The False Image – Part 2


    The Metaphysics


The False Image 

The 5 Leafs of the False Image

As we have already covered, there are five ‘Leaf’s in every story, and we also have five Leaf’s in the Layer of the False Image. Each Leaf represents a mask that we wear in our everyday lives, that mask belongs to the ego!

And, we all pay a heavy price for inviting the ego into our daily lives. So, if you are in a lot of pain right now, remember this, it is only the false image that you are wearing, that can feel pain and suffer, nor True self!

The very first mask we encounter in this world, is our reflection in the mirror, we actually think this image looking back at us is really us! Now, depending on what we see, we will now seek for ways to make it as beautiful as possible, or as special as possible, or as different as possible. When you do this, when you seek externally, for any reason, you call on the ego for help!

And, the ego will duly and gladly, and delightfully come to your rescue and give you want you think you want. However, the problem is we do not know what we want?

In the Course Jesus says, we are very confused between pleasure and pain. What we think will bring us pleasure, really brings us nothing but pain. And, what we think is painful, is really pleasure! So, we think sitting for 15min doing a mediation is painful. All the while us not knowing that the bliss is inside us, or us not knowing the ego is behind our resistance!.

True pleasure can only be found within; it can never be replicated externally in this world. So, we really do not have a clue what we want, but the ego will tell us what is good for us, and what is bad for us.

The ego will also tell us who is good and right for us, and who is bad and wrong for us. Thank god for the ego! We would be lost without it! So, what are the masks and what is the false image?

1st Leaf; The body

As, children, we are educated that our body is who we are, we now believe this image to be truly us. Whether we like it or not, the image you see in the mirror becomes you.

When we absorb this belief that we are a body, the body will then give us that belief back. The five senses in the body, not only tell us that that body is real, but that the world is real also. Now, the body you see in the mirror looking back at you, becomes the first mask you will wear for the rest of your life. No matter what you do from this point on, you will not forget that face, or that mask that is looking back at you.

That mask is not you, it is not even close to who you truly are! So, what is important now is how you perceive the body, and the mask that has given to you? Because if you perceive the body and mask with the ego, there are some parts of your body you will like, and some you will hate. There will be some that you think is right and good, and some parts that are just wrong and not nice! Now your trouble really begins! Why?

Because you will now set out in life to attain, and then maintain a very good body. And, you will probably spend an absolutely fortune on trying to make the body as perfect as you possibly can. You will do this with special foods, with special makeups, with special diets, and with special clothes and special perfumes. Why do we all do this?

Because we believe that our value, that all our self-worth will come from the body, and so we will do everything we can to give ourselves as much value and self-worth as possible. We will do this because we will be seeking love, and so, the more special our body is, they more special the person we will meet. So we will do everything you can to make our bodies the best they can be, before we go seeking for love. Which brings us the our 2nd Leaf, the Seeker.

2nd Leaf, The Seeker

The Seeker mask will now be your second false image to wear in life, and depending on what you are seeking, you will now adjust your mask to suit that goal. Let’s say you are seeking for love. Then, you will present the best possible mask and image that you can create. You will now also, completely deny the other half of your false image, your shadow. Why?

Because once you initiate the seeker, you automatically invited the ego to be your master and god, and now you enter the persona. Once you take on a false image, any false image, you also take the shadow false image, because you cannot have one without the other.

Now also, for you to be a very good person, you will need very bad people to relate to. Why? Because you cannot have very good people, without making some very bad people! It is having bad people, that makes good people good! If you have no bad people, the good people cannot claim to be good!

So, once you go seeking, you go seeking with the ego, which now means that you will also very judgmental, and there is no one more judgmental than the ego! So you will now think that it is you, that is judgmental, if you listen to these judgments, you will clearly hear the ego’s voice! So, now you think that it is you that is this vindictive person, and this makes you feel terrible if you are truly honest.

If you see someone as very judgmental, then that person is desperately seeking something from someone, run a mile! So, if you are seeking a very nice and special man/woman, you must also encounter the exact opposite of what you are seeking for.

Why? Because the higher the goal you set with the persona, the lower the fall you will encounter with the shadow. Which also means that the higher the elation in the persona, the depression will balance will be a very deep low, in the shadow, this period is sometimes called depression. Now for the seeker to entrap its prey, it will need another mask to wear, and that mask is called the people pleaser!

3rd Leaf; 1st Mask; The People Pleaser

The People Pleaser is the mask of complete manipulation, and everybody that has this mask, will bring it out especially for the special people in our life, and we will also wear it out on special occasions!

Some people adopt to this mask naturally, and never come out of it, they are seen as really nice people. And then, there are some people who never wear it, and those we think are not very nice people.

Be careful of the people pleaser, because you are entering into a no win situation, and this situation is not with the other person who is wearing the mask, no, it is with the ego. And, here is how this really works!

The person wearing the mask will come to you with two goals, one goal is to get something from you, and the other goal is to give you something. And, when you do not give them what they want, they will give you what they always really wanted to give you. They will attempt to give you, their guilt.

This is how all friendships end, if you do not give specialness to your friends, they will give you guilt. You are now a prisoner to their so called friendship, but this friendship is really with the ego, not the other person. You will now spend the rest of your life, either in conflict with this person, or you keep making them feel special.

You should know, that you are giving specialness to the ego, and if you do not, the ego will give you its guilt. It is the ego that is really behind all seeming special relationships. And, so all conflict is not really with the other person either! It is with the ego!

3rd Leaf; 2nd Mask; The Passive Aggressive

The Passive aggressive is a face we all put on when we are desperately trying to be seen to be a good and nice person. Remember, you spend a lot of energy wearing this false mask of ‘goodness’ all of the time, and every so often it will begin to drop, and so if you cannot maintain the false mask of the people pleaser all of the time, we have a backup called the Passive aggressive to step in when things begin to get tough…

This is a mask we all know very well. When the seeker does not get what it wants, but it still wishes to put on a ‘good face’, it will always revert to this backup mask. The passive aggressive will always get its point across, without using displacement. The passive aggressive keeps the good image, the nice person image, intact, for public consumption.

3rd Leaf; 3rd Mask; The Mask of Hate

You cannot have your people pleaser/nice persona mask without having its counterpoint, the hateful shadow mask. This mask will be kept out of the spotlight as much as possible.

However, when the people pleaser mask does not get what it wants, the viciousness of the shadow mask will come into fruition, all by its own accord. Some people call this mask, the mask of ignorance’ or it can also be called the bully. I just call it the mask of hate. It is not a very nice mask to encounter, or project.

For example, let’s say you could be driving on your way to a ‘special’ occasion, and some idiot is driving slow ahead of you. Now you are thinking, this idiot is keeping you back, and you are going to be late. You hate being late, good people are never late!

So your temper is rising, and you can feel your blood beginning to boil. Then, out of nowhere, the shadow bursts onto the scene and begins bellowing at the other driver. The mask you wearing now is the counterpart of the other mask you were wearing, the people pleaser. You cannot have one, without the other.

However, the ego has another way to keep this shadow mask under control, and it is called the passive aggressive mask. You will use this mask when you are out in public, this mask will make sure that everyone believes you, when you project that you are a very good person.

4th Leaf; The Many Faces

In the 4th Leaf, the false image will consume many, many faces and masks to fulfill only two things. It will use these false images to get what it wants, which will always be something external from you. And, the other thing is, the false image will also seek to get rid of its guilt when the first option does not work. So, what are the many faces of the false image?

4th Leaf; # 1; The Planner

In the 4th Leaf, we have the planer, the person who just has to plan everything, and leave nothing to chance! The problem with this face is that, when their plans do not go the way they want, they will project hate onto you, or someone else! The planner will always seek for a victim if it does not get what it wants and expects, which is its plans to go perfect!

4th Leaf; # 2; The Achiever

The Achiever does what the label says, they will get things done, they will achieve, and again they will do this, at all costs. But, when this mask fails to achieve, it will become very depressed and angry.

Again, the problem with this mask is when the Achiever runs into problems achieving things, they will become very angry with anyone who does not help them achieve things the right way. And, if the Achiever is in any way deflected from its objective goal, you will see the shadow mask emerge instantly.

All achievements by the achiever will be achievements that have external value. In this world, the ego is god of the external world as long as you are attached to its spilt mind, and false images.

4th Leaf; # 3; The Intellectual

The intellectual mask will absorb as much knowledge as humanly possible and then exhibit this knowledge for the world to see. The reason is, that in the ego’s thinking, the more intelligent you are, the more special you are.

However, if you look closely at the Metaphysics of the intellectual, they will now use this intelligence to separate themselves from everyone else, even their fellow intellectuals. The intellectual on Level 1, will always re-enforce separation with their intelligence.

Again, on Level 1, the intellectual is just a mouth piece for the entire personified ego thought system. The intellectual knows nothing, except what it has learned in books, and this is not knowing, this is learned knowing! This is the ego!

The intellectual cannot be an intellectual unless there is many not so many stupid people around them to make them feel special. The intellectual will sit and watch for the errors in others, just waiting to pounce and project on any seeming weaknesses.

While the True intellectual, a Level 2 intellectual, will always re-enforce Oneness, equality, and shared interests with everyone. The Level 2, True intellectual will incorporate new thinking and new ways of looking at problems, and situations to make everyone feel included. In the new Earth that is about to come, the True intellectual on Level 2, will use the intelligence of God, to build a better world, where all wealth is equally shared by every single person living in this world.

4th Leaf; # 4; The Altruist

There is no better person in the ego’s eyes than the altruist. The Altruist is all about showing the world and everyone in it, just how good they are. They will indulge in an open public display of doing ‘good deeds’. They will show the world that they care, that they are a good person, because they do good deeds.

The problem with this face is that it is feeding the shadow, and the ego just loves it. Now, also the problem for the altruist is sickness, because to conceal the shadow doing public displays of ‘goodness’ you need the passive aggressive mask and energy also.

This face will try and conceal any outbursts from the shadow, while it does it good deeds. When you use the passive aggressive, you invite sickness into you world, and the ego will duly oblige you with all kinds of sickness’ and ills.

Again, I would like to make this very clear, there is absolutely nothing wrong with doing good deeds, and being a caring human being to our brothers. But you can do this with God, and invoke healing in the process, instead of doing it with the ego and reaping hell to come! You are not free to choose!

4th Leaf’ # 5; The Fixer

The fixer will do exactly what they set out not to do, they will try and fix everyone, and everything, but themselves. The fixer will have no boundaries, they will infringe, and stick their nose into anyone business, they will seek out anyone and anything that seems to be in trouble, just to fix it.

Now, they really do want to help you, but the problem is, that they are coming to you with the ego, and it is now the ego who is giving you that help! And, the ego does not charge cheap, when you allow the ego into your life, and accept its help, even through another, it is you that will pay that very high price, which is always pain!

Now we come to the finale, the final mask that you will wear in any story. The moment you begin to adopt any false image; you also adopt the ego! The seeker is now on a mission to seek for love, to seek for fame, to seek for wealth, or even seeking enlightenment.

But, when you set out as a seeker seeking with the ego, no matter what you are seeking, you will end up as a victim, or victimizer. This has been the ego’s goal all along, to get you to wear the two final masks, which are the victim and victimizer masks.

5th Leaf; The Victim

When you have taken on all of the above masks and adopted them as yourself, you are now ready for the story of your life! In this story, you will wear another one of two masks at a time.

You will wear the face of the victim when you do not get what you what, and you will victimize those who you think are wrong, and bad! Which in turn now makes you the victimizer.

5th Leaf; The Victimizer

The victimizer is the final and last face that you will leave the story as, why? Because you will have victimized the victimizers of your false images. The Course very clearly spells out, that all victims, are secret victimizers, and that all victimizers are truly victims. So, both victim and victimizer are both the same. Why?

Because both faces and masks belong to the ego, they are not who you truly are, they are the alter ego’s masks that you think are really you. And, the ego loves it, when you actually believe that you are in a real story, and you are either a victim or victimizer.


Because, this was a game to the ego, just to see how many faces you would wear to get what you secretly wanted, which was always specialness. And when you don’t get that specialness, you become the victimizer. Once you wear the very first mask of the ego, which is the seeker, you will end up as a victim or victimizer in the story to follow. So, if you are in a story right now, and you think that you are either the victim or victimizer, the ego wins the game, and you lose.



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  2. I love, love, love the opening statements made in this set! It is about letting go, not getting! It is about letting go of the separate identity that we have of each other! Thank you, thank you yet again. Having these videos to revisit whenever I want is a gift.

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