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‘The Decision Maker

The Decision maker in A Course in Miracles is one of the most elusive concepts in the Course, because it is not very clearly empathised who exactly is the decision maker. And, that is for good reason, because on Level-1 there are three decision makers alone.

The false image in the Persona is a decision maker. Also, there is, the false image in the Shadow that is a decision maker. And finally, there is the Personality decision maker, the only true decision maker on Level-1, that has your best interests at heart.

Making decisions is something that we all do, in every second, in every minute and in every hour of every day. And, if you think that it is ‘You’ that is making your decisions, then read on. During my time working with my students, I have seen not only the personality make important decisions going forward, and these decisions have been all correct, forthright, and the personality will know the truth, when it hears it.

But, I have also seen the persona false image make important decisions for students, that are destructive and are completely fear based. These decisions will be in the spur of the moment, rash, and rushed, this is the false image!

Let me explain; There are several characteristics of the false image when it comes to decision making.  And, every single characteristic in the false image of the persona will be driven by one thing, and one thing only, fear.

If you are familiar with my Teachings, then you will know the one of the characteristics of the Persona is fear, and in the shadow, it is guilt. This means that all decisions you make while in your false image, in the persona, will be fear driven. And, all decisions you make in your shadow false image, will be guilt based decisions.

Let me begin with the false image and how it is characteristics and flaws can now be exposed for the very first time. And, you should also know that the false image is a two edged illusionary entity, where you have one characteristic, there will always be a flip side.


The first character flaw that comes directly from the persona false image, is ‘Impatience’. It will go through life always rushing around, planning this trip, planning that trip, because its greatest fear is that it will miss out on something, something very important.

So, the false image in the Persona is driven by fear, the fear of missing out, so now all its decisions will be rushed, they will be made at the drop of a hat, and they will be impromptu and costly decisions.  The false image will not stand back, take its time, and look at the decisions that it is about to make, with a clear mind and clear and honest understanding.

Now, every decision the false image makes, will go belly up, they will all go badly wrong sooner or later. Its decision making will be illogical, ill thought out and nonsensical. However, when things go wrong, and that will happen, for a fact, the false image will not take any responsibility whatsoever. Then it will always find someone else who is completely innocent, to blame.

The Metaphysical fact that you should know at this point is this, what drives the false image to make these decisions, is that it will miss out on something. But the truth is, what you fear most, which is missing out on something, is exactly what will happen, you will miss out. The false image will ensure that you will miss out on the very thing you are trying not to miss out on.

You will now not make your goal, or achieve your ambition Why? because if you are not prepared, if you are not ready and have your work done, you will for a fact miss out on what you are seeking. Remember, in my Teachings, the very thing you seek for, you will be a victim of, that is a Metaphysical fact that cannot be transcended, or side stepped until it is too late.

So, be very careful when you are making rushed and rash decisions, because it will be the false image setting you up to fail, this is the ego’s goal all along.

So , now let’s look at the flip side of this, because the false image always has two polar ends that seem to be the opposite of each other, but in fact, the end results are the exact same, which is always failure!


The flip side to the characteristic of impatience, is stubbornness. Stubbornness is one of the most influential characteristics of the ego, and false image when it comes to decision making.

The false image will blatantly not accept anything new, even when it knows deep down, that this decision will be a bad decision for it. And, I think you know a few people who carry this trait of the false image. This person will not move forward very much at all, spiritually speaking, because this trait will block all avenues forward, for itself.

Again, fear is the driver of the decision not to make decisions.

So, you may ask why, what drives not only this stubbornness in some people, but all stubbornness in all people? Again it is fear, the fear of change! It will use the persona tool of rationalization to make all its decisions, and all those decisions if you look closely will be no decision at all.

The false image will block its own path forward. It wants change, but only on its own terms. A person could spend a lifetime, standing still, regurgitating the same non decisions over and over again, and never move forward.

Why? Because it is afraid of not making the correct decision, and here is the problem with this characteristic. That person will not move forward, in any direction, because they are afraid of making a mistake, so now, by not making a decision, the very thing they are afraid of happening, will now happen.

You see, we all only move Spiritually forward when we learn our lessons, and our lessons come from us when we make mistakes. And, by not making a decision, you are making the biggest mistake of all. Because, it is better to have tried and failed, than not to have tried at all.

So, in the two scenarios I just mentioned, one is just as bad as the other. So, is there a third way to make a decision that will be good for you?

Yes, and here it is.

The personality will make wise decisions that are based for your higher Self’s good. These decisions will be made without any fear, they will be balanced, honest and well thought out decisions. And when making these important decisions, the personality will know that this is the correct decision to make at this particular time.

There will be no fear, guilt or anger attached to any decisions it will make, because the personality will be perfectly balanced within its centre. If you can just pause when a very important decision is about to be made, you will see clearly what is the best course of action to take.

Take five minutes and go deep inside, look at all the facts very clearly, and dispel any notions that you will miss out on something, there are no accidents as we learn in the Course. So, if you are meant to wake up, you will, but you can make that sooner rather than later, by making clear, precise and honest decisions, in your personality, not in your false image. Remember, the ego is a block, and if you are making decisions in the ego, in the face image, those decisions will block you!

And, if you are still unsure, Ask for clarity, and then Ask for guidance. This might seem to take a little time, but I promise you, it will be the best time you have ever spent, because if you are wrong, are you willing to spend another year, another 5 years, another 10 or 20 years making up for that wrong decision.

Remember, the ego wants you to rush, and not think clearly when making decisions, and this is the false image that you think is you.

It wants you to fail, because when you fail, and you will if you make a decision with the false image, it will reap the rewards.

Which always end up with you feeling worthless, and not good enough,  because you have failed. And, when you feel worthless, you will end up in the shadow, and now the ego will feed of you, your energy for a very long time once you end up there.

When making any decision, like beginning the Workbook when you are not ready, because the ego makes you believe that you will miss out on something, believe me when I say, that is rubbish.

All you have to do, is copy and paste all the Metaphysics that I post every day from Jan 1st, in the Workbook lessons, and then prepare yourself to begin, in say 6 months-time, when you have a basic knowledge and understanding in Metaphysics.

This is the advice that I have given many of my students who will be beginning the Level-1 Series of Classes with me in January.

Do take your time, and do not rush this decision. Be the turtle, not the hare, because it was the turtle after all, that won the race!





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    Hi Michael
    Really need help with this, so much thanks

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