Holy Relationship

                            The Holy Relationship

 The two people involved in a Holy Relationship are the same as in the special relationship.

But the difference now is they both have a different teacher as guide, and at least one of the two now precieves them Both as differently.

No longer are seen as victim and victimizer, Now they are seen as sharing the same need, problem, and goal.

It is this perception of Sameness, that is the principle difference between the special and holy relationships.

Jesus says… “Each one will be looked within and seen no lack. Accepting his completion, he would extend it by joining another, whole as himself.

He has no needs, He sees no difference between these selves, for differences are only of the body.

Therefore, he looks on nothing he would take. Only the different can attack. For this relationship has Heaven’s holiness.

With forgiveness instead of guilt as the goal, the Holy relationship now has a common purpose. In other words, it is the undoing of the ego principle, one or the other.

I now do not have to attack you in order to be saved as the ego councelled me. I now understand through the Holy Spirit that by simply withdrawing my projections of guilt onto you- which is Step 1 of forgiveness.

The guilt then can be forgiven in my mind- step 2 of forgiveness. Thus the innocence of both in the Holy Relationship are proclaimed as one.

This joining of Oneness and forgiveness then can be extended to other people in increasingly larger numbers.

This joining is still an illusion, because in truth all bodies are illusions.

The real joining is with Jesus or the Holy Spirit in our minds, which allows us to release our guilt over the belief in seperation.

It was this guilt that lead us to projection in the first place.

By the undoing of our guilt, with the help of Jesus or the Holy Spirit. There is nothing to repress and so there is nothing to project. And so correspondingly there is nothing to forgive.

That is the true meaning of forgiveness.

2 Responses to Holy Relationship

  1. Libby Detter says:

    Woe……I really like this!!!!! Right to the point and simple like the Course teaches. Yeah…..Need not be complicated and over analyzed!!!…..Thank You!!!! Keep On Keepin On!!!! Glad to find you!!!
    Peace & LOVE,
    Libby VonDetter :-)

  2. Susan Culverwell says:

    Thanku for your coherent and straightforwrad explanation Michael. Susan

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