The Metaphysics of Projection

The Metaphysics



The most important thing to know about projection, is that we are all projecting all of the time, no matter what Level we are on. In the Course the word ‘extension’ is used to denote our extensions of Love, on Level 2 and above.

And the word ‘projection is used to denote our ego projections on Level 1. But in Metaphysics, both extension and projection have the very same meaning. So, let’s start with the Metaphysics of projection on Level 1.

Once we are born into Level 1, we are literally being born in the womb of the ego thought system. This means that the moment we are born, we are born into unconsciousness. We have no memory of who we are, or what we are, and now this means that there is a large part of us now missing. We are automatically in denial.

The part of us that is missing is our True Self, and now this missing part has been taken over by the ego. And we will not be aware of this ego part until a little later in life, when as children we go through puberty.

So what is puberty?

When any child goes through puberty, they are now going through a Metaphysical metamorphism from Level 2 awareness and extension, into the ego thought system and Level 1 awareness and then projection. This is a very traumatic experience for most children, and some will go through this quickly, a few months, and some will take much longer, a few years.

So what is the effects of this metamorphosis? The most prominent telling factor that a child is going through this experience is ‘the authority problem’ The child will rebel against their parents, against their teachers and most likely the will be in a bad mood most of the time. Why?

The child has just been acquainted with the original authority problem that Adam and Eve experienced in the Garden of Eden when they disobeyed God and ate the apple from the Tree of Life. We all have this same problem today!

And, this is just the beginning of problems for children as they will now go through life with this authority problem. They will have problems at school, with teachers and other students. Then when they get a job and begin working, they may have problems with their new boss. In their relationships they may have problems with their boyfriends, or girlfriends.

Then when the get married, they may have authority problems with their husbands or wives. And, finally when they have children of their own, they may have severe authority problems with their own children. And then the cycle is repeated over and over again and again down through each generation of each family.

There is really only one problem here, and it is Level 1, and that is the real authority problem for everyone. Once you arrive, on Level 1, you will have problems, and there will be many! So, no one likes to have an authority problem, and so many of us will deny their own authority problem, and that is that they are on Level 1, and they will project this authority problem onto everyone else around them.

On Level 1, people will now project this authority problem onto God, they will have big problems with religion and those who run religious establishments. They will project their authority problems onto their governments, onto their politicians, onto their tax men, and maybe even onto themselves. There is not a single person on Level 1, who does not have an authority problem, and if you keep denying this, then you will keep projecting it.

Even those who now decide to wake up and get out of level 1, they all will have a new authority problem. And, this is the authority problem that God wants everyone to really have. The only authority problem you truly should have on Level 1, is with the ego, and until you deal with it, you will always have problems in your life as long as you remain on Level 1.

If you keep denying the ego is the only problem in your life, then you will remain in the cycle of denial and projection, and you will feel pain, and you will suffer. So that is the authority problem, what about projection and how does it work Metaphysically? Like I said at the very beginning, when we are born into the body and into Level 1, there is a large part of us missing, and, that part has been taken over by the ego.

The shadow part of the ego is almost fully unconscious, but some ego thoughts do slip into our subconscious and we become aware of them, and so we will deny these thoughts and then project them out onto others. What we deny, we suppress, and we will then project, and it is not until you ‘react’ to another, that you will know that it was you that projected in the first place.

Let’s say someone is a racist, and they deny it, they will then suppress it and project it, and now they will react to other people being a racist! If you are on Level 1, you are a racist, full stop, why? Because you are denying your true Self, once you are born into Level 1. Then you also now deny your shadow, and you will attack your shadow in others, how racist is that? Then if you take on a false image, you will deny your personality.

This is three times now you have denied the ‘Son of God” just like when Peter denied Jesus as the Son of God before the cock crowed three times in the biblical story. Peter protected his false image, his body and its vulnerability. He was afraid! And so this was Peter denying his invulnerability as his immortal self.

This is exactly what Jesus was teaching us back then, when we deny our True Self, we deny our own peace, we deny our own joy, and deny the Love of God. Then, when we do this, when we keep denying, we must keep blaming. We blame each other, we blame our parents, we blame our teachers, we blame the world, we blame our governments, we indeed blame everyone else for our own self misery. This, this is a classic ego trick, and the ego wins every time.

So, when you see someone in a constant stream of projections, someone who is really angry all of the time, then that persons only error is, that they are in a constant stream of denial. They are not a bad person, nor are they guilty of anything, they are just in a state of denial on Level 1. Projection is not the problem, it is an effect of being on Level 1 in denial.

The shadow is not the problem, it is an effect of you using the persona. And finally, even the ego is not the problem when you deal with those two, because the ego is the effect of your decision to be on Level 1. It is your denial of the following three steps that is the problem.

First off, there is three denials to undo, which will bring you out of projections, and out of Level 1. This is the only way out of denial, and out of projection.

So before the ‘Cock’ crows trice!…

(1) Stop denying the false image. It is not who you are; you are attacking your True Self!

(2) Stop denying the Persona! You do not need specialness; you are very Special as God created you!

(3) Stop denying the Level 2. You do not need the ego on Level 1; You have everything that God has given you, which is Heaven and much more!


If you are on Level 1, and you have not taken any action on any of the above, then there is a very good possibility that you are still in a state of denial, and your projections and reactions will confirm this, if you do not deny them also!

So, the choice is yours, you are free to choose. But, you are not free from the consequences of that choice!


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