The Evolution of The Soul ~ Part 2

The Evolution


The Soul

~ Part 2 ~

The Essence of the Soul

Today we are going to continue with ‘The Evolution of the Soul Part 2, called “The Essence of the Soul”

In Part 1, I explained the complete journey of the Soul from Level-1 right up to Level-5. Now I would like to clarify a few points that have risen from a few members of the group.

Firstly, it is important to know that this journey began almost 40 thousand years ago, when the consciousness of the Soul first entered this planet with the extinction of the human species known as Neanderthal man.

If anyone has read my book ‘Wake Up’, you will know what I am talking about, but for the rest of you I will give a little recap, but I would also like to add much more information than what was written in that book.

Neanderthal man became extinct because of one feature, he could not think, he had no imagination whatsoever, and so his species died out. Neanderthal man’s mind was not split, he was in no way different from any animal on the planet, and so there was no intelligence forthcoming.

And, if a person is without thought, then how could they have the thought of what is right and what is wrong, and also good and bad. Now I am not talking about morals, morals did not arrive until Moses accepted the ten commandments from God a few thousand years ago. I am talking about life and the struggle to live, and how we learn from our mistakes.

So when Neanderthal went extinct, our soul’s entered into the human species and so now we could think, we could progress. We quickly learned by our mistakes, or what was the right way to kill, with weapons, and what was the wrong way to kill, so that we would not die ourselves.

When we tried to kill our prey and we died doing it, we quickly erased those mistakes and learned to kill more efficiently. We also quickly learned how to make better and better weapons to make our killing more efficient, and then we progressed to the next stage.

When we began to become more and more efficient at killing, ‘The Warrior’ as an entity was now established, as a proficient natural born killer.

Our minds now began to expand with more and more knowledge as we evolved, and this new knowledge was passed down through generation after generation. Very soon tribal leaders were established as community leaders, and the warriors were commissioned by the tribal leaders to keep the community safe from outside threats.

The Warriors were also responsible for the hunting of food, and to keep the tribes safe from other tribes. We also learned how to make fire, and through this revelation, we learned to cook our kills.

Now within this community, workers began to take on roles, and so now ‘The Servers’ role as an entity was introduced into the community. Crops were now also being introduced and the farmer became a Server of the community by sowing and then looking after the crops and finally the harvesting them.

You also had workers who served the community who made and mended clothing, for the tribal leaders, the warriors, the farmers and so on. You also had cooks, who served and prepared the food for the entire community.

And then soon after that communities introduced shaman, and the role of the priests was established. The shaman or priest was responsible for the sick, and those who developed fevers which led to great sickness within the community. The Priest was also responsible for battling those evil spirits, who seemed to be around at that time.

‘And, so, The Priest’ role as an entity was now introduced into the community. Now also within the community, better communication was needed, with so many people living together, and so the scribe who later would become the scholar, and so, ‘The Scholar’ role as an entity was introduced.

This was going to be the origins of all education was we know it today. And, with better Scholars, and better communication led to writing and so, an education system within each community was being established.

Within the Scholar system, this then grew and next art came into the picture, and so ‘The Artist’ as an entity was introduced. With this we began to image a future, a better future for the community and so all forms of music and entertainment was introduced, albeit just drums in the beginning.

But with these new entities, a culture was being established within each tribe, and then that grew into each Nation. Now different Countries began to develop different cultures and each had a different set of rules and regulations that governed each Country.

And then as more and more priests and shaman were required as the community enlarged- a new role was established for the elder shaman or priests, who would become the advisor of the tribal leaders.

And so, ‘The Sage’ as an entity was introduced, and they became someone who would be very close to the tribal leader, and so this you could say could be one of the very first political roles that was ever established in this world.

And finally, one of the very last hierarchal roles to be established was when the tribal leader now enthroned himself as sovereign ruler, and so ‘The king’ was introduced as leader of the community, and then became leader of each Country.

So, this is just a brief history of the evolution of mankind, but was all of this was accident, because this evolution seemed to be occurring at the exact same time, all over the world in every continent. And, remember, there was no internet back then, nor television, or radio for people to communicate.

There was no spoken language that was universal for it to travel and be shared, so how did this all take place at the same time, in every single place on the planet?

You see, behind it all, there was the Soul that was guiding each and every role that was ever established. These roles are what has made mankind today, and these roles are still in place. So, now I want to take you behind the scenes, into the Spiritual nature of the soul and show you what this all means in the evolution of the soul, that I talked about in Part 1.

The Evolution of the Soul- Part 2

As you can see from our human evolution, seven primary roles evolved within each community. These seven roles have evolved and developed into a structure that has made the world of today what it is.

So, lets’ look at these same seven structures of mankind and implant them all into the structures of the Soul from Level-1 all the way up to Level-5 in Genesis.

When we discuss these seven energies it is important to understand right here at the beginning, that one particular energy is not any more important or more special or spiritual than any other. Because as we know, the ego loves specialness and some people will grab one energy symbol and try to make it more special that another.

If you try to do this, you can only be coming from you false image, because it is only the false image that seeks specialness.

The seven categories are as follows.

1; The Warrior Energy

2; The Servers Energy

3; The Priest Energy

4; The Scholar Energy

5; The Artist Energy

6; The Sage Energy

7; The King Energy


These Seven Energies Exist on the Five Levels of Genesis as follows.

Level-1; Warriors; Servers; Priests

Level-2; Scholars

Level-3; Sages

Level-4; Artists

Level-5; Kings


Each new soul that incarnates will embrace only one of these energies as it goes through and completes each of its seven cycles on each Level.

For example; as I have already explained in Part 1, an infant soul could begin its human experience on Level-1 in the extreme negative as a Warrior, and so it will maybe join a terrorist group, and so it will kill and be killed.

And, a Server could begin its experiences on Level-1 in the extreme negative and experience its service in the police and become a rogue cop, and kill an innocent victim and then be killed. This is happening all over the world as we speak.

A Priest could begin its experience on Level-1 in the extreme negative, and could be a child abuser and paedophile, this has also been occurring for centuries and is still active today.

The goal here for each soul is to find balance at the end of each cycle; which always begins with the extreme negative and positive. Then the soul will move into the moderate negative and positive energy, and then finally into the subtle negative and positive.

Now, it is also important to know this, that if a soul refuse to drop the extreme energy, it will repeat this extreme energy until it does.

And, any soul can repeat this one cycle many, many times, before it will finally drop it. Then when it moves into the moderate negative and moderate positive, it can also experience this energy several times also, until it drops it and moves onto the subtle energy.

The soul cannot and will not be able to go from the extreme into the subtle, it is too much of a leap, and also the soul cannot go from the moderate straight into its balance at the end of the cycle. These jumps and leaps over certain energies is simply impossible. And, it is a very rare case that any single soul will complete all seven cycles one at a time in one attempt.

The minimum of each cycle is seven, but in truth, a single soul could have a hundred experiences on a single cycle before it can move into its next higher experience.

Warriors are leaders, and also come in on Level-1 and learn the art of war, both negative and positive. This is where the soul learns to kill and be killed, it can be part of the military or police. Or it could join many other clandestine organizations, such as one of the very many terrorist organizations. Again, at the end of its life cycle this soul will find balance and move on to be a higher consciousness and embrace a new awareness.

And finally we have Servers, again Servers learn their trade on Level-1 before rising to serve on a higher Level. Servers can include those workers who serve the community, who could serve in the Military, Police, Hospitals, Civil Service, Transportation, Construction, Agriculture and Government.

And, there are many more, and too many to mention here, but I think you get the picture! Servers also include Parents, Grandparents, Teachers and those who serve whatever need that may arise within each community and country. Again, this soul will learn from all its negative and positive experiences, before it will move onwards and upwards.

Then we have Scholars on Level-2; The Scholar soul will be schooled in the education system, and they can go onto be, Doctors, Nurses, Scientists, Writers, Composers, Legal Representatives, Astrologers, Philosophers, or Scribes. And, the aim of the scholar is to collect all the information that will be needed for the community, and then to pass onto all those who choose different scripts, such as Servers, Warriors, and Priests.

You see, behind the scenes, everyone is choosing scripts that will be needed later in life. Everyone is really and truly choosing scripts to aid and support everyone else that is here in this world to experience soul evolution.

Sages are Level-3 soul experiences, and again this soul will experience this level as it now matures into an old soul. All previous soul experiences will be retained within this experience, and this soul will help to pass on all its knowledge and learning to all those who are still coming in on Levels 1 & 2. Sages can be spiritual leaders, but do not be fooled by this title.

Sages today are Politicians, but there can also be Sages in the Military, Police, Hospitals, Education, Civil Service, Science, Television, and Sport. A Sage can also be your Parents, your Grandparents, Uncles, and Aunts.

The Sage soul is very close to the ‘Old Soul’. This soul is vital for passing on all its previous learning and knowledge from all previous soul experiences on each level below it. However, when it is in the negative energy cycle, it can be very destructive, as you can see in world politics today. And like so, when it is in the positive energy cycle, it can seem very helpful to the world, and all who live in it.

Artists are next on Level-4, and again, this is another vital soul experience that each of us have all experienced at one time or another. Artists can include Painters, Singers, Musicians, Composers, Writers, Actors & Actresses’. But also can include the Military, Police, Civil Service, Hospitals Surgeons, Community Workers.

Artists also can include Scholars, Servers, Warriors, Priests and Sages. Everyone was, and can and will be and Artist on some level, and again, this is a very important energy for all others to experience.

And finally we have the Kings on Level-5. Kings are leaders and represent those who have now evolved to the very summit in all experiences. We all have been a King Soul at some time or other. When I talk about Kings, I am not talking about royalty with those who wear crowns, and rule countries.

No, again you can have Kings in the Military, Police, Hospitals, Government, and Civil Service. King Souls can also be Servers, Priests, Warriors, Scholars, Sages, and Artists.

This is only a very brief overview of the entire hologram and spectrum of the soul essences and energies that we all carry within us. We have experienced all of these first on earth, and then we will bring all these into our spiritual experiences, when we leave our human experiences behind. So, what does this all mean to each and every one who will digest this information.

Please do not think that just because you might believe that you are on Level-1, that you have a long way to go, because that is not the case at all, it is actually far from it. Everyone who has grown spiritually on all levels, and everyone has a much higher state of awareness than the consciousness of Level-1.

And, many do Not know that they are much more advanced than the think. You see as long as you are on Level-1, your true Soul essences is hidden, by the ego split mind. A king can be on Level-1 and be fully enlightened and not know it.

You may not know this, but at this time, right here in this planet, every single enlightened being in the higher Heavens is here, to help the Awakening of all Mankind, but most of them do not know it, just yet. But, when they get to level-2, this awareness will come to them, very quickly. But while they remain on Level-1, this will be completely hidden from them, by the ego split mind.

And remember, The king is not in the slightest bit any more important in that of a Priest, a Server, or a Warrior. A Sage is not in the slightest bit more important that a Scholar or Artist. Every single soul essence is exactly identical to the next. None is better nor worse than any other, because all are used in Oneness with each other and for each other.

Once a soul has completed all life its cycles on all levels, it then returns to Level-1 to help the soul evolution with those who are on the lower levels. It does this because no one goes Home alone, we all go Home together. Once a soul does this, it will now take on two of those seven energies. It will take one of the three energies from Level-1 to ground itself into this world, such as a Warrior, a Server, or a Priest.

And so, a Level-5 King energy may take on a Level-1 Warrior energy, just like Hitler did in the extreme negative life cycle. And, on the other side of the coin it could be a King energy with a Warrior energy in positive life cycle, such as Winston Churchill. Remember, both negative and positive energies are exactly the same, because both represent the ego persona and the ego shadow, because it takes fire to fight fire.

You also can have an Artist energy entwined with a Server energy such as Bob Geldof and Bono. You can also have a Sage energy mixed with a Scholar energy, such as the great Spiritual Teacher Jiddu Krishnamurti. There is also the King energy with the Priest energy, such as the very many various Popes that have been here.

Helen Schuman who scribed the Course carried the King energy, intertwined with the Scholar energy. And, Dr. Kenneth Wapnick carried the Sage energy intertwined with the Server energy to fulfill his mission. This list can go on and on, and there are just too many to mention all here, that would be impossible, but you are free to keep this list going, if you can.

And finally, another very, very important thing to know at this point, is time. You may look at the hologram of the Evolution of the Soul and believe like some people did yesterday, and they you have a long way to travel, and many lifetimes to experience here, again this is simply not true.

If we put this all into a 24hour clock, and at 12 midnight last night it all began, and it is all over at 12 midnight tonight. So, at what point in time are we at right now?

The answer is; We are exactly one minute to midnight right now, until it is all over. That is right, we all have gone through 23hrs, and 59minutes. This means right now, there are just two remaining lifetimes, for those who choose to go Home.

You have this lifetime you are living in, and the next. And, anyone can go Home in this lifetime, if they so choose, or they can wait until the next lifetime. Those who choose Truth of Illusion, those who choose Oneness over Specialness, will go home in this lifetime.

All others will have one more lifetime to choose. This is the only choice that mankind truly has at this point in time.

‘You are free to choose, but you are not free from the consequences of that choice!


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