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If we are truly honest with ourselves, emotional clearing has nothing to do with childhood experiences. It has absolutely and unequivocally got nothing to do with our parents, our teachers, or in fact anyone else. If you still think that is has, you are very clearly intellectualizing them, you are rationalizing your emotional experiences, which means that you will keep them for life.

Living on Level-1, in the false image, in the ego thought system is the true answer, and if you cannot accept that, then nothing is going to change, you will keep all these energies for your entire life. Living on Level-1 can and most definitely is, a very emotional experience by itself.

And, within this primary emotional experience, there are a number of secondary emotional experiences that come from the false image, and not from your personality. For example, the false image will set out in life seeking to be accepted, seeking to be liked and seeking to be loved.

Again, this is the ego, seek and do not find. And, when all our hard work comes to nothing, and it will, our emotional state of mind becomes completely devastated. Now feelings of rejection, feeling of abandonment and feelings of worthlessness come flooding into our emotional pain body.

These emotions all begin with just with thoughts, and if you remember reading in my book ‘Wake Up!’ you will know about how thoughts go about experiencing themselves. But if you have not read my book, let me give you a little reminder.

Thoughts cannot experience anything by themselves, they need a mind and body to have an experience of that particular thought. And, we all now know, that the ego is also nothing without us, it desperately needs our mind, and our bodies to have an experience of itself.

So, when we go seeking into the ego thought system, we give the ego full permission to use us, to explore us, to dominate us, and we give that permission to the ego, and not only our minds, but we give the ego our physical bodies as well.

The thought of rejection does not exist above Level-1, it is an ego thought and idea, that belongs to the ego, exclusively. And, now the ego wants us to experience that particular thought of rejection, and so the train is moving, and we are all set. Now we go in search of love, and after some time, we find it, and maybe it is everything we have ever dreamed of.

But remember also, this thought of love that we have just found, also belongs to the ego, it is a special love, and so like everything else in the ego thought system, it will not last, and one day it will end, and when it does, it will be devastating for us.

Now the ego will have its way, it will experience itself within that thought of rejection, and it will be you in your emotional body, that will give the ego that experience. It will be your mind that has accepted the thought, and it will be you, in your emotional body that will experience it, for the ego. We all have experienced this, we all have had a broken heart at some stage of our lives, and we all can testify to that fact.

However, it is what we do next that is now most important. There are a few Metaphysical facts that you should know, because if you listen to the ego, you could be in pain for some time. Because when we experience a broken heart; it can last for years, sometimes even decades, and sometimes even lifetimes. Now we are in pain, and the ego is alive and well within that thought of rejection, which also means that the ego is alive and well within us.

If you are having an emotional experience, it is only the false image that can have that experience, but you will think it is you, because it is you experiencing it in your body. Remember, what the Course says about the body, that it is wholly neutral. But when we go seeking into the ego thought system, we now hand our ‘neutral body’- which we think is us, over to the ego itself. -You really could not make this all up, it is beautifully set up by the ego- but then again, we did make this all up, in our minds. So let’s keep going.

We are in the false image, which is in the Persona, which is in the split mind, which is in Level-1, and now you could not be more invested within the ego, than what we are right now. And so, when you have an emotional experience, like abandonment, rejection and the feelings of worthlessness, you are in the false image which is in Persona.

Here is what happening Metaphysically;

Your thoughts are being processed emotionally, and your reactions are being processed intellectually, which means that the only way you can deal with your emotional problems, is to talk about them. And, if you have been studying my Teachings here in this group for the last 3 months, you will know what I am talking about when I tell you, that everything negative you rationalize you keep, and everything positive you rationalize, you lose.

But let’s just stay with the negative rationalizations here for the time being.  You will rationalize them, because you will be blaming someone or something external. That is what a rationalizing truly is. And, it is only the false image that uses rationalizations as a defense to keep everything negative you experience.

What this means is this; you are in the false image of the Persona which is also the rationalizer, and when the false image has a negative experience like rejection or abonnement, it is now also the false image as the rationalizer who comes to the rescue, which is also the ego.

So, it is the ego that set you up, seeking for external special love, it is the ego who wanted you to fail. Now it is also the ego who will give you the cure, which is no cure at all. You see, the ego will feed of your body now for some time, and like I said, this could be years, decades or even a lifetime.

Now, not only does the ego get to experience its own thoughts of rejection and abandonment for a little while, it will get to experience those thoughts, using you, and your body for a life time if you give it your permission.

And, you give it your permission by rationalizing your negative experiences. Just by you talking about how you feel, is giving the ego your full permission to keep you in that particular pain body. It is a beautiful game by the ego, and now the ego gets to live a full life time, in you, just because you talk about your emotional problems.

And, you will talk about them, every time we get a broken heart, the first people we run to for support, is our close friends and family. And, now the ego has them as well, because you are using another tool by the ego, which is called ‘Affiliation’. And, we already covered this concept earlier in my Teachings.

Because now your friends are part of the game, and it is they who will have a bad day, and they will never know why. Why? Because you have brought them into the game, you went to them seeking emotional support.

And now, the ego gladly will accept all of your friends into its lair, and now the very same ego will experience, that very same energy will be projected into your friends. And, now they will think the pain that they are experiencing has do with someone else, or something else.

Now, your friends will also rationalize their emotional problems, and because they are rationalizing their emotional problems, they now will keep them as well, and pass them onto even more and more of their friends. The ego spreads like a virus from person to person, and this is how it does it.

The ego is now becoming more dominant, more powerful every day in your life, and in your friends lives.  The results of this is startling, because what follows for you, and your friends is sickness, disease, and more pain. Which now will turn to internal and external suffering of the emotional body, and then finally to death.


Now just to recap; If you experience the thought of rejection or abonnement, it means that you will process it emotionally. Then when this occurs, you will intellectualize your reactions by talking about those very same emotional experiences. This ensures that you will keep every single one of those experiences, and you will suffer because of it.

However, there is another way. And, that way is the new tools of Empowerment, such as Complete Forgiveness, Self-Empowerment and Advanced True Forgiveness. And, that way is the new tools of Empowerment, such as Complete Forgiveness, Self-Empowerment and Advanced True Forgiveness.

The Personality will use these tools and be very glad of them, but the false image will make you believe that you are using them, when you are not, and then it will say, this does not work. And, so you stop using them, the ego wins, you lose!

When you as a personality use these tool with your emotional experiences, you end that pain once and for all. The ego hates these new tools because it really cuts into its operation like a surgeon using a scalpel. And, if you have these and you are not using these new tools, then that can only happen for one reason.

It is the false image that will refuse to use them, but if it is forced to use, them, it will. But again, now it will intellectualize them, and if you do that, they will not work.

To intellectualise them is to say the words, but not mean any of them, and it is only the false image who will do this, why? Because it wants to keep you in pain, so it can have an experience of itself. As the Course tells us about intellectualizing our pain, ‘To say these words means nothing, but to mean these words says everything’.

Also, finally, here is another thought form the Course. Where there is pain, there is no God. And, where there is God, there can be no pain’ so, as long as you keep the pain, you keep God out. Let go of the pain, and God will arrive in an instant.










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  1. Padraic says:

    The ego thought system is brilliant in the way it has incorporated even God into its fool-proof system and has created a God of fear and has created a Bible that supports its theories and an education system to brainwash the citizens who wrongly believe they live in a democracy and have free will-brilliant but a gross lie.

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