The Ego Split Mind – Part 2

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The Ego Split Mind 

Part 2 – The Body

We have covered in Part 1 the ‘missing’ half of us, once we are born into a body. And, just to recap, that missing piece is the balance of our ‘Spiritual Energy’ be it Spiritual Masculine Energy, or Spiritual Feminine Energy, depending on the experience the soul is expressing in this world. So, what has replaced this missing part of us, and most of you will already have guessed the answer by now! I hope!

The answer of course, is the ego is the replacement. Surprise, surprise! Now instead of us experiencing our very own Completion, and bliss internally, we now experience only separation and pain, we are now literally in bed with the ‘devil’. And we all know what this experience is really like, its hell, and we all are desperately trying to deal with it on a daily basis.

This is hell for all of us, if we are perfectly honest, and now instead of us taking responsibility for this, we set out in life blaming everyone around us, all the while, the little ‘devil’ who is the real pain in the neck, remains hidden and obscure.

And, that little devil is called the ego, as we all now know. I have spent the last several years, also hidden in this world. Why?

Because I needed to observe, learn, study, and then teach how this little devil truly works. In the not too distant future, my own true identity will also be revealed to this world, and then the fun will really begin! I could not reveal myself, to anyone, until this task has been completed, and now it is almost finished. I needed to go inside the little devil and work from the inside out, not from the outside in.

You can see for yourself the results of my work, and sill people will deny these truths that I am revealing. Why? Because most people still think that I am attacking them, and their beliefs.

This is not true, I am attacking only what is not true, I am attacking that, which is attacking you, I am attacking the ego, with Truth. However, because most people are at one with the ego, so they now think I am attacking them. So, what did I find?

I have found this, people will lie, cheat, and even steal to keep this little devil protected, at all costs. They will even kill for it, over and over again. Why? Because most people still don’t get it, people still think that this half of them, the ego half, is really them, themselves.

So, now they spend a lifetime of trying to fix it, they spend a lifetime trying to heal it, they spend a lifetime of experiencing nothing but guilt, fear, anger, sickness, pain and suffering, and finally they will die at its hands, and they will still protect it.

So, why do people do this? It is all about the pat on the back, well done, you, you are a great fellow, you are so smart, you are so intelligent, you are so beautiful, you are so special. And that is the reason, why people will lie, cheat, and even kill for it, because the ego makes you feel so, so special. Specialness is a drug, and I would put it as the most dangerous drug on this planet today.

The real problem with this is, when the pat on the back does not come, when the drug of specialness is not forth coming, then the real ego comes out to play. In the Course we learn that specialness only becomes a problem when it is denied. And, when it is denied we experience anger, hate, blame, and dishonesty, and then we project these ego emotions onto those who will not re-enforce this drug of specialness to us.

Now, those who deny us specialness, we label them as wrong and bad’ as vindictive or as a trouble maker. If you know your bible, you will remember that Jesus was seen by the Pharisees as a ‘trouble maker’ and a charlatan.

He was seen this way because he did not play the game that the ego plays. He was seen as a trouble maker because the authorities of the day, those who were controlling the religions of the day- the Pharisees- were under threat, by his Truths.

The Pharisees were just the mouth piece for the ego, and so they deceived they people about the message of Jesus, and this message has remained hidden and obscure for the last two centuries. But not for much longer, in that I promise you!

Religious deception has caused this world to experience pain that was very unnecessary, and there will be a price to pay for all those who have committed this deception. These Truths will be revealed, soon, because there are two things that God has asked me to bring to this world at this time. Truth & Justice. I have only dealt with Truth so far, but later I will reveal what the justice of God truly is.

Until that time, let’s get back to the ego split mind. So, how does the ego split mind really operate? Let’s start with the body! In A Course in Miracles we learn that the body is completely neutral.

The body cannot see, all things we see, are projections from the mind. The body cannot hear, all sound come from the ego thought on Level-1. The body cannot feel, smell, or even sense touch, all these also come from the mind on Level-1.

You have only two choices when it comes to the body and all its senses; you can give the body to God on Level-2, and be free of pain, sickness and death; or you can give the body to the ego on Level-1, and re-enforce pain, suffering and death! That is the only choice we have, on these two lower Levels.

However, most people are on Level-1 and attached to the thought of separation, so most people have given their bodies to the ego, and the ego will now use the body, your own body, to attack you, on a daily basis, and it will use the ego split mind to do this.

The body;
There are five senses in the body, and all five are designed to keep you in pain, make you suffer, and keep you on Level-1 in separation and attached to the ego.

When you finally come to realize that the ego split mind is a mind of rejection, or another name could be the mind of judgment, then your journey out of hell can begin. What I mean by this is, that the moment you reject anything, your mind will automatically split. It is designed that way, that is why there are good things and bad things, there are things and are correct, and there are things that are very wrong.

And, you are right in the center of this choice, and the very moment you are tempted to choose one or the other, your mind splits and you are now disempowered completely by the ego, and you never will see it coming. So, let’s have a look at the body, and its five senses, and you will see how the ego uses the body to re-enforce your separation.

The sense of smell;
Let’s start with your sense of smell. In this world there are things that smell great, delicious, and delightful. And, then there are things that smell horrible, they stink, and are truly disgusting. Then there are things that are just a little bit stuffy and things that just reek a little.

And, if you know your Course well enough, you will also know that there are no hierarchy of illusion, a little or a lot, it does not matter, the moment you reject any smell, your mind will be split, and you will have a bad day. Why?

Because you have rejected it, and put that bad smell into the shadow, and now you will spend a lifetime reacting to all those scents that you have become attached to, because you have judged them, you have rejected them. And, everything you reject, you keep.

All now because you have rejected them, those horrible smells and scents will travel everywhere with you, for the rest of your life. You have rejected them, and so you will be attached to them, that is how the ego split mind truly works. Everything you reject, you keep, while you are on Level-1.

The sense of hearing;
What about your sense of hearing? Your sense of hearing is conditioned the very same way as your sense of smell. The moment you reject anything, you will label it as bad, you reject it, you put it into the shadow once again.

Now throughout life, you will be attached to hearing those horrible sounds, and the moment you hear any of them, you will automatically react, and then project onto them.

For example, let’s say that you are sitting down to a beautiful meditation, and then half way through it, just when you are in that beautiful quietness and silence, you hear a dog barking which takes away your peace. Now, you will attack that noise, and that dog, in your mind, and you will project everything you have onto it. The ego just loves this, now the ego has you once again.

The sense of touch;
The sense of touch, is again another sense that will catch everyone out, and the ego will jump for joy. We all love to touch beautiful soft and silky clothes, or furs and pelts.

We all love to touch and caress beautiful people, with soft skin and soft hands. We all love to caress the softness in everything, while we are also conditioned to reject harshness and brittle objects.

Also, when we touch something accidently like a fire or stove, what is your reaction? It is one of pain and projecting. Now you may say, that this is a safety device that protects us while we are here in a body, on Level-1, and you would be correct.

But that is not the point, the point is all this rejecting is causing your mind to split, over and over again, and again, and you will feel more pain than a burned finger or hand now also. You will feel the pain of loneliness, of anger and of all the ego’s shadow.

Then you will project that shadow onto whatever has hurt you, like the stove or fire, and, this is an automatic response from this mind set. You have no choice but to react this way.

The sense of sight;
What about the sense of sight? Again, the principle here is the exact same. In this world we see some very horrible images, of war, of murder, of famine and there are too many to mention here, but I think you get the picture.

We see some good things, we some good people, and then we see some bad things and some bad people. We reject the bad automatically, and we keep the good.

The ego just loves this, because you are seeing with the ego, your eyes are the eyes of the ego, while to take up residency on Level-1. You have no choice, and now every time you see someone bad on the news, or in a film, you will project everything you have onto them.

Your entire shadow will be projected onto the scene that your eyes has just seen. The ego has just used you, and your eyes to split your mind once again.

The sense of taste;
And finally, there is your sense of taste, and we all love to taste beautiful foods, we all love to taste beautiful wines and we all love our taste buds to be satisfied with beautiful things.

Again, the exact same dynamics are occurring. Let’s say that you go out for a beautiful meal, and the meal turns out to be anything but beautiful.

Now, you will project onto the chef who cooked the meal, and you most likely will project onto the restaurant also. Then maybe, you will project onto your date for taking you there in the first place, and so, the ego is happy one more. You have rejected, and you have split your mind, and you will have a bad day now, and you will never know the real reason why.

I know what you are thinking! How does one live in this world and not reject all those horrible things that smell so badly, the answer is simple!

Remember, it is only the false image that will judge and reject continually, it will reject anything that is not good enough, and it will reject anyone who is not good enough for its standards. The false image will do exactly what the persona, and the ego tells it to do.

There is another sense that the ego uses to re-enforce the body, and it is the sense of pain that we feel in the body. Now, I could have out this under the sense of touch, but I feel that this really needs its own category because sooner or later, all that pain in your mind, will be projected onto your body, this much is certain. And, it is what you do with that particular pain is the real important issue.

The sense of pain;
Like I said at the very beginning of this chapter, the body cannot hear, it cannot see, it cannot sense touch, it cannot sense odours, and it cannot taste anything.

The body is completely neutral, and the one thing it really cannot do, is feel anything. So, here is how the ego uses pain to feed of you, and then to take you into heel and it makes sure that the pain stays with you.

Like I already covered, in all the above senses, you are pre-programmed to reject everything that you feel is not good enough, such as tastes, smells, sounds, touch, and anything else that you see, that makes you feel uncomfortable.

And, it is the exact same with pain, if you try and get rid of the pain, you keep it, it is really that simple. We keep all pain simply because we are all desperately trying to get rid of it.

If you have been a follower of my teachings this last few years you will know a Level-2 Empowerment tool called ‘Complete Forgiveness’ that will deal with all pain that you will experience.

And, now you can use this pain against the ego itself, to finally undo any and all pain that is in there. You see, the bliss everyone is seeking, is inside the pain, and when you try to get rid of the pain, you also are trying to get rid of your bliss.

The ego is a sneaky little ‘fucker’ so when I experienced this myself, I was able to go deep inside the pain body, and with a great deal of effort, I uncovered the bliss hidden inside, and the pain just dissolved in an instant. Instead of thinking that the pain is in the body, think truly, the pain is in your mind.

But if you still think it is in the body, and when you do that, you are rationalizing the pain, so you keep it. Remember, every negative emotion you rationalize, you keep, and every positive emotion you rationalize, you lose.

If you really wish to undo the pain, and also tell the ego to ‘fuck off’..
Just follow these steps and then as long as you have pain, you keep doing this every day, until that pain you are experiencing, dissolves inside you. Not only are you undoing the pain, you are also undoing the ego itself.

To do this you must think differently than what you have been doing. You now bring the pain to its true source, which is the mind. And, when you do this, you are effetely undoing the pain at its original source, which is the ego split mind. Then absorb the pain inside you, become One with the pain, and then bring this truth to the pain.

Step 1;
Bring all your awareness, bring all your senses to the exact place in your body, where the pain is being experienced. Feel it, and stay with it, absorb it into yourself, become one with it. Stay with it for at least 10 minutes before you do the next step.

Try and feel nothing else in your body, except the pain. Isolate every other part of your body, and keep all attention and focus on the pain. Do not rationalize it, because if you do, this will not work.

When you have this done, move to the next step. Just think and then say this, in a loud voice, so the ego can hear you, this takes the pain from unconsciousness, into consciousness. The ego hates this, when you do it.

Step 2;
In a loud voice, say this ‘This pain that I feel in my body right now, is not in my body. This pain that I am experiencing right now, is really and truly in my mind, which is the ego split mind, and not my true Mind. Stay with this thinking for at least another 5 minutes.
Then take the last step, which is you bringing the pain to truth on Level-2.

Step 3;
Again in a loud and distinct voice say this; This pain that I am feeling now, comes from my belief in separation. This pain I feel right now, comes from my belief that I am separate from my brothers, and sisters, and therefore it comes from my belief I am separate from God. Again stay with this for another 5 minutes.

And, when you have these three steps completed, you will not only have removed some pain from your mind, but in a little time, there will be a lot less pain in your body.

As the Course says; when you undo the cause, how can the effects not be undone! This is how we will use what the ego uses to keep us separate an in pain, we now use against the ego itself, to undo the belief in separation.

This really weakens the ego, and the more you do this, the more you will bring it to its knees. Everything that the ego uses to harm you, you can use to harm and undo the ego itself. This is classic Level-2 thinking, this is classic God thinking.

You might now think, what the hell do I do with all this information, what do I do about all the things I hates, like foods, like smells, like touch, like sights, and like sounds. There is something you can do. Just follow these steps;

Step 1;
It is only the false image that you have about yourself, that will continuously judge and reject all of the above. So, become aware and make conscious all the judgments you have made which is really to become aware of what you are rejecting. Begin the process of undoing the false image, because as long as you remain attached to it, you will remain attached to all pain.

Step 2;
Stop rationalizing your pain, because as long as you do, you will keep everything you believe that is bad and wrong. So, become aware of your rationalizing, and then stop it;

Step 3;
Get out of Level-1 as fast as you can, because as long as you remain there, you will have problems not judging, and therefore it will be difficult not to reject anything. Your body will pay the price for you being on Level-1.

But, when you get to Level-2, you will have a completely different experience within the body, why? Because you will not be in a mind that is built to reject anything, you will be in the Mind of Oneness. Therefore, there will be no pain, there will be no discomfort of any kind, because you will be with God.

On Level-2, there is no pain, sickness nor death, there is no sin, guilt nor fear. Now, if that is no motivation enough for you to get going and get out of Level-1, to get out of hell, then I do not know what will ever motivate you!

And finally, you may remember this line form the Course. If there is pain, there is no God. And if there is God, there can be no pain. Because there is no pain in God, and therefore when you are One with God, you will never feel pain ever again.

This is freedom, this is Heaven. ‘You are free to choose, but you are not free from the consequences of that choice!
See you on Level-2

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  1. Catherine Shane Kirkpatrick says:

    Brilliant and uncompromising simplification of basic Course teachings/principles. I have been learning with ACIM for almost 30 years and for the first time I am at an impasse – a physical pain which keeps my attention on the body and which I am unable to let go. It must represent my fear of the next step – choosing love over fear with NO compromise. Your writings have helped crystallise this – the pain is still there but now I am using it to remind me that – “I am the light if the world. That is my only purpose, that is why I am here. Forgiveness is my function as the light of the world. Let me not forget my function”. You have helped to strengthen my understanding that all change must happen in my mind. THANK YOU Michael – sincerely Catherine Shane.

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