Marie Gillick

Marie Will Be Facilitating Monthly ACIM Meetings

Every Month @

   The Luis Fitzgerald Hotel, Dublin 22

From 2PM – 5PM

All Welcome!

Events for 2017


Sunday 20th August 2017

Marie Gillick will be facilitating The Monthly ACIM Group Meeting at the Louis Fitzgerald Hotel on Sunday 20th August, from 2pm ~5pm.

Suggested Donation €20; All are very welcome! 


Sunday 17th September 2017

Marie Gillick will be facilitating The Monthly ACIM Group Meeting at the Louis Fitzgerald Hotel on Sunday 17th Sept, from 2pm ~5pm.

Suggested Donation €20; All are very welcome! 


Sunday 22nd October 2017

Marie Gillick will be facilitating The Monthly ACIM Group Meeting at the Louis Fitzgerald Hotel on Sunday 22nd October, from 2pm ~5pm.

Suggested Donation €20; All are very welcome! 


Sunday 19th November 2017

Marie Gillick will be facilitating The Monthly ACIM Group Meeting at the Louis Fitzgerald Hotel on Sunday 19th November, from 2pm ~5pm.

Suggested Donation €20; All are very welcome! 


Sunday 10th December 2017

Marie Gillick will be facilitating The Monthly ACIM Group Meeting at the Louis Fitzgerald Hotel on Sunday 10th December, from 2pm ~5pm.

Suggested Donation €20; All are very welcome! 


Further ACIM meetings will be announced shortly.

Contact Marie by email; 

24 Responses to Events

  1. Annmarie Hughes says:

    Hi Michael, do you need to call to book a place on these workshops? I’m thrilled to have found this site, I have just finished Gary Renard’s book and started on the book itself. Am hoping to come along on the 21st and I’m only based in Inchicore so this is an ideal location for me.

  2. Philip Colbert says:

    Interested in doing a work shop. I have the book and regularly.

    • Michael Murray says:

      Hi Philip,
      You are very welcome to attend any workshops, see events page for full details of all workshops with myself and Marie Gillick.

  3. emer says:

    how do i sign up to attend an event?

    • Michael Murray says:

      Hi Emer,
      Just come along on the day to any of the events planned. If you wish to attend a retreat or another events, just follow the registration instructions that will be given.
      With Love,

  4. anne griffin says:

    Is it possible to attend the September retreat on an nonresidential basis. I live close by and would not need to stay at the hotel. This would be more doable for me. What would the cost be for the tuition be?

    Anne Griffin.

    • Michael Murray says:

      Hi Anne,
      Yes it is possible to attend on a nonresidential basis only. You can email the organiser Patricia Black for the prices, but I think it is around €115 per day including lunch with teas and coffees. You will find Patricia’s email address on the flyer.

      With Love,

  5. Clare Hemphill says:

    I am interested in coming to the day workshop in Dublin with Louis on sunday 27th. Can you put me down for it and as I live in Scotland, I just want to make sure I can get appropriate flights etc. Many thanks, Clare.

    • Michael Murray says:

      Hi Clare,
      I will of course add your name to the guest list.
      Looking forward to meeting you on the 27th.

      • Clare Hemphill says:

        Thanks Michael. Looking forward to meeting you too – I have my flights booked ! Can you also add my friend Eva Melrose.
        See you sunday 27th !

        • Michael Murray says:

          Hi Clare,
          Yes, I will add your friend Eva Melrose to the list also.
          Looking forward to meeting you both on the 27th.
          Safe trip and see you soon.

          With Love,

  6. anne griffin says:

    I would like to attend Louis Falcao’s workshop on 27th. September. I can’t access my paypal account as the last time I paid it was with a sterling card. Can I pay when I attend on the day please. Looking forward to the workshop. Thanks,

    • Michael Murray says:

      Hi Anne,
      Yes, you can pay when you arrive on the day, I will add your name to the list.
      See you on the 27th Anne


  7. Juan says:

    Michael , I have been watching your videos but not in order. Can u tell me which ones to follow in order? I just started your 12 meditation process. Is there any more pdf files that I need in order to speed up the process?

    Thank you for your teachings


    • Michael Murray says:

      Hi Juan,
      Here is a list of all videos from the beginning. Michael Murray – ACIM Ireland – Video Playlist
      Oldest Videos First
      1. PART 1 – ACIM with Michael Murray -You are your thoughts! (21st Feb 2014)
      2. PART 2 – ACIM with Michael Murray – Change your mind, change the world( Feb 2014)
      3. PART 3 – ACIM with Michael Murray – Stepping out of separation (21st Feb 2014)
      4. PART 4 – ACIM with Michael Murray – Fear as a doorway to bliss (21st Feb 2014)
      5. ACIM – Michael Murray – The 7 Levels of Consciousness (22nd July 2014)
      6. ACIM – Michael Murray – Questions & Answers (22nd July 2014)
      7. ACIM – Michael Murray – The Undoing of All Beliefs (22nd July 2014)
      8. ACIM – Michael Murray – Cause & Effect (22nd July 2014)
      9. ACIM “Rules for Living” – Michael Murray August 2014 (18th Aug 2014)
      10. ACIM “Complete Forgiveness” by Michael Murray August 2014(18th Aug 2014)
      11. ACIM “The Holy Spirit’s Tool Box” by Michael Murray (22nd Sept 2014)
      12. ACIM “The Ego’s Tool Box” By Michael Murray (22nd Sept 2014)
      13. ACIM – “THE BANK” by Michael Murray (22nd Sept 2014)
      14. The Ego “Right Mind” (29th oct 2014)
      15. The Ego & Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs (29th Oct 2014)
      16. Michael Murray – ACIM & PURPOSE” (25th Nov 2015)
      17. Marie Gillick ; Acim – Ireland – Teacher (25th Nov 2015)
      18. Michael Murray – ACIM & PURPOSE – PART 2 (25th Nov 2015)
      19. UK ACIM Miracle Network Conference 2014 ~ Michael Murray( 25th Nov 2014)
      20. Accepting & Correcting ~ Michael Murray-(26th Jan 2015)
      21. Marie Gillick – Perception & Trust –(26th Jan 2015)
      22. Healing & Relationships ~Michael Murray –(26th Jan 2015)
      23. The Purpose of the Ego ~ Michael Murray (26th Jan 2015)
      24. How To Live Without Judgment – (26th Jan 2015)
      25. The Root Cause of All Suffering – ACIM – Michael Murray-(15th Feb 2015)
      26. The Advanced Teacher of God – Michael Murray – ACIM -(15th Feb 2015)
      27. A.T.F (Advanced True Forgiveness) Michael Murray – ACIM -(15th Feb 2015)
      28. ACIM – The Quantum Physics of Thought ~ Michael Murray -(22nd March 2015)
      29. ACIM ~ Self-Empowerment ~ Michael Murray- (22nd March 2015)
      30. ACIM ~ Three Types of Forgiveness ~ Michael Murray -(22nd March 2015)
      31. ACIM ~ The Script ~ Michael Murray – (22nd March 2015)
      32. Marie Gillick ~ The Ladder of Prayer ~ ACIM- (22nd March 2015)
      33. Michael Murray- The After Life Questions – ACIM- (26th April 2015)
      34. Michael Murray – The Effects of Separation – ACIM – (26th April 2015)
      35. Michael Murray – The Two Voices – ACIM -(26th April 2015)
      36. Michael Murray – The Top 10 Blocks To Love – ACIM -(26th April 2015)
      37. Michael Murray – Wake Up! – Now or Later – ACIM- (26th April 2015)

      If you go to my video channel on youtube, and select oldest videos first, you will see them all in order, here is the link to my video channel…


  8. Jayanti Dasi says:

    Hi Michael
    So good and inspiring- thank you.
    Have you any meditation tools or videos on your tube ? I seem to go really drowsy and sleepy when going into meditation or and reading ACIM .Or if i don’t go drowsy i have found myself astral travelling which feels beautiful but wondered if I am distracting myself somehow.
    I am from Australia, end of last year I decided to get seriously happy and wake up insteading being victim, now feeling inspired to absorb as much as possible and I like and absorb the way you are presenting the truth.

    I would love mmm like a 3 month intensive experience with you delivering the teaching .
    Just putting it out there ,if there is anything that comes to you Mike.
    – please let me know, in the meantime I will continue intensive study here .
    In love J

  9. Fiona Fogarty says:

    Have had ACIM book for a long time but never really looked at it. I have just picked it up again and have decided it’s time to study it. I then found this website and noted there is an event for 19/06/16. Would love to attend. Can I attend and what is the cost? Thank you

    • Michael Murray says:

      Hi Fiona,
      You are very welcome to come along and join us on the 19th.
      There is a suggested donation for this event.
      This payment is to pay for the hotel costs etc…
      Acim – Ireland

  10. DESMOND says:


    Do you teach astral projection/travel? If so, is it expensive? do reply when you get time, please, for which i thank you.


    • Michael Murray says:

      Dearest Desmond…
      I am sorry, but that is not something I can teach right now…
      I work extensively with the Mind…not the body…
      I wish you well on your search…


  11. Monica Garcia says:

    Hi Michael,
    What is your agenda for workshops here in the US?


    • Michael Murray says:

      Hi Monica,
      At present, I have no plans for the US, I am currently writing my new book in Spain.
      However, I will be back in the US sometime later this year, or early next year, but not sure where just yet.
      I will keep you posted here on this website…

  12. Carrie Duffield says:

    Dear ACIM team,
    This is an inspiring read…
    I am in Dublin on holiday shortly and I am so intrigued by the June workshop…. Is it possible to turn up an pay on the day? I would be visiting Eire from East Africa, so getting anything sent through our slow post is very difficult…
    Asante sana….. Carrie Duffield

    • Michael Murray says:

      Hi Carrie,
      Yes, you are more than welcome to come along and pay at the door.
      Looking forward to seeing you on the day….


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