The Ego Device

The Ego

The Ego device

When we look at the ego it is important to recognise that the ego is not a monster, an entity, or the devil, it is not even real.

The Course describes the ego as a device, it is a device that we use to separate, and remain separate from our true identity and from God.

This then is the real reason why we feel so horrible or special about ourselves, which then leads to entirety of our pain and suffering in this world.

When I look at the ego all I see is a mechanical instrument that has moving parts, it is perfect cause and effect in motion.

I like to use this analogy to describe what the ego is; the ego is like a nuclear missile.  A Nuclear Missile has 4 components to make it work;

1; a destructive warhead, and when it hits it target it explodes.

 2; it has a guidance system to pinpoints its targets      

 3; it has a propulsion unit which makes it fly through the air to hit its target.                                                

4; lastly it has a list of targets to attack.

And finally the nuclear missile is pre-programed by the operator, the commander in chief.

The very same can be said of the ego and how it operates. The ego is pre-programed by the operator, which is your unconscious programming. You cannot undo the programming yourself, you need help. And that help comes in the form of Jesus or the Holy Spirit.

The ego has its destructive (explosives) unit which is-sin-guilt-fear; it has a guidance system that pinpoints its targets, which is the egos judgment.

It has a propulsion unit called projection, which we use to take guilt from within us and hurl it out onto someone else. And finally it has a list of targets to aim at, which are our special relationships.

Like any mechanical device it can be dismantled, but only if you know how it operates.

Propulsion Without propulsion the nuclear missile cannot go anywhere, and its warhead its instrument of war is useless. You would think then, that all we have to do is stop projecting and the ego cannot use its missiles (guilt) against anyone.

But, we cannot stop our projections; it is who we are, and what we do. If you think that you can stop projecting then you are being deluded. You will remain stuck in your own guilt and not know what is happening.

Guidance system the missile will use its guidance system to guide its attack on a target it has selected. There is a reason for this attack, some has judged someone as guilty of some offence and now they are being punished through attack.

You cannot stop judging in this world, as long as duality is in awareness, then we need judgment to sort things out. The ego uses your needs your judgment to first select a target and then justify that attack.

What we can do is use the egos judgment to heal ourselves. Remember everything the ego uses to harm us; spirit can use to heal us. So we now use the egos judgment to undo our projections of guilt.

The targets – The missile will be programmed to hit certain targets, certain people, certain countries or certain places. They are targeted because they have been deemed evil, sinful or guilty of some offence or other.

The ego use the very same ploy, the people we target are called our special relationships. We seek out people to fear, and project fear onto.

We seek out people that we deem guilty, including ourselves to see as guilty. We seek out people to hate and we seek out people who will hate us, thus fulfilling the role of victim and victimizers.

We can dismantle a missile, thus we can also dismantle the ego thought system. This is how; let’s use this analogy first and then bring that same concept into what ATF is.

We now use the missile guidance system (which is our judgment) now to see what we are projecting. We recognise what aspect of the target which is (another person) that we are attacking.

Like if you feel victimized, you will see victimizer in the other person. That now is useful information that we need to undo that very aspect in our own minds. In ATF you will see how we use judgment and then undo it. Remember though, we must use the egos judgment before we undo it.

We simply cannot stop the projection of missiles going off from us, so what we do is acknowledge that they are our own missiles (our own attacks), we remind ourselves that we are doing this.

To dismantle the missile means that we must bring it back into our minds and it is there that we dismantle it. Again see page on ATF on how to dismantle our missile attacks which are really our projections of guilt.


To summarize; The 5 steps of A.T.F

Step1; Recognise firstly is this a call for love or an extension of love? If you react to anyone over just about anything you have just become unconscious in the dream. To become conscious again, you must take stern action as soon as possible before you reach a state of blind fear and panic. How you feel will tell you how you have reacted.

Step 2; Acknowledge that what you see in this person is what you have not forgiven in yourself. This step recognises that this person is wholly innocent.

Step 3; Now remove this person from the scene of the crime, this step is undoing judgment and replacing the ego’s judgment with the Holy Spirits Judgment. This person is now wholly perfect and innocent.

Step 4; Bring back your Projection (missiles) into your own mind and own it, this step is undoing your projection of guilt.

Step 5; Release and Heal your mind, this step is you undoing the ego. This step dismantles the missile.

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  1. MF says:

    I like this. A good analogy is handy to have. I always wanted the Essentials of the course to be brought Down to earth, as all the iambic pentameter / Shakespeare etc. made Things so abstract. No offence Jesus 🙂 . (none taken my child, he responds) .
    Nothing abstract about a nuke. No differing degrees of attack there or doubt about the true intention, very all or nothing. Tried ATF a minute ago on a work colleague and already feel different – Owning those missiles makes all the difference. The trouble is remembering, but i suppose that comes With practice.

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