The Metaphysics of the False Image – Part 1

The Metaphysics


 The False Image!

Part 1

The Moment we are born, we began a series of separations from from our personality at the top into our false image and the story at the bottom layer. This last Layer is usually hell for many people, and can also be heaven for some. It will be heaven if you get what you want, and it will be hell if you do not…

5th Layer; The Personality & The Ego Split Mind
The Personality is born, into a body, and enters into the awareness and unconsciousness of the ego split mind on Level 1. This is the mind of right & wrong, good and bad.

Next in the 4th Layer, the personality is slowly introduced to the persona over the first 10 years of life!

4th Layer; The Personality & The Persona

‘The Personality now gets sucked into the persona, by education, parents etc. The Personality will now be educated to be a good boy/girl, so will go seeking to be a good boy/girl. This invites the ego into awareness.

Once in the Persona, the Personality will now also end up seeking, seeking friendships, seeking happiness, seeking fame, seeking love, seeking friendship, and maybe even seeking enlightenment. The seeker is the Persona/ego

The longer the Personality remains in the Persona, the more it will be disempowered and lose any true awareness of truth or God, now the False Image/ego is in full control of the Personality.

The Personality is totally unaware that this is occurring!

Next the personality is introduced to the false image!

3rd Layer; The Personality & False Image

The Personality is now totally disempowered by the False Image.

The personality will now be taken over by the false Image. The Persona does not want the personality to be empowered, it wants the false image to be empowered, but use the energy of the personality!

Next, the False Image is in control…

2nd Layer; The False Image & The Story

The False Image will now become the seeker, and seek for specialness, seek for love, seek for wealth, seek for all kinds of beautiful things, including seeking beautiful people.

It is at this point, that the ego is now in full control of the personality, and will suck every ounce of energy from it, until the day it dies..

This is where you are about to enter hell!

Next, the false image creates a story and drama…

1st Layer; The False Image – Story – Victim – Victimiser

Hell has come!

The False Image will now be the victim in the story, because everything you seek for, you will be a victim of it.

But, it is only you, the Personality that will feel the pain and suffer in the story, not the false Image or the ego!

Here at this bottom layer, you really do not know who you are not!


2 Responses to The Metaphysics of the False Image – Part 1

  1. Kiesel3399 says:

    Michael..Im impressed, I have to say… Very seldom do I encounter a blog that is both informative and entertaining, and let me tell you, youve hit the nail on the head…. Your thoughts is important; enlightenment is all our destiny…the matter is something that not enough people are speaking intelligently about…. I am very happy that I stumbled across this in my search for something relating to it.Thank you so much..

  2. ALberto says:

    I am a new student. After undergoing much emotional pain, I ran into ACIM on the web and I want to know more. I have read that things will get a little difficult as I progress… can you please illusrtrate more.? Thank you.

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