The Metaphysics of Self Empowerment

The Metaphysics



Self-Empowerment is a Level 2 Thought and idea. Therefore, it is one of the most potent tools for dealing with the ego in our personal special relationships. Self-Empowerment cuts straight to the chase, it outs the ego in an instant, and the ego will retreat from you, the moment you introduce it to this new and powerful weapon.

So, how does it work?

Let’s use an example of a case study, and we can then use the 5 steps within it to help Mary.

“Mary is in a relationship with her husband for over 25 years, and in the beginning she was so much in love and then, after a few short years, it descended into arguments, and loneliness, and she now wants to end it. The still argue on a weekly basis and the more they try to fix it, the arguments are getting worse, instead of better. So, now Mary has tried the passive aggressive approach, head down, saying nothing, and now the relationship is completely dead.

Both are now trying to avoid each other as much as possible. However, Mary also feels partly responsible for the arguments, but does not know if the ultimate problem is hers, or her husbands.

Mary just wants a life with someone who truly cares for her, and she feels her husband does not love her anymore, but she is not sure what to do next! End it, and then regret ending it, or don’t end it, and then regret not ending it. Or do nothing and just die a slow death!

Mary need a new way of thinking; Mary needs another way to deal with this problem;

So let’s try Self-Empowerment with Mary’s case, but first let’s go back two thousand years ago and see what Jesus said about Self-Empowerment?

(Gospel of Thomas 26) Jesus said’ You see the mote in your brother’s eyes, but you do not see the beam in your own eye. When you cast out the beam in your own eye, then you will see clearly to cast the mote out of your brother’s eye’.

What Jesus is saying to Mary is this; first sort out your own projections, and then you will see clearly what your husband is doing, and that is exactly what Self-Empowerment is, it is sorting your own stuff out first, then you will see clearly what action to take.

So these are the five steps that Mary, or anyone else in a similar position should use.


When in an angry confrontation with another, you should as soon as possible afterwards, because if the ego pain body as overcame you(ANGER), it will not let you use this tool until after you have come out from that angry pain body, or you have calmed down.

So, as soon as possible after, do this…

Step1; Awareness;

Ask yourself this; Who was anger? Was it my true Self, or my ego self? For it is only my ego self, which is not me, that can be angry. Ask yourself, who is Lonely? Because that also can only be the false self. When you question the ego, it will retreat!

Step2; Detachment;

Ask yourself this; Do I want to keep this story, or this drama that we are arguing over, because it is over who is right, and who is wrong.

Rather look at what is true and what is false instead. then ask yourself, do I want to keep this ego self, that is causing so much trouble for me? If your answer is no, then go to the next step.

Step3 Discernment;

Now look at what is true and what is false and make a choice. Do you want to keep what is true, or do you want to keep what is not true?

The ego self will want to keep the story, and the thought, that began the argument, and prove itself right. The ego always wants to be right!

The personality will want to drop the story and look only at what is true! So if you want to drop the story, then you can now use true forgiveness with the thought (anger always means guilt), which in truth was your attempt to project your guilt onto another.

Step4; Forgiveness;

This is where you will now use the Level 2 idea of ‘Advanced True Forgiveness’ with the thought of anger, which is metaphysical terms is you letting go of your unconscious guilt.

Step5; Action;

Now Mary can take action in her relationship and be sure that she is making the correct decision. As Jesus said in the parable, “now you will see clearly how to cast out the mote from your brother’s eye”.

This means that Mary will now see clearly what action to take with her husband and the relationship, because Mary will be on level 2, and be seeing the Truth. If you still see a problem, then it is not your problem anymore, this is definitely your other half’s issue.

That means, now you have a choice, you can end the relationship and free yourself to meet another who is meant for you, or maybe fear will prevent you from leaving. Either way, at least you now know the truth! Now there are no regrets!!!…

All the above steps are Level 2 thoughts and ideas. That means that if you have used them correctly, you will now be on Level 2 yourself. And any decision you make will be the correct one for you to make at this time.

And, just a note of warning; on using this tool correctly. “to say those words means nothing, but to mean those words says everything”.

Please do not fall into the ego trap of intellectualising the above steps and words, if you do, you are doing this with the ego, and it will not work…so be careful, and come from your heart, and not your head!

The Metaphysics of Self-Empowerment;

There are five Metaphysical steps in true Self-Empowerment, and all five of these steps are ideas and thoughts from the workbook, and Level 2 Metaphysics.

Here they are;

Step1; Awareness

Step2; Detachment

Step3; Discernment

Step4; True Forgiveness

Step5; Action based on Truth ( Level 2 Truth)


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