The Ego Split Mind ~Part 3

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The Ego Split Mind

Part 3 

~ The Shadow ~

In Part 3,  I would like to talk about the real criminal in this world. This aspect of the ego is responsible of every crime that has ever been committed in this world, since time began! It is responsible for every murder and every killing that has ever taken place.

It is responsible for every attack and every war committed on another person, against another culture, against another race of people, or country. It is responsible for every unjust and racist decision that has ever been taken. It is responsible for every illegal and criminal activity that has ever occurred.

It is responsible for all the sickness and all disease that you, or anyone else has ever experienced. It is responsible for all the lying, cheating and dishonest maneuverers that you have been witness to in other people, in this world.

The greatest trick the ‘devil’ has ever thrust onto this world, was and still is, is to keep you looking in the wrong place for those answers. It does this, so you will never know the true cause of all pain, all sickness and all death that you and every single other person will ever experience.

This is a game of distraction, diversion, and delusion by the ego, to keep you so occupied with the illusionary problem, that you will never solve one and only true problem. People will lie, cheat and kill to protect it at all costs. It is the very life force of the ego thought system.

There is only one problem in your mind, in your life, and on Level-1. And, I know what you are thinking, you are thinking that I am going to say, the shadow, and you would be 100% wrong!

The shadow is not the problem, the darkness and sickness in your life right now, is not the problem! There is only one problem in your mind, in your life, and in Level-1.

Without this aspect of the ego thought system, the ego is nothing. It will have no power over you, because it is this part that supplies all power and energy to the shadow. And, without this part, the ego will dissolve and die within a few months.

It is this part that will do everything it can, to keep you on Level-1 and keep you in hell. The real criminal I am talking about, is the false image, the part of us that needs to be seen as good.

The part of us that never gives us a break. The part of us, that will keep telling us over and over again, and again, that we are not good enough, that we are worthless, guilty, and deserve all that we get.

The shadow is not the problem, the false image is the false sense of truth, and righteousness.

It is the sense of goodness that we all believe to be true. It is a lying cheating, good for nothing scumbag, but we all want to be it, we all strive to keep it. From the moment we begin to walk and talk, we are educated to be a ‘good boy’ or a ‘good girl’, and if we are not good, then we must be bad! Now we go into this part of the ego, and we sell our souls to the devil, just so that we can accepted by all those ‘good’ people out there.

The ego makes us believe that if we can be seen to be a good person, then we will be happy, but truthfully, there is not a single person in this world, with a false image, that will not end up, sick, in disease, and die with a sense of sin, guilt and fear within them. This is the price that we all pay, this is the price that everyone will continue to pay, as long as you keep denying this part.

The false image is the creator of the shadow, and the hell that it brings forth into our lives. And, again, just remember, we create our own hell, and it has nothing to do with other people, our parents, our teachers, or God. However, if you still think that you do not have a false image, and you are refusing to even consider that notion, then you will keep creating more and more shadow with it.

Most people will not admit to their false image, the real problem, so they instead project their shadows onto others, onto God, and finally, the shadow will settle and end up in one place if it is not dealt with, your very own physical body.

Everyone is so concerned with dealing with their shadows, that they all believe that once they get that sorted, then their lives will be great. Name one person in this world, that has been able to completely eradicate their shadow completely, without letting their false image go.

Not one, and I can promise you that. If you have been sick, and now you are well again, don’t worry, your false image is currently creating more sickness for you, as we speak. Just give it a little time, and your false image will kill you, and you will never know who or what happened!

So, how does the Shadow emerge into our lives, and what can we do about it?

Firstly, as children our teachers, our friends, and our family, insist that when we grow up, we must become a ‘somebody’, we must make our mark out in this world. And so, we now go seeking to be, a good person, to be famous, to be wealthy, to be successful, or even it is as simple as, we seek just to be happy.

And, the moment we seek to be happy, we deny the bliss in our minds, and we go to the ego seeking its sense of happiness. The moment we seek to be a good person we deny our own perfection within, and now we think we have to make ourselves a good person, or we think we have to make ourselves happy.

Now, the problems really begin, because for us to be a good person, we much find ‘bad’ people to be the bench mark, that will make us better than them. Those bad people out there, will make me a good person, this is what we think, this is what the ego thinks, but then again, most people still think, that they, actually think! All thinking on Level-1 is of the ego!

People also do not know, that when you have created an enemy, you have them for life. When we find these bad people, you guessed it, they go straight into our shadow, and now they are with us until the day we die.

You see, everything that goes into the shadow, stays there for life, and now we spend a lifetime, denying and projecting all our own sense of guilt and badness onto them. And, not only that, we will now also spend a fortune on doctors with our health problems, and most likely another fortune on psychotherapy or spiritual therapists, to deal with all the crap that we have just created in our own minds.

We created this shadow with the illusion that we need to better within ourselves, that we need to be a better person than them. But if you are honest, you now know that this does not work, and your life has and is, going straight down the tube! The ego will beat you every single time, if you keep playing this game.

You will also now know that you have been listening to two voices in your mind, one telling you to be good, and one telling you that you are worthless. And, just like Eckhart Tolle says, in the Power of Now, ‘one is the Chief of Police, and the other is the thief’. The Chief of Police is desperately trying to find and deal with the thief, but no one ever knew, the Chief of Police is the Thief.

What this means is that those two voices are one and the same. The Persona is the Shadow, and the Shadow is the Persona. It works something like this!

One voice will command you to do something, and just a little time after this, the other will question what you have just done. Why? Because confusion and miss-understanding, is the real game here for the ego. You see, the ego is afraid of you, and the real power you do have within you.

And so, the ego must at all costs keep you disempowered, and it does this by eroding your self-confidence, by eroding your self-honesty, it will keep you unsure and always guessing.

Every single time you are dishonest, you are listening to your false image. And, then when you are dishonest, the guilt will surface deep inside you, and you will feel like the most horrible person in this world. So why do we keep being dishonest with each other, every single day?

We do this for two reasons, the first is you think, ‘it will hurt the other person if you tell them the truth’. What the ego does not tell you, is that you are going to really hurt yourself, and you will, quite severely, by being dishonest with this other person.

The second is, we are dishonest because we want people to think, that we are a ‘good’ person, and if we tell them the truth, it will make us look like a not very nice person. So, we lie, to them and ourselves, because we do not want people to think we are bad, and uncaring.

So, we lie to our family, we lie to our friends, and we lie to just about everyone we meet. The greatest lie we tell, and we do this, every day, is when someone asks you ‘how are you?’ Now the false image comes right out and you say’ I am fine, I am doing well’, but inside, you are feeling angry, you are feeling sadness. You are feeling worthless and abandoned, but we cover that up, and now we lie, straight to their face.

Just a few days ago, I rang a very well-known spiritual organization, and the person who is running this organization answered the phone. I asked to speak with to a certain person, and they blatantly told me a lie. I immediately pulled this person up on that lie, and I said: ‘Why? Why do you have to lie? And do you not realize what you do in your organisation, and what you represent? You are supposed to be representing God, and that means that you should be representing Truth? so why would you lie?’. The person folded in an instant and could not speak, I said goodbye.

That person and that organization will now fully believe that I am a bad person, that I am a trouble maker? Why? Because I did not play the game of the ego, I did not fall into the trap of the false image, which I had done many, many time before. I called that person’s lie out loud, which was me calling out the ego. I called out this false image, and now maybe the next time, someone asks them the same question. They will think twice about giving the same answer.

I knew for a fact that this person was lying, and if I did not be honest and tell them, then it was me now that would pay the price. Now, I was being dishonest, now I would be feeding my shadow, and now the ego would have me. If I did not do that, if I did not be true to myself and God, and I would be paying the price, not them.

Every single time, that you are dishonest, even in the slightest way, you will be feeing the shadow, and you will become sicker and sicker, until you are in hell and die.

This is how subtle the false image and the ego gets us to be dishonest, every day, this is how the ego gets us to play the game of dishonesty. As long as you are on Level-1 and as long as you are in the false image, you will feed the shadow, and you will know this, because your body will tell you.

Now you may go to the doctor, with pains here and a virus there. Now the shadow projects all those lies, all the dishonesty onto your body, now you are paying the price for the egos dishonesty.

And, the false image does not satisfy itself with its own dishonesty, because if it did, you would soon see this game for yourself. No, the false image needs to distract you from your own self dishonesty, so now it gets you to look at other people’s dishonesty.

So, we go seeking to see who is being dishonest, who is a bad person. Because, if we can find someone else who is lying, then we can project our own lies and dishonesty onto them.

If you keep looking in the wrong place, at the wrong problem, you will never find the true problem and the true solution, so you can deal with it once and for all. If you still think, that there are ‘bad’ people out there, then you are making that happen.

And, if you still think that there are ‘good people’ then you are making a hell for yourself, you are creating your own shadow, and you will pay a heavy price for that!

‘You are free to choose, but you are not free from the consequences of that choice’!


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