Quantum Physics


4 Responses to Quantum Physics

  1. Mesha says:

    Thank you for the Awareness that you bring.
    My heart is expanding and I am so happy to have found you and your great ways of teaching. You make it possible to bring THE COURSE into application in the mind.

    Kindest Personal Regards,
    Mesha Mariel

    • Michael Murray says:

      Thank You Mesha,
      I am delighted that these Teachings,
      have helped you to grasp a deeper understanding of the Course,
      and Life. Thank you.

  2. Helen Thomasen says:

    I wonder if the ego deceived us as such I think it just didn’t know the truth so to speak so thought doesn’t know consciousness.

    • Michael Murray says:

      Hi Helen,
      The ego can and never will know consciousness, being an unconscious thought in and of itself. It is like darkness turning into light, it cannot happen. When you are in a dark room, and you turn on the light, the darkness disappears. It is the same with the ego, when it is brought anywhere near light, it dissolves, into nothingness.


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