Healing our Mind

When healing is discussed in the Course, it is not talking about healing the body.

Healing can only be of the mind, because there is only the mind, despite our physical and psychological symptoms in the body the only true symptom, the only true problem is the mind decision for guilt.

There is a passage in chapter 27 that says, “Of all the many causes of our pain and suffering, we never thought that guilt was among them”.

We are all very good as individuals and as societies at seemingly identifying the causes of our suffering, physical suffering, psychological suffering, genetic suffering and social suffering etc, but we never recognise that the problem lies in the mind.

It is the minds decision to make the ego’s thought system of sin-guilt and fear real, that is the sickness, making the ego real.

In chapter 2 where Jesus specifically talk about healing, He cautions us against level confusion, and the level confusion He is talking about is the confusion between the mind and body.

This is where we think that it is the body that is sick, therefore that means that it is the body that must be healed. The problem is that it is never the body that is sick, because there is no body.

The Course states in Chapter 18, “at no single instant does the body exist at all” meaning in the Holy Instant that the body does not exist, because there is thought of separation in the Holy Instant, which is the correction for the unholy instant in which we do believe that the separation from God has occurred.

So the ego very cleverly causes us to become mindless, projecting itself which is a thought in the mind onto the body, causing a veil of forgetfulness to fall across the mind to which we have no memory that we are a mind, and all that we are aware of is that we are a body.

And now the body has problems, and the body’s problems have to be healed. There are many spiritualties that address the healing of the body, healing hands, healing water, places of healing, and people that heal, all these concern the body, and it is not the body that is the problem, it is the mind.

What the Course helps us recognise is that the world we see, the body we feel, the suffering we experience is an outside picture of an inward condition, in other words we use our physical symptoms as a way of returning to the minds symptom.

Again the only symptom is of the mind, and it is only the mind that has the solution, by choosing again.

The inward condition is the minds mistaking choice of choosing the ego as our teacher, rather that the Holy Spirit, that is the sickness.

When the mind chooses the ego, it chooses guilt, that is the problem and that is the symptom, but the ego takes that symptom and cleverly suppresses it, and denies it, and then projects it out and now appears to be in the mindless body.

And if we are mindless, then there is no way we can exercise the minds power to choose, thereby choosing innocence over guilt, the Holy Spirit over the ego, and forgiveness over attack.

So healing is always of the mind, and there is only one healing, just as the Course says that there is no order in difficulty in Miracles, we could say that there is no order of difficulty in healing.

There has only been one collective mistake, and continue to make individually of choosing the ego instead of the Holy Spirit. Once we define the minds decision for guilt, then the solution is obvious, it is the minds decision for forgiveness.

But as long as we see the problem on the level of the body, then there is no hope and nothing will ever be healed, as soon as one physical problem is healed, another will rise to take its place.

There will always be sickness in the world as long as we hold onto our belief in guilt. When we undo our belief in guilt, then there is nothing to project, and then the body is healed, not necessarily because the symptoms disappear, but because the experience of our illness disappears.

If there is no guilt there is no illness, if there is no illness there is only the peace of God.

2 Responses to Healing our Mind

  1. marie says:

    hi . how do i explain to my 3 sisters to stop feeling guilty and upset over our mothers issues. they are carrying her upset and in doing so are feeling guilty and upset yet thaey have done nothing

    • Michael Murray says:

      Hi Marie,
      You cannot stop someone else from feeling guilty, if they choose guilt. You can only undo guilt for yourself, by yourself. You cannot heal another mind, only your own mind. Your task is to first heal your own mind, and then you will Know what and who else needs healing…We all have our own lessons to learn, and your 3 sisters are in the process of learning their own lessons, you cannot learn someone else’s lesson for them, you can only learn your own.

      With Love,

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