Vision ~ Part 2

The Metaphysics




Layers 4 & 5

In Part 2,  I will cover Layers 4 & 5. Once the 5 Layers have been completed, we will have the full picture of truth in the story and give Mary the help she is so desperately seeking.. Layers 1, 2 & 3 are the same as yesterday’s part 1, today Have added Layers 4 & 5.


(Story) Mary has just recently had a new baby with her new husband whom she married just over a year ago.

(1) # 1st Layer; Mary is in two relationships, one with her baby as a mother, and on with her husband. We do not know which type of relationships these are at this stage. It could be conditional, or unconditional, we will wait and see! We are looking at this story without judgment! We will see what type of relationship it is very shortly.

(Story) Mary was married before, but she says, she got married very young, she just wanted her freedom from her father, who was very strict, and she married the first decent and caring man that came along.

(1) # 1st; Layer; We now know, Mary is in a special conditional relationship, because she was seeking love outside herself. Mary has also denied her own guilt, suppressed it, and then projected in onto her father.

(2) # 2nd Layer; Mary also is wearing the mask of the victim, and her father is the victimizer. Mary is also wearing the mask of the seeker.

(3) # 3rd Layer; Mary thought she was seeking freedom from her father, but it was really her own ego. She thinks that seeking a new love, will end her hell, but she has just begun to create her own hell with the ego. Mary is also seeking for freedom, and she will end up in a prison!

(4) # 4th Layer; Mary needs to use ATF with her Father. She is in denial, and will keep projecting onto others if this is not dealt with.

(5) # 5th Layer; Mary is seeking, and therefore will feel pain whoever she meets.

She is seeking to get love in a relationship externally, which also means that she is seeking to get rid of her guilt in the same relationship. You cannot have one without the other.

(Story) However, soon after, the marriage became a hell to live in. Mary says that the relationship has been dead now for some time, roughly she says it has been ten years of pure hell.

(1) #1st Layer; Mary has again denied, suppressed and projected her own shadow onto the relationship she has with her husband. Mary was also seeking happiness externally, and what we seek, we become victims off.

(2) #2nd Layer; Mary is again wearing the mask of victim/victimizer, along with the mask of the seeker, as she has become a victim of what she was seeking for.

(3) #3rd Layer; Mary has also not giving true love into the marriage, like unconditional love, and so the marriage is dead. What you give, is what you receive. When you give conditional love to anyone, you give nothing, and so you will receive nothing. The marriage is dead, because both gave nothing to each other.

(4) # 4th Layer; The Answer; Mary needs to use ATF with her projections, and Complete Forgiveness with her emotions. Mary also needs to use Self-Empowerment in her relationship.

(5) # 5th Layer; The Solution; Mary needs to make a choice! Does she want a conditional relationship? and if so, Mary will continue to experience hell in every relationship! If she wants an unconditional relationship, she needs new thinking and new tools to do that.

(Story) In the first few years, there were many arguments and fights on a weekly basis.

(1) # 1st Layer; Both people in the relationship were in denial, and therefore under the law of cause & effect, now both must suppress, both must project, and both will now be reacting to their own projections. However, they will think they are reacting to each other.

(2) # 2nd Layer; Both are wearing the masks of victim and victimizer; both are also wearing the masks of the seeker. Both are seeking to see the other as guilty, they are projecting their own guilt onto each other.

(3) # 3rd Layer; Both want to be in the good room, it is the best room on Level 1, so both are desperately trying to put the other in the bad room. Both think that each has to put the other in the bad room, from them to be in the good room. This is classic ego thinking.

(4) # 4th Layer; The Answer; Mary needs to use ATF, C.F & Self-Empowerment.

(5) # 5th Layer; The Solution; Mary needs to surrender in this relationship, and recognise that the shadow in her husband, is her shadow.

(Story) Mary received support for her friends, and family, because the pain of loneliness now was to must to bear.

(1) # 1st Layer; Mary is using, denial, suppression, passive aggressive, sublimation, affiliation, to remain in control and sane in this relationship, and on Level 1.

(2) # 3rd Layer; Mary is wearing the masks of the victim, and her friends will now endorse her mask that she is a victim. This will be painful for Mary!

(3) # 3rd Layer; Mary’s false image will now become stronger, and she will feel more pain, because her friends are re-re-enforcing her role as a victim! The stronger the victim, the stronger the false image, the stronger the false image, the more pain Mary will experience.

(4) # 4th Layer; The Answer; If Mary continues to receive support from her friends, then Mary will stay in denial, and will project this pain out onto someone else very soon. Mary needs to use Complete Forgiveness to deal with her emotions, rather than project them onto her friends.

(4) # 5th Layer; The Solution; Mary needs to learn new tools, Level 2 tools, and then being applying them as soon as possible in her relationship. Also, Mary must relinquish the mask of the victim.

(Story) Mary says she now feels so alone, so abandoned and rejected in the relationship.

(1) # 1st Layer; Mary is still using denial, suppression and projection, along with false empathy.

(2) # 2nd Layer; Mary is still wearing the mask of the victimizer, and is now also beginning to feel the shadow that she is desperately trying to get rid of by projecting it onto her husband. What we give, is what we receive, Mary will now receive what she has given, her own shadow.

(3) # 3rd Layer; Mary is still separating herself from her husband, by her paying the role of the victim, and him as the victimizer. There is no greater separation in any relationship, and when this occurs, you will feel abandoned, rejected, and aloneness. These emotions are the effects of what you have given. If you project separation, you will receive that, right back to ya!!! You will end up in the Shadow part of your mind. And, that is where Mary is right now!

(4) # 4th Layer; Mary needs to use Complete Forgiveness with her internal emotions of rejecting and abandonment in the relationship.

(5) # 5th Layer; As long as Mary continues to rationalise her emotions, she will continue to feel that very pain, day in and day, out as long as that rationalisation continues. Mary needs to become aware of this, and then make a choice! Conditional relationship, or unconditional relationship?

(Story) Then just last year, Mary met someone, and this someone just swept her off her feet, she felt like she never felt like before.

(1) # 1st Layer; Mary is now back in the good room, and feeling more special than ever. This is a classic case of now making the same mistakes all over again.

(2) # 2nd Layer; Mary is wearing the mask of the seeker once again, this time seeking special love. This also means that Mary will be a victim of what she seeks for once again also.

(3) # 3rd Layer; Mary has been in the bad room, the shadow, and has now entered back into the good room once again, with her special love.

(4) # 4th Layer; Mary is now using the false image and persona, and will be creating a new shadow. Mary needs to become aware of this, and then make a choice.

(5) # 5th Layer; The ego, or more specifically, the false image is now in charge of Mary once again, Mary does not see that she is creating hell in her mind once again, because the false image is feeding the shadow, and she is totally unaware of this. She will meet this shadow one day very soon!

(Story) So, Mary made up her mind to move on a get a divorce and spend her life with her new love.

(1) # 1st Layer; Mary has now decided once again to deny her past errors, and now seek for specialness all over again.

(2) # 2nd Layer; Mary is still wearing the mask of the seeker, seeking love, which also means that she will once again be a victim. But, Mary still does not see that, much to her costs, because hell is the price Mary will have to pay, for this relationship!

(3) # 3rd Layer; Mary will now begin a new life with the same attachments as her last relationship. None have been taken care of so far in this story, so nothing will change in this new relationship, it will be a repeat of her last relationship.

(4) # 4th Layer; Mary needs to let all her old attachments go from her previous relationship, because if she does not, they will land right in the middle of it. And, Mary will think that it is her new husband that is the problem.

(5) # 5th Layer; If Mary wants a successful relationship, then Mary needs to be honest in this relationship. For Mary to be honest means that Mary must turn this relationship into an unconditional relationship. So, she needs to learn what that entails.

(Story) However, being a catholic this was a very tough decision for Mary, but she has met someone new and wants to spend the rest of her life with, so she divorced, and the guilt from the divorce was, and still is horrible to carry with me, she says.

(1) # 1st Layer; Mary was seeking specialness, and so the effects of that are, she will also feel guilt.

(2) # 2nd Layer; Mary is now wearing the mask of the victimizer once again, because guilt and victimizer go together, both are in the shadow.

(3) # 3rd Layer; Mary is now rationalizing her guilt, onto her new relationship. Mary’s guilt has nothing to do with her beliefs, or her past or present relationship. All guilt comes from the belief in separation, it cannot be an external cause. Mary is using this guilt to put herself into the bad room, the shadow. However, this will not be for long, because specialness will take her straight back out.

(4) # 4th Layer; Mary needs to use Complete Forgiveness with the guilt that she is feeling inside.

(5) # 5th Layer; Mary will project this guilt onto her new husband if she does not deal with it, this is a Metaphysical fact.

(Story) Mary says it was worth it, because, he made her feel like to only woman in the world, and this was the love that she always wanted and dreamed off.

(1) # 1st Layer; Mary is still in denial of her own guilt, she has suppressed it, and will project t out onto someone. Mary has done this, so she can accept this new love and be in the good room. Mary is also feeling the effs of the special love.

(2) # 2nd Layer; Mary is wearing the mask of the seeker and the mask of specialness. A new special love, will make Mary feel really special in her new mask.

(3) # 3rd Layer; Mary is still seeking desperately outside herself, and still is unaware of how much pain, suffering, and hell is still to come. Mary is also still unaware, that she is the creator of her own hell, but one day, very soon, she will learn!

(4) # 4th Layer; Mary needs to become aware that this is the drug called ‘specialness’ that she is experiencing, and not true love. Mary will need tools to deal with the after effects.

(5) # 5th Layer; Mary needs to know that when you feel like the only woman in the world, you are claiming the ultimate specialness. This is the ultimate ego special and unconditional love that there is. The pain from this type of relationship, is horrendous, and Mary needs to become aware of this.

(Story) This was just over a year ago, and now Mary is back in hell.

(1) # 1st Layer; Mary is now back where she began, in her own hell that she is not dealing with, but keeps denying. Mary is still in denial, and using suppression, and projection.

(2) # 2nd Layer; Mary is again now wearing the mask of the victim, because Mary was seeking, and what we seek, we literally become victims of what seek for!

(3) # 3rd Layer; Mary is now back in hell in the shadow. Why? because she cultivated her own shadow, by seeking specialness in the persona.

(4) # 4th Layer; Mary needs to know the law of cause and effect. The effect of the special relationship, is pain! Period! Mary now needs all the Level 2 tools like, Complete Forgiveness, ATF, and self-empowerment to deal with this new hell that she created for herself.

(5) # 5th Layer; It is never too late, Mary can at any moment, turn this relationship around, if she takes full responsibility and complete acceptance that the pain she is feeling, has been created by her, and her alone.

(Story) She said in the beginning it was heaven, but soon after she became pregnant, his attention went elsewhere.

(1) # 1st Layer; Mary is now in lack, and feeling rejected, abandoned, and aloneness. Mary is also projecting her own guilt onto her husband.

(2) # 2nd Layer; Mary is wearing the mask once again of victim, and her new husband is her new victimiser.

(3) # 3rd Layer; Mary felt she was so in love, but this was a special love, built on specialness. And, when the specialness, dies down, which is always does, now hell comes. Because specialness is a drug, and when it is denied, it can, and will be very painful. Mary is now feeling the effects of the special love.

(4) # 4th Layer; Mary needs to use ATF with her projections, and Complete forgiveness with her emotions.

(5) # 5th Layer; If Mary continues to deny her own projections, she will destroy this relationship.

(Story) My new husband and father of my new baby, has now lost interest in me, and I feel he is with other women all the time.

(1) # 1st Layer; Mary is still in denial of her own guilt, and so the effects are, she is projecting her own insecurity, and guilt onto her new husband.

(2) # 2nd Layer; Mary is wearing the mask of the seeker and the victim. She is seeking to project her guilt onto her new husband, and so is playing the victim to do this.

(3) # 3rd Layer; in the Course it tells us, that specialness only becomes a problem when it is denied. Mary’s new husband seems to be now denying the specialness he once gave to Mary, and so, the effects of that are, it is very painful for Mary!

(4) # 4th Layer; Mary needs to take full responsibility and use ATF, and deal with her projections.

(5) # 5th Layer; As long as Mary continues in an conditional relationship, Mary will continue to project guilt, fear, and suspicion onto her new husband!

(Story) He used to give me so much time, energy and love, but now he says he has no time, because with work and the baby, he has to earn more money. I hardly ever see him, and the loneliness is unbearable she says!

(1) # 1st Layer; Mary is being denied specialness and simply does not see that this is the true cause of her pain. It is not loneliness, because loneliness is an effect of specialness. Her pain is coming from denial.

(2) # 2nd Layer; Mary is wearing the mask of the victim once again; she is the victim of loneliness.

(3) # 3rd Layer; Mary still does not know that specialness only covers up the pain that we all have concealed within us, in our belief system. When Mary feels special, she feels no pain, but when there is no specialness, there is much pain. This is classic case of seeker and ego.

The ego wants you to be the seeker and seek for whatever, it could be love, hope, or money. But the true objective for the ego, is for you to be the victim. And, Mary is falling into that trap over and over again, and again. Everyone falls into this trap!

(4) # 4th Layer; Mary needs to use Complete Forgiveness with the emotional loneliness in this relationship.

(5) # 5th Layer; Mary is feeling the full effects from the withdrawal of specialness that her husband now seems to be denying her The loneliness is not for him, she is only lonely for the specialness that he gave her! It is now being denied, and that is a problem for Mary!

(Story) We are now arguing and fighting on a weekly basis, and the fighting is getting more vicious and frightful.

(1) # 1st Layer; Mary and her new husband are now both trying to put the other into hell. Both are in denial, both are projecting, and both are reacting.

(2) # 2nd Layer; Mary and her new husband are now both desperately trying to wear the mask of the victim and be right and be in the good room. And, whoever loses this fight, will be wrong, they will wear the mask of the victimiser.

(3) # 3rd Layer; Mary was being denied specialness, and has now projected all her guilt onto him, and he is doing the same. Both are still unaware that, this fight is not between them this fight is an ongoing process in the ego split mind.

They both have fallen into the trap of seeking externally, and so, they have activated the ego, and woke it up. The ego does not like to be woken up, it is a very vicious beast, if you do not know it.

(4) # 4th Layer; Mary needs to use all the empowerment tools, such as ATF, C.F & Self. E

(5) # 5th Layer; Mary again needs to surrender in this drama, because the drama is feeding the ego, and it will make her very sick one day, very soon.

(Story) I have tried to be a good house wife and mother, but no matter what I do, it never seems to make him happy.

(1) # 1st Layer; Mary is still seeking and is still a victim of what she is seeking, cause and effect.

(2) # 2nd Layer; Mary is still wearing the mask of the victim; and this is Mary’s false image. She has also projected the mask of victimizer onto her new husband, why? Because that way, she gets to be in the good room and be the victim.

(3) # 3rd Layer: Mary is trying to be good, to be a good person and a good wife and mother. However, this also means that Mary is in the good room, and will be a victim of that also. No matter what we seek for, we will always be victims of what we seek for, sooner or later.

(4) # 4th Layer; Mary needs to use the new empowerment tools.

(5) # 5th Layer; Layer; Mary needs to know that she cannot make another person happy, they can only do that for themselves. Mary also needs to turn her relationship into a unconditional relationship, because if she does not, nothing is going to change.

(Story) He used to care and listen to all my fears, and problems, but now, he has no time.

(1) # 1st Layer; Mary’s new husband helped her by supporting her, to deny, suppress and then project her guilt onto, guess who? Himself.

(2) # 2nd Layer; Mary is still wearing the false image mask of the victim, and he new husband is victimiser.

(3) # 3rd Layer; Mary has found herself alone once again, in another relationship. Mary does not get it, that as long as she is seeking love externally, she will never feel One with anyone, no matter who they are. Mary’s only hope is to stop denying her own part in this, and take some true action, and use some proper empowerment tools.

(4) # 4th Layer; Mary used her new husband to conceal her own fears and deny them. Instead, Mary needs to use Complete Forgiveness and ATF.

(5) # 5th Layer; Mary has continued to use the ego tools of denial, suppression, and projection. As long as Mary continues to use the ego’s tools, she will keep regurgitating the same pain over and over again.

(Story) I have friends to confide in, but that support wears off very quickly and I feel a lot of pain all over again.

(1) # 1st Layer; Mary is using her friends and the ego tool of ‘affiliation’ to cover up her pain, loneliness, and guilt. Mary is also using false empathy.

(2) # 2nd Layer; Mary is wearing the mask of victim to her friend’s, and she does this so that she can project own her pain onto her friends.

(3) # 3rd Layer; Once Mary’s friends agree that she is a victim, all her friends will feel what Mary feels, but will never think it has anything to do with them supporting Mary. They will feel the same loss, rejection, and abandonment, but they will think it comes from their one of their own relationships.

This will happen, it may take a little time, but it will occur sooner or later in your own relationship. Now you will now why, if you keep supporting victims and using false empathy, you will pay a heavy price!

(4) # 4th Layer; Instead of using the ego’s coping mechanisms of affiliation, Mary needs to use Complete Forgiveness.

(5) # 5th Layer; Mary is always dealing with effects in her relationship, she needs to deal with the cause. It is a conditional relationship, that is the cause of all her pain and suffering in this relationship.

(Story) I also know that he has other women, but I cannot prove it!

(1) So, Mary is still in denial, still suppressing and projecting.

(2) # 2nd Layer; Mary is still wearing of the mask of the victim. This time she is a victim, of not being able to prove her husband’s guilt.

(3) # 3rd Layer; Mary cannot prove that her husband is guilty, by her own admission, but she thinks it! However, all thinking at this level is of the ego. These are not Mary’s thoughts. Can Mary really trust her own thinking at this level, because these are the ego’s thoughts?

(4) # 4th Layer; Mary needs to use ATF with her projections, and Self-Empowerment with the false Image.

(5) # 5th Layer; The ego is very cunning and devious, and is making Mary’s life hell. That voice in her head that keeps telling Mary that her husband is cheating, is the ego, and Mary thinks it is her own thoughts. This is a classic ego manoeuvre, it gets everyone, every time!!!

(Story) I go to the gym every day, because, I feel it is important to look nice and have a good body, but that even does not work anymore.

(1) # 1st Layer; Mary is using the gym to sublimate her pain and suffering, she is also using the gym to enhance her false image, and make it look pretty.

(2) # 2nd Layer; Mary is wearing the mask of the false image to seek for things in this world, mainly relationships, again by her own admission.

(3) # 3rd Layer; The body is our first call of port of the false image we have of ourselves. Mary has used her body as a false image to attract another false image.

(4) # 4th Layer; Mary needs to be aware that her false image is driving her thoughts about a nice body and that she needs a nice body. Mary needs to become aware that she is also sublimating and needs to use C.F.

(5) # 5th Layer; Mary needs to become aware, and then drop the false image that is ruining her life!

(Story) He never looks at me like that anymore, this is how I know he has other women.

(1) # 1st Layer; Mary thinks that because her husband is not giving her specialness, he must be giving it to someone else. Mary is really projecting her own guilt onto her new husband with this statement.

(2) # 2nd Layer; Mary is wearing the mask of the victim, and her husband the mask of the victimiser.

(3) # 3rd Layer; Mary was given so much specialness by her new husband, and she thought this was really true love. This was not true love, this was the ego’s love, and the cost of choosing this love, is pain. All the while, it was hell just waiting to come along, and Mary never seen it coming!

(4) # 4th Layer; Mary needs to use ATF with her projections of guilt onto her husband.

(5) # 5th Layer; Mary has lost all her self-worth now, and is paying the price of using the false image! She is a victim, of what she valued, her self-worth was tied up in his specialness onto her. Now he has withdrawn that specialness, and she feels worthless.

(Story) Michel I feel like I am back to where I started in my previous relationship, I feel alone, rejected, and once again abandoned. Please, please help me, I just want the truth, and there is no better man that you, to give it to me straight.

(Story) What am I doing wrong Michael? Please show me, I know that somehow, I am responsible, but I cannot see where, why or what I am doing wrong? Where do I go? I am completely lost! Please help!!!

Now we must bring it all together and see what this all really means for Mary. To do this we will have to give five answers at each of the five layers. Because, once you are in a story, you also have five problems going on at the same time. Which means that Mary needs help at each of the five layers.

Layer 1, The story;

Mary is in a story of the special love, that has turned to the special hate, not once, but twice. And, Mary is paying a heavy price for that, a lot of pain! So, at this layer, what is the best help for Mary?

Mary needs new tools immediately, to cope with her denial, her suppression, which lead to her projections. The key here is denial, and once you can master ATF, that is the cure for her projections. Mary also need immediate help with her emotional state, so she needs to master Complete forgiveness as soon as possible. This is a very powerful tool for dealing with internal stresses.

And, finally at this layer, Mary also needs to master Self-Empowerment in her relationship. This is a tool specifically designed for those in a special relationship, who have lost all power. So, once Mary has learned these three new level 2 tools, she can begin to get back into control and take further action.

Mary did this, and very quickly began to empower herself once again in the relationship. But, I was not finished there! Mary said she was fine now, but I told her, no, there is more work to be done…so we moved into the 2nd Layer, the false image.

Layer 2, The False Image;

I now helped Mary track down all the mask that she had been wearing. Mary had worn the victim mask in her last relationship, that she was still heavily attached to it, and it popped up almost every day. That mask was destroying her relationship, and she never knew she was wearing it.

But once she began saying no, to the victim rile, and began taking responsibility with her projections, and emotions, that victim mask soon disappeared.

Now Mary was even more empowered than ever before in her life, and next we moved onto the seeker mask. Once Mary realized that she had all the truth she needed right here, right now, she recognised immediately, that she needed nothing else, except to take responsibility and do the work in the online classes with me. But, we were not finished yet!

3rd Layer; The Persona;

Next we moved into the persona, and I began teaching Mary all the components of the ego persona. She began to learn all the ego coping mechanisms, all the ego defences, and she looked at all her ego attachments. This was quite painful for Mary, and found great resistance from the ego to get past this past this stage, but Mary succeeded and very soon the ego now began to shut down and Mary felt completely empowered like never before. Mary was empowered in her centre, in her personality.

4th Layer, The Ego Split Mind

Next Mary had to deal with the shadow that came into awareness, because the persona was now almost empty. Under the law of cause and effect, both persona and shadow must equate. So, once the persona was relinquished, the shadow must do likewise. Now all of Mary’s past came back into her awareness, but this time she had the new tools to simply let it go.

5th Layer, Level 1;

Throughout her time with me doing her work with the online classes, Mary was learning Metaphysics, and was now ready for the workbook, and so that was four months ago.

You will notice I did not mention the 10 corrections in the bottom 4 Layers, that is because, they are not mush use at that Layer. The 10 corrections is what Mary has now mastered and these 10 corrections has become her new way of life. The 10 corrections are only any use when you get to Level 2, they will become your way of life.

Now, Mary is in a place that she only ever dreamed about, she is at peace every day, and her mind has become so tranquil, she says she ‘feels like she is walking on clouds every day’. Once Mary has completed the workbook, she will have solved the last layer, Level 1. So you see, there are five problems at each layer, and there is also five answers to each problem, at each layer.

However, if and when you can solve the 5th Layer, you solve all layers…And that is what the workbook does very well, in Metaphysics. When Mary came to me first, she was an emotional wreck, and we completely diss-empowered. Today Mary has completely transformed into an amazing powerful independent, and free woman that will never feel fear, guilt, loneliness, anxiety, or separation ever again.

Why did this happen to Mary? Because Mary did the work! If you do not do the work, you will not make it, it is that simple. Mary reaped what she had sown, and now she and God are One.

Please copy and paste this algorithm, because it will help you to solve any problem, at any Layer on Level 1. The answers are all the same at each Layer. The above layer system is an algorithm that can solve any story, that can solve any layer and any perceived problem on Level 1. All you need is some direct guidance, determination, and a resolve like a stubborn mule to do this…

Why would you do this to yourself you may ask? Because getting to Level 2, is really a matter of life and death. And, we now know also that there is no death, and that death means coming back to do this all over again, and again starting from scratch…

However, if it is your desire not to do the work!, then forget everything you have just read, and then take the red pill…you will wake up tomorrow and remember nothing…not likely!


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  1. Anja says:

    Michael, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this! It gives so much clarity to the ilusion of the… who were we talking about… I must be crazy to comment on my own illusion’s search for who he is 😉

    I am so glad that you mention forgiveness, this is so very important on the way back to Love. Especially forgiving ourselves. Taking responsibility for ourselves and stepping out of the weird world we created, that scary story about a non existing personality we believed that was true… I am on my way, and placed it outside of me, I am observing it, it’s tricks, its creativity, the way it tries to drag me down again, hahaha, so I simply say to it: You’re an illusion, I know better things to believe in now… and it fades away…. don’t even have to mention Love… it already knows that this is my answer…

    It’s a bit like telling the child that there are no ghosts or monsters under his/her bed 😉 I tell myself now that the ego is nothing, nowhere, it’s a phantom created by me 🙂

    Thank you so much for your beautiful post! I bookmarked it!

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