Inception and A Course in Miracles

Q: What does Inception mean?

A: It is the practice of entering dreams within dreams to plant an idea into someone’s mind.

03:03 Once an idea has taking hold in the mind, it is almost impossible to eradicate it, an idea that is fully formed and fully understood will stick, it will grow, it will expand and it will become our reality. Every thought we have will become manifest into our conscious thinking.

The two plots: Inception means to place an idea into someone else’s mind, not only into their mind, but into their sub-conscious mind, this is what Inception really means. So let’s begin and correlate the film Inception with a book that is called A Course In Miracles and see where the fiction stops and the illusion begins.

Inception: Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) must travel into the mind of a man called Fischer and plant an Idea into his mind. He has brought together a group of experts to achieve his mission: they are called Satio the Tourist, Eames the Forger, Arthur the Pointman, Ariadne the Architect and Yusuf the Chemist.

ACIM: Jesus must travel into a series of dreams within dreams into the unconscious mind of a woman called Helen Shuchman and plant a series of Ideas into her sub-conscious mind, which in turn will be planted into the minds of all human beings in this physical world. He has brought together a group of people that will achieve his mission. (Helen Schucman, Bill Thetford, Judy Skutch, Ken Wapnick and Robert Draper) This Inception (Idea) will come in the form of a manuscript called A Course In Miracles. The team will write, edit, publish and teach this new and very profound Spirituality that states that this world is not real.

Inception: In the film, Leonardo DiCaprio’s character is a mind specialist, where he can infiltrate people’s minds and steal their secrets which are hidden in the sub-conscious part of their mind. He is then asked to use his specialist skills to enter into a series of dreams within dreams and place an idea into the character called Fischer’s sub-conscious mind. This idea is to replace a former idea already placed into his mind by his (Fischer’s) dying father.

ACIM: In the book ACIM, while still in reality we fall into a deep sleep and a character called the Ego who is a mind specialist, has infiltrated our minds , and planted a series of ideas that were very untrue. In this first dream state, we entered into a series of dreams within dreams which became darker and darker. We have now forgotten our reality and are born into the physical world (limbo). We are now stuck with no way of remembering who we really are, or how we can get Home. Now, the author of A Course In Miracles, a character called Jesus, in a series of dreams within dreams, places a series of ideas into the sub-conscious minds of the readers of this book, who are searchers of Truth. This series of Ideas, called true perception Truths, are to replace a series of ideas false perception (Un-Truths) that have already been planted into our minds by the mind specialist called the ego.

Inception: In the film, Cobb enters into an induced deep sleep, and in that induced sleep he begins a series of dreams. Within his initial dream he creates a new reality, this reality can be created with the power of his mind in the dream. He then enters into dreams within dreams and can create other worlds, other realities and alter any reality as he see fit, he can create outside the laws of physics, he can bend time and space.

ACIM: In ACIM, we have entered into a self-induced deep sleep, and in our initial sleep we begin a series of dreams within dreams. Within our initial dream we create a new reality, which is outside of our true reality of Heaven. We have created this new reality with the power of our minds. We then enter into a number of dreams within dreams and create new realities in each dream. In creating these new illusory realities we can alter the laws of Heaven, our true reality and can create new laws called physics. This in ACIM is called miss-creation. We have added space and time within these dreams so we can experience each seeming reality separately and consciously. And as we enter a new dream and create a new reality we have complete amnesia of the previous dream and the previous reality. This means that the dream we are currently in, which is our physical dream, is our new reality and becomes real for us. We have no memory of any other reality, even our true reality of Home (Heaven).

Inception: In the film, when anyone of the crew die in their current dream, or their current seeming reality, they awaken into their previous dream or reality. Killing someone within the dream will awaken them into a previous reality, but hurting someone within the dream will be painful, because pain is in the mind, not in the illusory body.

ACIM: When we die in our current dream (Level four) we awaken in our previous dream which is level three. We cannot die as we are immortal: it is only the dream body that dies. We awaken into our spiritual body which is another illusion reality, but a level closer to our true reality which is Heaven and Home. Killing someone in our current level which is level four will only awaken then in level three. But we can feel intolerable pain and suffering within this physical level as pain and suffering is only within the mind, it is not in the illusory dream body.

Inception: In the film, they awaken a dream within a dream by what is called a kick. If someone is in level three, and they want to awaken someone who is sleeping on level three but dreaming they are on level four, they give the dreamer a kick, which is a sense of helpless falling.

ACIM: In ACIM, when we begin to awaken on level four it is always because we have received a kick, in level three. This kick is sometimes called a spiritual awakening, or a mystical experience. This experience is always a remembrance of something in our previous level which is level three or even a higher level, level two or even level one. It is a remembrance that we are the dreamer.

Inception: In the film, when the dreamer realises that it is a dream, the dream begins to fall apart, it starts to collapse. The dream can only stay stable as long as the dreamer believes in its reality.

ACIM: When we begin to realise that we are dreaming an illusory reality, when we realise that this is not our reality the dream will begin to fall apart, it will collapse without our belief to sustain it. It can only exist as our reality as long as we believe it is our reality. By withdrawing our belief in it, we can change the reality of the dream.

Inception: In the film it is the dreamer of the dream who creates the reality of the dream.

ACIM: In ACIM it is the dreamer of the dream who creates the reality of the dream.

Inception: In the film you cannot plant an idea into someone conscious thinking mind, because the subject will know that it is not their idea. It must be planted into their sub-conscious mind by a mind specialist. That mind specialist in the film is called Cobb.

ACIM: in the book ACIM, the mind specialist called Jesus plants a set of ideas which are called Truths within our sub-conscious minds that are already our own ideas, which have been buried deep within our unconscious mind by the ego. The mind specialist called the ego has covered over these set of Truths with its own series of ideas that are untrue. These untrue truths are that we have separated from God (our Home), we are guilty of that offence (guilt), and that God is coming after us (fear) because of our treachery. (Sin-guilt-fear)

Inception: 26:08 – 26:55 in the film Cobb reveals to Ariadne the Architect how our minds create. While they are awake their minds only use a fraction of its true potential, but while they are asleep, their minds create continuously whether they are conscious of it or not. In a dream he states, that we can create and perceive worlds simultaneously. Our minds do this so well that we are not even aware that this is happening. Cobb says that dreams are so real while we are dreaming them that it is only when we wake up that we realise that we are dreaming. In the dream we never really remember the beginning of the dream we always end up in the middle of the dream.

ACIM: in ACIM Jesus states reveals to us that whether we are awake or asleep, our minds continuously creates. Its natural function is to create, but if we believe that our reality lies outside of Heave we will miss-create, and if we believe that Heaven is our reality we will create. We are continuously either creating our miss-creating depending on which mind we identify with, or believe in. Jesus says that our minds do this so well that we are not even aware that this is happening. Jesus says that our dreams are so real while we are dreaming them, that it is only when we awaken that we realise that we were dreaming. He states that we never really remember the previous dream or the start of the dream: we are in the middle of the dream but never remembering how the dream began.

Inception: Dream Sharing: 27:01- 28:19 When the subject is taking into the dream by the dreamer, the subject will believe that the dream is reality, it is their total belief that makes it their reality. In the film when Cobb the dreamer reveals to Ariadne the subject that they are dream sharing, the dream falls apart, it totally collapses. Once Ariadne realises what Cobb says is true that they are dreaming her belief in that as her reality is withdrawn and the dream collapses.

ACIM: Dream Sharing: We are the dreamers of our dream, and we believe that this is our reality, and when Jesus reveals to us that we are dreaming our dream will begin to collapse and fall apart, because it is our belief in it that make it real for us, and when that belief is withdrawn, it will collapse.

Inception: 29:38 – 30:55in the film, when Ariadne the architect first builds a dream she plays around with the laws of physics and moves streets upside down, on top of each other and totally breaks every law of the physical world with the power of her mind.

ACIM: in the book Jesus states that we have made a world of insane laws (upside down perception) that are projected out with the power of our minds. In this world we believe that to have something, we must take it, in Heaven to have something we must give it (Love), there is nothing eternal in our dream, in Heaven everything is eternal.

Inception: in the film Cobb states that he cannot control his sub-conscious, it is on a default setting of pre-programed thoughts.

ACIM: in the book, our sub-conscious has been pre-programed by the mind specialist called the ego: it is on a set default setting with an automatic thought system of, projection, lack, anger, attack, judgement, guilt and fear.

Inception: in the film each member of the Inception team must have a Totem. The Totem is unique to each person, it lets them know who the dreamer of each dream they share is.

ACIM: in the book, Jesus tell us that whoever is reading the material in the book acim is the dreamer of the dream. Other people are having their own dreams that are shared within our dream, and He warns us that we must only concentrate on our own awakening within our own dream. He tells us that we should not try to change anyone else’s dream, or the world that we dream, but to change how we perceive the world and how we perceive other people’s dreams.

Inception: in the film Arthur the Pointman and Ariadne the Architect begin lessons on how to build three complete dreams levels using all forms paradoxical architecture.

ACIM: in the book ACIM the mind specialist the ego has built four complete dream levels using paradoxical illusory architecture.

Inception: in the film, a person who is dreaming a dream will have their sub-conscious protect the dreamer from anyone else who is trying to interfere with the dreamer’s dream.

ACIM: in the book, Jesus tells us that our sub-conscious will protect the ego thought system from any outside interference from anyone who is trying to mess around with their dream. That in fact we will attack anyone who is trying to remove the ego thought system from our sub-conscious minds, we will even attack ourselves.

Inception: the dream becomes the dreamers reality.

ACIM: the dream has become the dreamers reality.

Inception: 47:19-47:21 in the film the sicker Morris Fischer becomes the more powerful Peter Browning becomes.

ACIM: In ACIM, the more emotional, angry, fearful and guilty we become, the more powerful the ego becomes.

Inception: 47:33- 47:51 For the idea (Inception) to stick, Eames must suggest the idea to a conscious mind, and then when the go a level deeper the sub-conscious mind will feed the idea back to the conscious mind that first received it, believing that they thought of the idea themselves.

ACIM: for the ego’s idea to stick, it feeds us the idea that we have separated from God in the first level, when consciousness was introduced, we forget this then happened when we move into the next level of the dream, and then our sub-conscious mind will feed it back to us in that next level, we now believe that it is our own idea, having no idea that it was the ego that fed it to us in the first place. Every level of the dream we leave, we forget once we enter the next level of the dream.

Inception: in the first layer of the dream “Eames the forger” will impersonate Browning and he will suggest concepts to Fischer’s conscious mind. And when they take him a level deeper Browning’s own sub-conscious mind will feed that right back to him. He will be in fact giving himself the idea that is the only way it will stick

ACIM: For the idea to stick for us, we first give the idea to the ego in our conscious mind, then we go into the next level of the dream and forget that we did this and the ego will feed back to us that idea. The first idea that stuck for us was that we were separate from God. Now we feel guilty because of this and also become really fearful.

ACIM: in the book ACIM, the ego has suggested new concepts to our conscious mind that will take us into deeper levels of our dream. These new concepts will form part of our newly founded sub-conscious and unconscious minds that will be the entire foundation of the new ego thought system. We in fact gave ourselves the entire idea of this new thought system, and then forgot that we did this by believing that the ego gave it to us. This is the only way that this new idea stuck for us.

Inception: 49:15 – 49:20 in the film, only the dreamer knows that entire layout of all of the levels of the dream. Not the projections of the dream.

ACIM: in the book ACIM, only the dreamer knows the entire layout of the different levels of the dream, not the projections form the dream. The more we remember that we are the dreamer, the more we remember the entire layout of the dream.

Inception: 50:07- 50:19 the idea to be planted (Incepted) is… I will split up my father’s empire. This is an idea that Robert Fischer will obviously reject so in must be planted into his sub-conscious mind. The sub-conscious is motivated by emotion not reason.

ACIM: the idea to be planted (Incepted) is… I will split up my father’s empire. This is an idea that we would have obviously rejected, so it was planted into our conscious mind and giving back to us by the ego in our sub-conscious mind. The sub-conscious mind is motivated by emotion not reason, so the emotion used by the ego to motivate us into deeper levels of the dream was guilt. The separation did not become real for us until we accepted the emotion called guilt which leads to fear, and it was fear that drove us down the ladder into deeper and deeper levels of the dream.

Inception: 50:20-50:23 in the film they had to translate the idea into an emotional concept to get Robert to accept the idea.

ACIM: in the book ACIM, the ego had to translate the idea of separation into an emotional concept for to get us to accept the idea, the emotions it used was guilt and fear. Acim states that if you ever want someone ever to do something, just make them feel guilty. The ego needed us to have a positive emotional reaction to the idea of guilt. That positive idea was to flee for our lives (fear) from God, to save ourselves from His wrath (the fear of God).

Inception: 50:38-50:56Cobb states that positive emotion trumps negative emotion every time. They team need Robert Fischer to have a positive emotional reaction to the idea of splitting up his father’s empire.

ACIM: in the book Jesus states that it is better to teach do this which is a positive rather than to teach don’t do that which is a negative.

Inception: 51:14 – 51:32 in the top level they work with the relationship with Roberts father. The idea to be planted is “I will not follow in my father’s footsteps: I will create something for myself”. (The Authority Problem) And in the bottom level they bring out the big guns, by planting the idea, “my father does not want me to be him”

ACIM: On the top level the ego worked with our relationship with our Father (God). (The Authority Problem)That was that God had something that we did not, He was self-Created and we were not. We wanted that power to self-create. The idea to be planted is “I will not follow in my Father’s footsteps: I will create something for myself”. On the bottom level the ego plants the idea that we are a body and completely erases all memory of who we really are, and that of our Father (God).

Inception: 52:06- 52:32 in the film time is compounded in each level. On the top level the will have 10hrs to complete the mission.

In the 1st level 10hrs = 1 week.

In the 2nd level 10hrs = 6 months.

In the third level 10hrs = 10 years.

In the 4th level 10hrs = ????

ACIM: in the book ACIM, see time chart for levels of time.

Inception: 52:33-53:21 in the film the use what is called a kick to awaken from the different levels of the dream. A kick can be a sense of falling. Music is used to inspire the kick in the film.

ACIM: in the book ACIM, Jesus inspires Revelation which is from God to the dreamer of the dream to penetrate all levels of the dream to awaken. Music is also used to inspire an awakening. Also used to awaken from the dream is extreme suffering by the dreamer and the statement which says “There must be a better way”.

Inception: 56:40-56:49 in the film Cobb states that he has memories that he has to change, moments that he regrets.

ACIM: in the book Jesus states that we have memories that we have to change, moments that we regret and must unlearn and undo, because they are untrue.

Inception: 1:00:41-1:00:43 Cobb has built a prison of memories that he has locked Mal into.

ACIM: in the book, Jesus states we have built a prison of memories that we have locked ourselves into.

1st sleep & 1st dream

Inception: in the 1st sleep on the aeroplane, the induce Fischer and go into his mind, and take him into the 1st dream (the warehouse). In that 1st dream the team are attacked by Fischer’s projections. Fischer has his sub-conscious trained to protect itself.

ACIM: in our 1st sleep in Heaven, consciousness was introduced that took us into our 1st dream, a dream that we believed that we separated from our Father God. In our 1st dream we are attacked by our own projections of the ego. The ego has our sub-conscious trained to protect itself, called resistance.

Inception: in the film if any of the team die in the dream they will be trapped in limbo in their sub-conscious mind.

ACIM: in our dream, if we die in the dream, we are trapped in the dream within our sub-conscious mind, reliving life after life through reincarnation.

Inception: in the 1st dream within the warehouse, Fischer is deceived into believing that the dream is real and he has indeed been kidnapped.

ACIM: in our 1st dream, the ego deceives us by convincing us that the dream is real and we have indeed separated from God.

Inception: 1:13:40-1:13:53 if Satio dies in the dream he will be in stuck in the fourth level (limbo) of the dream forever, believing that the 4th level is his reality, until someone changes his mind regarding the reality of the dream.

ACIM: if we die in the dream we are stuck in the fourth level of the dream forever, believing that it is our reality, until we change our minds about the reality of the dream.

Inception: 1:14:35 – 1:14:50 Browning convinces Fischer to split up his Fathers empire, to fragment his inheritance.

ACIM: the ego convinces us to split up our Fathers empire, to fragment ourselves and our inheritance.

Inception: 1:15:50 the truth is that the deeper they team go into Fischer’s sub-conscious mind, the deeper the go into Cobb’s sub-conscious mind, and they are not going to like what they find.

ACIM: Jesus states in the Course, the ego has us utterly convinced that the deeper we go into our sub-conscious mind, the more we are not going to like what we find. Because in our sub-conscious and unconscious minds is the guilt and fear that we chose never to look at, because it was so awful.

Inception: 1:15:58- 1:17:30 Cobb states that Mal and him went deeper and deeper into dreams within dreams and lost sight of what was real. The created and built a new world for themselves, they built their own world, and felt like God’s doing so. Mal locked away something deep inside her, a truth she had once known, but choose to forget. Limbo the fourth level became her new reality.

ACIM: the deeper we went into dreams within dreams we lost sight of what was real. We created and built a new world for ourselves, and felt like God doing so. We locked away something deep within us, a Truth that we had once known, this Truth is that we are immortal, eternal and the Son of God, but that we choose to forget this Truth and the 4th level became our new reality.

Inception: 1:20:02-1:21:12Mal thinks that by killing herself (suicide), that she will awaken from the dream back into the peace of reality.

ACIM: some people here stuck in the dream think that by killing themselves (suicide) that the will awaken in from this world back into the peace of Reality (Heaven).

Inception: 1:21:45-1:22:03 the central idea that defines Cobb’s projection of Mal is guilt: it is his guilt that defines her. Ariadne says to Cobb that if they are to succeed in their mission, Cobb must forgive himself and confront Mal, but he does not have to do that alone, he will have help.

ACIM: the central idea that gave reality to the ego is guilt: it is our guilt that defines the ego. The Course states that if we are to succeed in our mission, we must forgive ourselves and confront the ego, we must first look at the ego, and then simply choose against it, but we do not have to do this alone, we have help. That help is called the Holy Spirit or Jesus.

Inception:1:23:10-1:23:25 Cobb states that the stronger the issues relating to Fischer and his father, the stronger the catharsis (emotional cleansing) that will enable the idea to stick.

ACIM: the stronger the issues relating to us and God, the stronger the catharsis of emotional cleansing of our true identity to one of sin-guilt and fear that the ego has planted will stick with us.

 2nd Sleep & 2nd Dream

Mr Charles & The Hotel

Inception: the 2nd sleep takes place in the van and the go deeper into Fischer’s mind, into a dream within a dream. The team are going to shift his animosity from Fischer’s father to his godfather Browning.

ACIM: our 2nd sleep takes us from the dream of being separated into a dream of projection, a dream within a dream. The ego shifts our animosity from God to the split off part of ourselves, the special relationship. This is the war with ourselves, between our fearful self, and our sinful and guilty projection that we have split from.

Inception: the deeper the go into the dreams within dreams the more unstable the dream becomes.

ACIM: the deeper we went into the dream within dreams the more unstable our dream became, hence, earthquakes, tsunamis, storms, wars etc.

Inception:1:27:47-1:28:28Cobb convinces Fischer that he is there to protect him, and that Fischer must trust him because they (the projections) were coming to get him. Fischer asks Cobb to help him flee, to get out of there.

ACIM: the Course tells us that the ego has convinced us that it will protect us, that we are not safe in the mind, and that the Holy Spirit who is acting for God is coming to get us, so we ask the ego to help us get out of there, the ego tells us that we must flee the mind.

3rd Sleep & 3rd Dream

Inception: 1:35:41-1:37:00 in the hotel room 528 the go into the next level of the dream within the dream. The team are going to go into Fischer’s sub-conscious mind into the snow mountain villa complex.

ACIM: we flee the 2nd level of our dream and go into the 3rd level of the dream within a dream, within a dream. We fragment into billions and billions of pieces.

Inception: 1:42:56-1:43:25 the team hear the music from the 1st level of the dream: it is the call to awaken and begin the kick back home. The 1st level 10seconds, 2nd level 3min, 3rd level 60min.

ACIM: in the awakening we hear the call from the 1st level of the dream to awaken and begin our journey Home. This awakening has many different forms, a search for a better way, a spiritual awakening, a near-death experience etc.

Jesus awoke in the 1st level 2seconds ago, and so began the kick back home for us all: when one mind awakens all awaken. Christ 1st level 2seconds, 2nd level 2days, 3rd level 2years, and 4th level 2,000years.

Inception: 1:43:45- 1:54:13 Cobb and Ariadne go into the 4th level of the dream (limbo) after Fischer and Satio.

ACIM: We go into the 4th level of the dream to flee the mind and create a new world for ourselves. With no memory of how we got here or that we created it ourselves. Jesus came into the 4th level of the dream 2,000 years ago to plant a seed (mustard seed) that this world was not real.

Inception: 1:59:42-2:00:27 (Cobb) An idea is like a virus, it is resilient and highly contagious. The smallest seed of an idea can grow to define you, or it can grow to destroy you. (Mal)The smallest idea like, “your world is not real, a simple little thought that changes everything”. Cobb must choose which world is real, which is his true reality.

ACIM: in the Course we are told that “this world is not real” the world we see is a projection from our mind. We are asked to choose, to choose which world is real, this world, or the world that we forgot, our true reality with God. So must choose which reality we believe in.

Inception: 2:02:16-2:04:13 Cobb feels guilt, no matter what he does, no matter hopeless he is, or how confused he has become, that guilt is always there reminding him of the truth. The truth that the idea that led Mal to question her reality came from him (Cobb), Cobb planted the idea into Mal’s mind that this was her reality. Mal had locked something away, a Truth that she chose to forget, and now she could not break free. So Cobb decided to search her mind, the deep recess of her mind to find the Truth, so he broke in and planted an idea, a simple little idea that would change everything. The idea was that “her world was not real”

ACIM: We feel guilt, no matter what we do, how we think, no matter how hopeless we become, or how confused we are, that guilt is always there reminding us of the ego’s “truth” that we separated from God. This truth is not true, but we believe that it is so. So Jesus plants an idea deep within our minds, and asks us to look deep within our own minds, into the deep recesses of our minds and seek the Truth, and that truth is that this world we believe in is not real. This idea will change everything, this idea will change grow and define us.

Inception: 2:15:43-2:20:54 Cobb goes to find Satio and remind him that he is dreaming and his world is not real. And to take a leap of faith and come back to reality so that they can be young men again.

ACIM: Jesus comes to us through the book A Course In Miracles and tells us that we are dreaming, we are the dreamer and that our world is not real. We can choose at any time to come Home to our true reality with God, which we have never truly left. He tells us, Come back, come back Home and be Free! For The Truth Will Set You Free! This World is NOT REAL!

11 Responses to Inception and A Course in Miracles

  1. Rich McGuire says:

    Just watched this again on video over the weekend. Obviously very timely. Excellent treatise. I realized so much more. Thank you.

  2. Bruce Rawles says:

    WONDERFUL article, thanks!!! 🙂

    A few thoughts (to add to the outstanding commentary you’ve provided here):

    (From the first trailer): “The mind … is the scene of the crime.”
    It’s also where our decision maker decides that the crime was a dream and chooses to wake up from that mis-interpretation by forgiving the deeply buried unconscious guilt, which surfaces as the ‘dream events’ in our seemingly individual lives.

    Regarding the connection with Ariadne (the Inception character) and Ariadne (in Greek mythology); check out Ken Wapnick’s excellent audio: “The Golden Thread of Hope” where he uses the metaphor of the labyrinth (not unlike nested dreams) and the Minotaur (the ego’s monster of fear) at the deepest level of the labyrinth, and it’s dark thread that keeps us dreaming deeper, whereas our shared Teacher of Kindness (Ariadne’s golden thread) leads us gently out of our labyrinthine dreams.

    dream we always end up in the middle of the dream.” and
    ACIM: “… never remembering how the dream began.”

    Inception: 29:38 – 30:55 & ACIM: Our upside-down perception usually revolves around reversing cause and effect; making the dream the cause of how we feel, instead of realizing that it is up to us to choose how we feel in every moment, which becomes part of the causal hologram of the dream fabric.


    … The ego’s ‘totem’ is the uniquely different and separate ‘hero of the dream’ which maintains divisions and separate interests. Our Shared Totem make take different forms in the dream, but always relates to some aspect of kindness, forgiveness and undoing conflict that doesn’t exist in truth. We play different dream characters, but each seemingly individual script can be re-interpreted by our Shared Teacher of Kindness to reverse the destructive course of the dreams original prodigal purpose. Our ‘part’ is unique in either thought system, but there are 100% sane and 100% insane roles or interpretations each character in the dream may choose.

    Self-attack and the folly of a split mind that needs defenses:

    All attack is ultimately self-attack, but from within the dream it seems like defenses make sense. Only from outside the dream where all IS one, is attack, anger and blame-thrower vengeance heroics recognized as total insanity, regardless of how enthralling the special (love or hate) effects.

    Inception: 47:33- 47:51 & ACIM:
    Each of us are responsible for our own minds, and the power of our decision to choose a totally Inclusive thought system, or the insane alternative (which can only exist in dreams.) The impostor ego – which we have bought hook, line and sinker – has convinced us that we are the ‘who’ it has convinced us to believe in as our identity, yet beneath its raucous shrieks waits our peaceful Guide reminding us to ‘choose once again’ – truly our own original and inclusively sovereign thought – that we have never left Oneness. When we are guided from ACIM refers to as Holy Spirit, we are really being prompted by the more Inclusive Reality of our True Self. In either case, the ‘other’ thought system seems like a foreign idea infiltrator; only from Truth is there always eternal calm and lack of coercion.

    … The only way we believe we can maintain (ego’s) pseudo-sanity is by projection, yet this is ever the seed of fear, believing that we can shift the responsibility for our experience on ‘outside agents’ that we appear to have no control over.

    Inception: 49:15 – 49:20 & ACIM:
    The more we realize that investing our identity in the dream is not going to make us happy, the more we see the sameness of all aspects of the dream, and that withdrawal of investment in specifics gives us the freedom to see the entirety of the dream with less and less bias, distortion and exclusion. We see the seeming enormity of our own ego’s insanity, yet realize that it is truly a colossal nothing, merely a tiny, mad idea.

    Inception: 50:07- 50:19 & ACIM:
    The guilt that drives us deeper into the dream of separation is well symbolized by the plot of Inception. As imaginary prodigals, we dream of the intrigue of splitting up what can never be separate, but have made a labyrinth of countless lifetimes and galactic diversions and divisions to maintain that horrific belief … which is really just a nightmare that forgiveness gently awakens us from. We’ve never left our true and happy home together with the Infinitely Inclusive family (as we must perceive it from a dualistic world) that all life here is but a shadow of.

    Inception: 50:38-50:56 & ACIM:
    Ken Wapnick talks about how the author of ACIM ‘tricks us’ by appealing to our base, selfish nature suggesting that we will feel better (positive) if we practice it’s lessons and learn to generalize it’s concepts. By addressing our minds where we think our identity is (egos), this curriculum works where it is needed, in the dream of the illusion of separate interests, until we realize that only shared interests bring changeless happiness.

    Inception: 51:14 – 51:32 & ACIM:
    Our authority problem is evident every time we choose to make one individual or group special either by special love or special hate; we believe we are usurping the ‘throne’ of the Whole Mind of God (which incurs guilt automatically) by wanting to have limited ‘love’ (which is the ultimate oxymoron 🙂 apart from our Creator, and even more silly, wage war on our special hates (which is what our special loves become all too quickly under the ego’s tyrannical rule; neither form of specialness can assuage the unconscious guilt the ego dreads is its ultimate demise.

    In the (ACIM) LEVELS OF TIME diagram, I’m wondering if the reference in the vesically shaped overlap between “Heaven” and “Christ” refers to the Planck Time Constant? Years ago, a presentation I saw by Robynne McWayne (author of Radical Reality) shared that physics suggests that our (alleged) Universe winks out and reappears from scratch ‘stroboscopically’ about 10^44 times per second (1 with 44 zeroes after it.) Here’s the Wikipedia reference, which gives it more accurately as 5.39106(32) × 10-44 s.

    Perhaps this, relative to our surreal dream, is how quickly the Tiny Mad Idea was corrected by our golden thread of forgiveness, and this opportunity to choose again re-presents itself as a choice in our mind 10^44 times per second. I sometimes joke that people who claim to not have enough opportunities to change their thinking squander 10^44 of them every second. 🙂

    Presumably there is at least another level of dreaming (not shown in the diagram) to account for our current scientific belief that the universe is about 14 billion years old? (since the TMI = big bang?)

    Inception: 1:00:41-1:00:43 & ACIM:
    Our special loves (which become special hates and morph back and forth to hide from the scrutiny of a kind and open mind) cannot be held by the ego’s prison of memory. That’s why practicing quantum forgiveness to release ourselves and the images we hold about ‘others’ in our minds is so important to turn our nightmarish mental prisons into happy classrooms where specialness is re-interpreted by HS into inclusion that is not limited by time, space or particulars.

    1st sleep & 1st dream:
    It would seem that resistance is evidenced on all dualistic (dream) levels. Knowing that the fraudulent identity that we’ve invested everything with is not going to sit still while we pull the plug on it’s deception, we can practice being kind to ourselves – masquerading as others – until we realize there is no difference and the happiness kicks in to the extent that our resistance is no longer tolerable, knowing the painful payoff cannot be compared to the peace that transcends any dream games.

    Inception: 1:13:40-1:13:53 & ACIM:
    In Ken Wapnick’s “From Futility to Happiness” audio, he uses the analogy of the Greek legend of Sisyphus, forever pushing the boulder up the mountain, only to have it fall back and start over again; this is the limbo of reincarnation, and our daily, yearly, etc. cycles of struggle in a hopeless world that ego wants us to identify with. The instant we shift to the identity of the mind, we realize that we can observe our behavior as the Sisyphus archetype with compassion, and find the solace of shared interests, kindness and an All-Inclusive-Self forgiveness which makes the hopeless world of infinite loop monotony (despite the ego’s countless ‘new and improved’ façades) not only tolerable, but a joy to savor each classroom lesson of undoing the unconscious guilt and freeing all our inner slaves.

    Inception: 1:14:35 – 1:14:50 & ACIM:
    The ego’s emissaries in our mind never have a satisfactory answer or alternative to our true inheritance. We intuitively know that nothing in this dream world will every truly satisfy us, yet each moment of compassionate forgiveness that frees the cast in our dream stories liberates us and restores greater glimpses of our truly shared and infinite inheritance as Spirit.

    Inception: 1:15:50 & ACIM:
    The truth we had once known, but chose to forget was that we are a MIND, not prisoners in a dream of bodies, space and time and that we DO have the power of choice in every moment. The ego insanely drives us deeper into dreams of projection, blame and more labyrinthine levels of deception and scape-goating to avoid the most horrific concept that it can’t even imagine; that we would (and will) choose against it. From the ego’s perspective, this seems like suicide, as the Inception sequence portrays, yet, the only thing we’re really asked to give up is the suffering of interpretations based on the dream of separation! We’re really giving up a non-existent droplet dream in exchange for oceanic Oneness and unshakeable Peace. ACIM hints that our real Creations (as children of God) wait patiently for us; we’re so enthralled with our dream stories that we don’t have a clue as to what this really means, but fortunately we’re given a go-at-your-own-pace curriculum of forgiveness that presses the ‘undo button’ on ego’s script only as we agree to it. We have the free will that Star Trek’s “prime directive” of non-interference held in high esteem.

    Inception: 1:21:45-1:22:03:
    One of the many brilliant metaphors that the movie Inception conveys, is that it is our (dreamed) guilt which we’re afraid of. We (our separate egos) will go to any lengths to avoid looking at (because we know if we do it will disappear.) The help (of shared interests) to look at ego objectively (so that it vaporizes) is a pivotal concept that relies on our willingness to trust, knowing that we have taught ourselves badly in an isolated dream, divorced from the resources, insights and faculties that an Inclusive Awareness (by joining with our inner teacher of kindness) brings.

    2nd Sleep & 2nd Dream:
    It is a joyous ‘aha’ revelation to realize that all our special relationships are just dream shadows of the special relationship we’ve made with ego!
    The deeper the dream, the more unstable, fearful, insane, and frenetic the diversions are to keep us from looking at our identity as a decision-making mind.

    Inception:1:27:47-1:28:28 & ACIM:
    Fleeing the mind is the ego’s ‘first line of defense’ by making up an entire dream cosmos, including our own ‘need machine’ bodies, that demand constant attention (distraction) so that the we’re identified with what’s on the dream screen instead of our power to choose which thought system we want to identify with as minds. The ego has us convinced that we need to pay total attention to its outer defense, which it erroneously believes will keep us from ever looking at the ‘inner shield of oblivion’ (the secret dream) of guilt over ‘killing god’ (the ego’s vulnerable and vengeful god, anyway.) The silly and laughable reality, like when Toto pulls back the curtain hiding the Wizard of Oz, is that we’re all truly innocent in reality, but the ‘special effects’ of our potent imaginations make the dream stories quite convincing and terrifying indeed (but only from within the ego’s distorted fantasy smokescreen.)

    Inception: 1:42:56-1:43:25 & ACIM:
    “The Forgotten Song” comes to mind; a spiritual nostalgia for true communion and homecoming that transcends words and any experience we could possibly have in the dream. This happy reminder (of our Total Oneness) is interpreted as fearful by egos. The ego strategy is often to divert our attention to another ‘false ladder’ home, convincing us that yet one more attempt to make the dream work will somehow succeed, like Tomas Vieira’s used car salesman metaphor that never gives up trying to con us into trying it’s specialness decoy and we keep falling for it… until we decide that there must be a better way.

    Inception: 1:59:42-2:00:27 & ACIM:
    We all know on even the deepest levels of dreaming, that this world is not real, yet our resistance to this idea goes all the way back to the original inception of dreaming, the original idea to be separate from All that Is.

    Inception: 2:02:16-2:04:13
    Both the ego (despite it’s best attempts to convince us the contrary) and Holy Spirit know that this world isn’t real. The difference in their agendas boils down to two completely opposite strategies to dis-invest in this surreal dream; the ego would have us to leave by death (it’s own doom of fear, identified with dream bodies and their attending body-personas), whereas our Teacher of Kindness would have us forgive the dreamer of separation, and happily, gently, and with total lovingkindness, release the imaginary walls of our droplet dream and return to the ocean of Oneness we never left.

  3. Bruce Rawles says:

    I wrote a much shorter (and less detailed article) about the ACIM-related symbolism in the movie Inception here:

  4. Sandra Schoen says:

    Thank you for this. I knew, when I first saw the movie and have seen it again several times since, that there was so much truth embedded in it. Your insight, put into layman’s terms, was wonderful and necessary for those of us who struggle with the ACIM manual but can relate and jump to new levels of understanding and insight with this type of “reminder” of the truth and the knowledge that the truth will set us free from the dream. Here’s to the end of the “dream”!

  5. Thank you for this wonderful comparison of the movie Inception and the book ACIM.

    When I first saw the movie, I could see the symbolism and new it was important, but I had never heard of ACIM at that point. God then lead me to the course and now I have built my life and practice (the two are one) on it’s tenants.

    Thank you again for the powerful share. I am glad to find this ACIM group. too!

    God’s blessings of love,

  6. Jasmyne says:

    Thank you so much for this thorough analysis of Inception! I am a student of ACIM and have been able to shed light on some of my own subconscious perceptions and how they were attacking my life. I watched the movie for the 1st time last might and will watch again soon after reading this. Have a blessed day!

  7. robert says:

    Thanks a lot Michael. It is so incredible watching the system of illusion falling apart both on personal and individual levels. This article significantly contributes to such magnificent work. Finally the time of transparency has arrived.
    Robert Warsaw, Poland.

  8. Susan Culverwell says:

    I love this explanation Michael. Susan

  9. Mark Fleming says:

    I watched the film at the weekend and spend the whole day today thinking about the parallells with ACIM. I then googled ‘inception ACIM’ and lo and behold, your website and treatise came up. Great job, fair play, up Donegal.

  10. Raveena Nash says:

    Thank you so much for explaining the connection between Inception and A Course in Miracles so well! I can’t wait to watch the film again and really understand it.
    As for A Course in Miracles (ACIM), it is my Path back Home. My heart is filled with gratitude at the good fortune I had to be led to this great spiritual teaching. How long would I have remained stuck in this dream world, I wonder, if I hadn’t found ACIM?

  11. Ingrid Wreghitt says:

    Thank you so much for the comparisons, so helpful in the awakening

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