The Purification Process


The Metaphysics


Undoing Level-1

The 5 Layer – Purification Process

Now we come to the last layer in the Purification Process, Layer-5 – The Undoing of Level-1. But before we do, let’s just do a little review of the full ‘5 Layer Purification Process’ before we do that.

We have covered the previous 4 Layers as follow. And this will be your check list to see where you are at right now, or where you may be stuck and can’t move forward.

In Layer-1; The Story;

If you are still caught up in the story of denial, projection and blame, then you have a little more work to do. At this point you should have mastered and been applying the new tools of Empowerment, such as Advanced True Forgiveness, Complete Forgiveness and lastly Self-Empowerment.

If you have not been applying these tools, then all you have done is denied the story, period. One must be well acclimatized with the using all these tools to get out of the story. Application of these new thoughts and ideas is the key, along with great willingness to get out of any story on Level-1.

In Layer-2; The False Image;

If you are still playing the victim, and you still believe that someone has actually victimized you, you have some more work to do. If you are still trying to fix people, even yourself, and you believe that someone else, anyone needs fixing, then you have some more work to do. If you still think that you are a good person, and that there are really bad and evil people out there, you have some more work to do.

If you still think that your intellect or intelligence is either better than, or worse than anyone else, then you have some more work to do. It is only the false image that will have very special relationships, in both camps. It will have very special hate relationships, and it has these hate relationships, so it can have very own special relationships.

The false image thrives on having very special people all around it, to enhance its own special status. And remember, the false image will rather die before it will relinquish its very special reputation.

In Layer-3; The Persona;

If you are still using the ego tools such as, denial, suppression, projection, reaction formation, altruism, displacement, sublimation, affiliation, and any others that I have not mentioned here, then you have not let the false image go.

All these tools protect the false image, they keep it in place and it is here that you must be really honest. All of these ego tools will keep you stranded on Level-1 and keep you well attached to the ego on Level-1. Awareness is the key in dropping them, but you must look at yourself, and be honest, and then find them and just say no to all of them.

There are other tools that will counteract these, such as the new tools of Empowerment mentioned above.

In Layer-4; The Ego Split Mind;

In you will be going through the process of letting the shadow go! You do not have to look for the shadow, because when you begin letting the false image and all the Persona tools go, the Shadow will come knocking at your door.

And, this is a very good thing, because it proves that you have been doing the work. You will know at this stage, that the Shadow is not the problem, it is the false image that is the real menace along with all the Persona tools.

Also, the more you decrease the false image, the more your Shadow will also decrease. Both must equate with each other, and the bigger your false image, the bigger your Shadow will be also. This is Cause & effect at its best, it is working for you now, and against the ego.

I love it when this happens! This is real power, because now you are in charge and the ego cannot do a dam thing about it. You see God created You, and You are much smarter than the ego. Why? Because God is much smarter than the ego, and You and God are One.

Now you are ready for Level-2, and now the real work begins. When you have reached this point, you have now completely empowered yourself, to the maximum that anyone can do, and still be on Level-1.

You have reached the tipping point of the ego resistance; you have attained 66% of your Personality. And, at this point, the ego will have shut down; and there will be a period of calm and there will be periods of inner peace at this point.

You will feel like you are ‘squashed in between two cushions’, as one of my students beautifully experienced a few months ago. However, there is still 33% of you attached to the ego thought system, and this is the point that many spiritual seekers have reached, but no further. Why?

Because the inside knowledge of how the ego really works was never available to us until A Course in Miracles came along, providing us with those answers. Those answers are in Cause & effect, and they are in the Course’s Metaphysics on Level-2, not in its words on Level-1

Now we turn the tables completely on the ego and, for the very first time, we now make the ego do exactly what we want. The Course tells us very clearly how to do this, using the Law of Cause & Effect. For example, you may have heard Dr. Kenneth Wapnick repeat this phrase over and over again: ‘Ideas leave not their source’

What this means is this; you will still be attached to at least 10 thoughts and ideas that belong to the ego, the last 33%. And, when you go to Level-2 you will be taking those 10 thoughts with you. However, those thought and ideas must return to Level-1, sooner or later. Why? Because ‘ideas leave not their source’, these ideas belong to the ego, they belong on Level-1, and not Level-2.

And, so, if you are on Level;2, sooner or later, those thoughts and ideas will return to Level-1 and when they do, they will bring you back down as well. Why? Because you are still attached to them, and where those thoughts go, you must go.

And, for those who have prepared properly then this is really good, this is what we want the ego to do, because we need it to show us those remaining ten thoughts and ideas that belong to it. You see, this is why the ego has shut down, it is protecting those ten thoughts.

And, it desperately does not want them exposed to you, because if they are exposed the ego is dead. Now, instead of you running scared from the ego, the ego is running sacred from you. This is a classic case of Cause and Effect, reversed back onto the ego itself.

The moment you begin using the 10 Corrections when you have reached the top layer in Level-1, which is Layer-5. Now, you will be shifting your awareness and your thinking from Level-1 up into Level-2.

Here you will begin to access the Mind of the Holy Spirit; here is the Mind of Correction, or another way to say this, you will begin to think with ‘True Perception’ on Level-2, rather than with false perception on Level-1.

And the ego will not lift a finger to stop you. However, if you are Not properly prepared, if you have not reached the tipping point of the ego shut down, then it could get very tricky for you; you will feel confused, annoyed, and irritated. Why?

Because, obviously, the ego is still with you, maybe it has just pretended to shut down, and this could mean that you could be trying to do the Workbook with the False Image.

This is why is it paramount that you be honest with yourself, and not try to do the Workbook until you have the proper foundation to build on. As the Course tells us very clearly, the false Image is cunning and very devious; it will make you believe anything you want to believe.

You see, if anyone has read my book, you will have read that the ego is also seeking for enlightenment, it is looking to get out of Level-1, because it knows deep down that, sooner or later, it will be slain if it stays there!

However, let’s say that you are ready, and now you arrive on Level-2, what happens next? So, the most important question of all, for every student is this. Am I ready for the Workbook and level-2?

Layer-5, the Undoing Process;

The undoing process begins when you now begin to use the 10 Corrections as your new way of thinking and living in this world.

See for yourself, look at these new 10 thoughts and ideas and see if you can embrace them into your life, without doubt, question, negotiation or debate. If you can do this, if you have the willingness to accept and apply all 10, then you are ready for the workbook and Level-2.

1; When you can embrace ‘Responsibility’ and then apply and begin to take full Responsibly for all your thinking and all your thoughts.

When you can begin the take full Responsibility for your entire emotional state of mind, when you take full responsibility for how you feel, for what you see, for everything you hear, and touch, you are ready for the Workbook and Level-2.

2; When you can embrace ‘Acceptance’ and begin to accept that there is nothing external to you, that can affect you in any way, that can make you sick, feel ill or kill you. Also, you must Accept that no one can or could have ever hurt you in any way. Now, you are ready for the Workbook and Level-2.

3; When you begin to embrace ‘Discernment’ and you are willing to look only at what is True and what is False. When you can say no to the thoughts and ideas of right and wrong, and say no to the ideas of good and bad. Now, you are ready for the Workbook and Level-2.

4; When you begin to embrace and apply ‘Advanced True Forgiveness’, (ATF) and you say no to false forgiveness. Now, you are ready to begin the Workbook on Level-2.

5; When you begin to embrace and apply the idea of ‘Unconditionally” and be willing to turn your special conditional relationships, into unconditional relationships, now you are ready for the Workbook and Level-2.

6; When you begin to embrace and apply ‘Non Attachment’ to what you do, say, think, and feel. Now, you are ready for the Workbook and Level-2.

7; When you begin to embrace and apply ‘True Empathy’, when you say no to playing the victim role, both in yourself and others. When you can embrace the idea that all pain and sufferings that you, or anyone else has ever suffered has and is completely self-created. Now, you are ready to begin the Workbook on Level-2.

8; When you begin to embrace and apply ‘Self-Empowerment’ instead of the ego’s tool of disempowerment. Which is denial, suppression, blame, and projection in your close personal relationships. Now, you are ready to begin the Workbook on Level-2.

9; When you can begin to embrace and apply the idea of ‘Complete Forgiveness’ with all your emotions. Instead of blame, denial, suppression, and projection. Now, you are ready for the Workbook and Level-2.

10; And finally, when you begin to embrace the concept of ‘Inner Silence’ and you are willing to discover that the Peace of God, is within you, it is not outside you. When you begin to embrace the idea that you are not a body, that your True Identity is Spirit.

When you can embrace the idea that Truth lies within you, it is not in a book external to you. Now, you will be ready to Wake Up. Now, you are ready for the Workbook and Level-2.

All of the above ‘10 Corrections’ are Thoughts and Ideas that belong to Level-2. And, if you are willing to embrace all these new ten thoughts and ideas, but not in an intellectual way, but when you are applying these ten thoughts every day in your life, then you are ready for the Workbook and Level-2.


When you begin the workbook, and you are able to stay with the Metaphysics all the way through it, you will know that you are ready to wake up.  And, then one day, maybe before you finish the workbook; or maybe a little time just after you finish it, or it could be a little longer, it will not matter to you because you will be in a state of pure Peace and Joy, something very special indeed will occur.

You will Wake Up into Level-3. Why? Because you will have given all 10 thoughts and ideas back to the ego and, you will have completely detached from Level-1.

Now, you have reached Level-3, Now you are Awake in the Awakened Mind. Now, you will have found the ‘off’ button that Eckhart Tolle talks about. Now, there will be no thoughts of guilt, fear, or sin.

Now, you will have accessed and attained only the Bliss of God, anytime, anywhere, and with anyone you choose.  Now you are truly free!






2 Responses to The Purification Process

  1. Randy Reynolds says:

    My wife and I are very greatful for the gift of insight you share. there are some things we
    understand and some we do not. The Course is (for me) is another way of why I suffer. Im not very happy about it thou, but it’s better than the fear and guilt the Bible teaches.
    Still what a mess this is. I would of thought God being God would have got it right with all of this.

    • MFL says:

      If 1 + 1 = 2 and you entertain the notion of 1+1 = 3 and go down that particular rabbit hole , then 1 + 1 remains as it is , always has been and always will be. No matter what happens (sic) down the rabbit hole , when the madness is over , the truth will still be there, unblemished. The truth is the truth and the only issue is whether or not we are ready for reconciliation. Here in the rabbit hole of our own making we may think that God got it wrong but that’s not so. They say that the most common question in ACIM is ‘if heaven is Perfect then how could this have happened ? ‘ The standard answer is that it didn’t happen (so don’t ask the question as though it did) , that this is just a rabbit hole, a dream , a non-reality and non-reality doesn’t exist. Heaven is Perfect in the sense of Perfect freedom and Perfect love. Perfect freedom allows the son to dream and Perfect love provides the answer, the awakening. The ‘tiny mad idea’ of 1 + 1 = 3 does not negate in anyway the truth. The truth will keep inspite of crazy mad ideas, like the wave on the Ocean that thought it could be seperate from the ocean. 1 + 1 = 2 co-exists in an imaginary sense With 1+1 = n , where n != 2. But like the song says ‘it was just my imagination’.

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