Giving & Receiving ~ Part 1

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Giving and Receiving

~ Part 1 ~

Everything in life comes down to choice, and if you truly do not know what you are choosing, then you will never understand how you envelope lack, pain and suffering all around you in your lives.

We are all either separate from each other, or, we are all One with each other. This is the choice that we as individuals make every day, and in Metaphysics, your individual choice means everything to you, personally.

For me personally, I live by the Level-2 rules of life, that we are all One, and that everything on this planet must be shared equally. However, the ego has a different set of rules when it comes to Oneness, the ego believes that we as individuals must take as much as we can, as quickly as we can, and give nothing back.

And, this taking that has taken over the world, and brought us to the point of no return, the line has been passed, there is no turning back.

In A Course in Miracles this very point is also addressed, both in our individual choices, and also in the collective choice. The Course says this ‘God has placed a limit on our ability to miss-create’. In my own personal journey, I reached this point the night I surrendered, the pain in my life, in my body and in my mind had reached a point where I could not simply take any more.

In that moment, I had a choice, I could take complete and full responsibility for everything in my life, or I could still do what I had always done, which was to find someone to blame.

Somehow, deep inside me there came a thought, and that thought was, that I was the creator of all pain and suffering in my life. The ego fought with me all that night, it tried over and over again, to convince me, that I was not to blame.

The ego tried to convince me that I was a victim, that someone else was to blame. But I stayed with that thought, and somewhere deep inside me, the truth emerged, and I knew that I was to blame, that I was the only person responsible for everything in my life.

I knew I was responsible for how I perceived those who I thought had hurt me, I knew that I was completely responsible for all my thoughts, for all my feelings, and for all my choice in life.

No one else was responsible, and in that moment, I woke up. I did not have any spiritual knowledge of forgiveness, or of any the ego tools that I was using, I just knew for a fact, that it was me, I was the creator of my own hell, no one else.

We as individual can make that same choice, we can take complete responsibility, or we can do what we have always done, we can keep on blaming all those around us. The ego will not allow you, or anyone else to make the same choice that I made. The ego will not allow us as individuals, or as the collective to take complete and full responsibility for every choice we make.

You see, the ego wants to keep us so completely dis-empowered, that we will all feel like victims, in every way possible. And, the best way we help the ego to do that, is to find someone else to blame, and as long as we are blaming someone else, then we will always be a victim, period!

Access onto and into Level-2, begins with one thought and one thought only. And, that thought is, ‘Responsibility’ and if you as an individual, or we as the collective do not take that ‘Responsibility’, then you as an individual, and we as the collective, will always be on level-1 with the ego.

And, under the law of cause and effect, we will therefore as individuals, and as a collective, will always be in lack. There will be no abundance as long as you choose the ego, as long as you choose level-1 thinking.

Yes, I know what you are thinking, there are those on Level-1 who have great abundance, there are those who seem to have it all, they seem to have all the money, and they seem to have all the wealth. But, those people are poor indeed. Some people as so poor that all they have is money, and I am so glad in my heart, that I am not one of those poor, poor people. Why?

Because what you give, is what you will receive, down to the very last cent and penny. As some of you now know, I have renounced all material wealth, I have renounced all personal wealth, and here is why.

The greatest error that you, or any individual can make in this world, it to take without giving, because when you do that, you are taking from your brothers and sisters who share this world with us. We are all either all separate from each other, or we are all One with each other, that is the only real choice that we have as individuals.

If we are all separate from each other, then this world is a smash and grab. We smash the weak, and grab as much as we can from them. And, that is exactly what is happening in this world right now, as we speak.

This world as the collective as has reached the point of no return, and there is a very high price to pay for that, for those who indulge in the choice of taking without giving. However, if we you believe that we are all One, then everything in this world must be shared equally, and fairly with everyone else. And, as you can see, that is not the case.

Because there is one part of this world today, that has all the prosperity, abundance and wealth, and the other parts of this world that has all the debts, poverty, suffering and pain. This is not the world that God would have us live in, this is not what our true Reality is, and, this is what Heaven is not!

No, this is the egos world, and it is the ego that is in full and complete charge, anyone can see that. And, the ego says, grab as much as you can, as quickly as you can get it, and just ignore the consequences, or better still, just rationalize your actions.

However, when you are individuals return to the Spiritual Universe, you will know the truth, and that truth will be like a knife to your heart, because it is only then, that you will see the consequences of your choices. So, I think the best way I can explain this, is to reveal one or two life reviews, that may shock you, and I have permission form the Boss to reveal this information to you.

Life review 1;

In 1891 in America there was a rancher who built up his ranch from his own hard work, he worked himself to the bone, and built a very fine home and estate for himself and his family. He did this by giving and receiving as one.

He hired many men to work on his ranch, and he treated them all fairly and squarely, and he also paid them what they were rightly due. However, then as he got older, his son took over the ranch and soon after his father died.

The son, who was called Billy, and Billy was handed everything into his hand, he never worked a day in his life, became the boss of the ranch and he had different ideas. His idea was he wanted more, so he decided to take without giving, and if he could not take it legally, he used every trick in the book to take with force.

There were seven small ranchers who lived close to Billy’s big ranch, and these small ranchers did not have much, but they had enough to get by in life. They were happy, and they all had great relationships with Billy’s father when he was in charge.

But, Billy had different ideas, he wanted more, and by hook or crook, he was going to put all the small ranchers out of business, and take over their lands. And, this he successfully did, he put them all out of business and he did it by force, because none wanted to sell.

But, there was one small little ranch that did not sell, and would not leave, and Billy tried everything he could to make them leave. So, when the did not leave, Billy then decided to cut of their water, and their lands turned to dust, but still they would not leave. This was an elderly couple, and one day the lady of the house was shocked to discover that she has fallen pregnant, and a child was due soon.

Then one night soon after, Billy had a heart attack and died, and soon after, the lady in that small ranch who had nothing, had her child. And, she has just given birth to a little boy, and, I think you know what I am going to say now, and you are correct. Billy was born again, he was born into that little boy, in that little ranch, that he has tried to destroy.

He was born into that little ranch which he had subjected to the most horrible conditions. Billy had taken everything from them, and had left them with nothing. And, what we give, is what we receive. And, s, what Billy had given was exactly what Billy was now going to receive What you give is what you will receive, this is the law of God, and this is the law of the ego.

And, now Billy would have to live a life of receiving what he had given, which as nothing. What you give to another, you give only to yourself. And, for Billy the pain and suffering did not end there, because Billy had to live a life of for every single other rancher he put out of business. Billy spent altogether 14 lifetimes of pain and poverty to balance the choices he made in that one lifetime where he had it all.

Why 14 you may ask?

Because Billy had to not only balance for each rancher, but each person in each ranch. That was over 120 years ago, and Billy is still living in this world, in poverty, in lack, and is suffering greatly, and will be for another few lifetimes until he balances his sums, until he balances the equation, until he has squared his debt.

And, all of Billy’s debts must be paid in that very same lifetime, because time will literally stand still for Billy, just like the film Groundhog day, remember, time is an illusion. So, Billy will spend 14 lifetimes in the late 1890’s, reliving each lifetime until the debt is paid, fully. Then, Billy will move onto his next life time and begin all square once again.

And, before you jump in and blame God for this please do not waste your time, because this has got nothing to do with God, this was Billy reaping exactly what he sowed. This is what true justice is, a life time, means a life time, not a few years in jail, which is the egos justice, which is really no justice at all.

Jesus repeated this message many times in his teachings, ‘You will reap what you sow” but somehow everyone seems to not get what that parable really means.

I am hoping that you will now see what this really means, because when you get back to the Spiritual Universe, all debts must and will be accounted for. Because no one can escape this law, and what you give, is what you will receive, exactly to the penny.


It is always better to give more than what you receive, that way you will always be covered! Because what you take, will be taken from you, either in this life time, or the next!

You are free to choose, but you are not free from the consequences of that choice!


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