishment (rationalization). Then one of the children then takes it out on the dog, the dog then attacks the cat.

Now, let’s recap where we are now, in the law of Cause and Effect. You have been the seeker, so you go to the ego, seeking a good person image and mask.

To keep this good image, you will need to use the ego tool of ‘Reaction Formation’ to pull off that you are indeed a good person. Then when that ego tools begins to fail, which is what it truly is meant to do, and the anger begins to rise, you move next to Sublimation’.

Then when that begins to fail, and it will, you now will displace your anger on an weaker and more vulnerable person. And, still, you are not finished yet!

Now you may be in trouble with your spouse, children, family or friends, and you will need to explain yourself. After all, everyone thinks that you are a ‘good person’, and so you better come up with a good reason for being such a bad person.

So, now you turn to the ego once more and the ego happily gives you another ego tool to get out of jail. That tool is called ‘Rationalization’.

When all the above ego tools have now let you down, and your good person image is about to dissolve, you will now use Rationalization to try and claim back your good image, as a good person.

This means that it will always be someone else fault, so, you cannot use rationalization, without using projection
In other words, rationalization is where we, not only tell ourselves lies, but everyone also. We do this so much that we actually end up believing our own lies.

For example, a person who is turned down for a date might rationalize the situation by saying they were not attracted to the other person anyway, or a student might blame a poor exam score on the instructor rather than his or her lack of preparation.

Freud argued that rationalization not only prevents anxiety, it also protects self-esteem and self-concept. In truth, rationalization protects the good person image, it completely protects and guards the ego itself.

When confronted by success or failure of the good person image, people will attribute achievement to their own qualities and skills while failures are blamed on other people or outside forces.
Rationalization does not work as Freud thought it did, which is to prevent anxiety.

It simply just defers anxiety, it will emerge once again, and this is why people regularly attend therapists for extended periods, even years.

It does however protect self-esteem and the self-concept, which again is the ego itself. This is its purpose all along, to make you believe that it works, all the while converting one problem into another.

However, when you look at rationalization through the lenses of Metaphysics, you see something more.

In Metaphysics;
Rationalization is telling lies, when you use it, you are being completely dishonest, just like the ego that created this tool. To use Rationalization, you will deny, suppress, and then project onto someone or something else to get you out of jail.

Also, what Freud did not know, is that when you rationalize a positive emotion you lose it, and when you rationalize a negative emotion you keep it. For example; you may have a pain in your body, and you will rationalize that the pain is actually in your body. Like a pain in your back or something.

Therefore, because you have rationalized the pain, now you will always have that pain in your body, you will always have pain in your back.

The Course tells us very clearly that the body is neutral, it cannot feel anything. And, as long as you keep rationalizing any pain whatsoever, in the body, you will keep, for a lifetime.

Or, you may feel really good inside, and then you see a beautiful sunset, and you will rationalize your good internal feeling inside onto this beautiful external picture, you will now lose that good internal feeling because you have just projected it externally.

You think that your good feeling has come from the beautiful sunset, and so you will lose it over and over again and again. Again Health issues will arise with this ego tool.

Health Issues;
Depression; Anxiety; Stress; Heart Problems; Strokes;

And, finally now, let’s say that you have displaced, and rationalized, but your rationalization has now caused more problems that is has solved, and it usually does this, you will now turn to your family and friends for support. This ego tool is called “Affiliation’

Now with all this emotional conflict or internal stress that has been caused by your choice to use the ego, and manipulate other with your false image of a good person, you turn to others for help and support.

This involves you sharing (rationalizing) your internal problems with your friends and family. but in truth all you are doing is burying the problem deeper in your own mind.

What you are really doing is now looking for someone to support you, in helping you to project blame onto someone or something else., and that is exactly what good friends are for.

Again cause and effect come into play here. When you end up in the shadow, and you will, because you have used displacement, and that much is certain, you will need help and support from your family, friends, or spouses/partners, and this help and support is called, “Affiliation.”

Affiliation works like this; you will deny, suppress, and then project your shadow onto someone or something else, and it will be your family or friends that will give you both the encouragement and strength to do this.

No one likes to blame someone else, but if you can get someone on board with you to agree that someone else is the problem and are to blame for why you are in such a bad state, then that will make this projection onto them seem true and correct, and you will now be validated by your friend’s support and affiliation.

Of course you or your friends do not know what is really going to happen after this. If you did, or if your friends truly knew they would never agree to support you in the first place.

In fact, your friends would run a mile from you, when you utter the words or when you first mention that you are a victim and some else is the victimizer.

In Metaphysics;
Affiliation again means complete dishonesty, as you will be seeking to share your negative energy with those who you call good friends. You are once again in denial, you are suppressing, projecting and now being validated as you do this.

This is your attempt to get back into the good room, after you lost that right by using displacement. Again, health issues will arise and you will again most likely rationalize these health problems as something to do with the body, which will ensure that you have health problems for life.

Remember, everything you rationalize negative, you keep. So, health issues will arise once again!

Health Issues;
Depression; Sickness; Disease; Skin Blemishes; Over Aging;


If you choose to be a seeker of a good image, then the ego will take you on the above journey to hell. If you look closely at Cuse & Effect, you will see how one ego tools automaticcly runs into the next.

All the way down, until you need support from your family and friends. This ritual occurs almost every day, with everyone, who is seeking to have ‘good person’ image. So, why do people do this?

The answer is Choice;
People do not realize that they are on Level 1, that they are right in the middle of the ego thought system. This alone is not a very nice place to be, because the ego is everything you truly hate and despise, but you think it is you that you hate.

And so, you will do everything you can to make yourself feel good about yourself. So, we all automatically go to the only place on Level 1, where you can make that happen, you want to be seen as a good person rather than a bad person.

You go to the ego, and you become a seeker, and then the ego will take over your life, and it will make you pay hell for doing so.

There is another way, there is a way that one can do this, and that is what I have been doing this last seven years. I have found that way, and now I have been able to bring some of my students to Level 2, and out of hell.

However, I cannot reach everyone directly on one to ones. So I am now writing my new book called “GENESIS AWAKENING; for all those who wish to wake up, Now!

This book will be a book that anyone who wishes to wake up, can use, and they will wake up. Lets make 2017 the year to Wake Up!

You are free to choose, but you are not free from the consequences of your choice!

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  1. Margaret Ellen Butler says:

    All of the “little lego pieces” that I know from so many years of studying are jumping forth into proper levels and truth here as you’re putting it. I thank you so.

  2. Daniel Butler says:

    I found this material to be wonderfully researched and presented with one exception, your use or lack of use, of simple technology in your presentation. I live in the USA in Texas and cannot afford to fly to Ireland for one of your conferences (Let me just say, this is on my ego’s bucket list, but for now…). I have enjoyed and learned much from your presentations, but I have a few suggestions so that those who find and enjoy them via YouTube can do so optimally with the best audio and visual experience and little cost to you. Instead of using old school paper and markers, you could use a laptop and PowerPoint with a projector, using a plain large font so that everyone can read it easily. Also, if you used that same laptop, a small clip on mic, and a set of inexpensive speakers, you could project your voice to your audience both near and far. All this to say, I have had a difficult time hearing what is being said and also, a difficult time reading all that you write while talking. Thank You for displaying the material again here below the video.

    Daniel Butler
    Austin, TX

    • Michael Murray says:

      Dearest Daniel,
      Thank you for taking the time to write to me and offer me those suggestions. i will take them all on board, because you are correct in every one of them. I intend to upgrade in the next few weeks and will most likely do all you have suggested.
      Thank you Daniel, Daniel, I am in Los Angeles at the moment doing six classes on the complete Course. If you are interested, go to for all details.


      • Mark says:

        Hi Michael, Love the videos. To add to what Daniel said. I would highly recommend the Sennheiser EW 112P G3-B which is an extraordinary wireless microphone and will last for hours. Little if any interference and no shuffling noises of the clothing. Have used it for many years. The receiver has a balanced XLR cable that you can plug into a camcorder that will handle these inputs. I recommend (at minimum) to get at least the Canon XA10 which includes two XLR inputs with separate level controls. Of course you’ll want to make sure the camera is switched to spread the mic signal to both L&R channels. Might need someone that is experienced with this sorta thing or you may already know this stuff. The camcorder is small and compact so you can take it where ever you travel. The camcorder will record 24 hours of clear high definition video to a 64GB internal flash drive or you can use SD cards. I would also recommend a backup audio recorder incase something happens or you lose your audio. I recommend the Zoom H4nSP which can be placed on a small table in front of you.

        I have learned so much from your videos. I want to take your online course and we are saving the money for this. Mean while my wife and I have learned so much from your content. Peace and love — Mark

        • Michael Murray says:

          Hi Mark,
          Thank you for the feedback, and I must say that it is all very good stuff. I am currently setting up a small studio with with board, lighting with good sound…it should be ready in a few weeks time. Maybe this will be better quality…
          Looking forward to connecting with you for the Online classeS…

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