The After Life!


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  1. Ron Benanto says:

    I love your videos and your presentations of the course resonates with me. Your view on the life review don’t feel right though. It feels judgemental and off a bit. What type of review would a baby who enters into this world suffering and dies early have? I can’t get my mind or my heart around this situation. And it happens. I was drawn to the course because there was a beautiful logic to it. Having trouble here. Love your stuff.


    • Michael Murray says:

      Hi Ron,
      I am very pleased to meet you, I hope you are well. Thank you for your ever so kind comments regarding my work, very much appreciated. In regards to your question on my work about the life review we will all face, and you named that of a child in particular here is how I would see it. Remember Ron, this is only my interpretation. A Child would not need to go through the life review, because the child would have already known before birth that their life would be cut short, by contract with both parents and everyone involved in their own particular life experience. The Course tells us very clearly that “no one dies without their own consent”. This very clearly tells us that everyone who passes on, does so because that is what they have written in their scripts. We have all planned our own exits from this world, the Course also says” there are no accidents”.
      Hope that this helps you Ron.
      Good luck Ron on your journey.

      With Love,

  2. Ron Benanto says:

    Thanks for the response Michael. I love the way you teach. There is a certain tough love that focuses on application that works for someone inherently lazy like myself. As a follow up, if the child agrees to come her to suffer, she may see benefit to help her wake up. What about the one who comes here to cause the suffering. Who would do that? I struggle with this when I see animals or children being victimized. I practice forgiveness when I see because as the course says if you spot it you got it. Still if the courses logic holds true, some spirit is agreeing to cause suffering and this is being done so we can ultimately know ourselves. Why do we see this as necessary? Why does God allow this concept to exist or why did he allow us to come up with this? I know this is the authority problem but faith and belief must be upheld with reason right?

    So glad I came across your work, was looking for a teacher with your style for a while.


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