Giving & Receiving ~ Part 2


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Giving and Receiving 

Part 2

 ~ The Game of Life ~

Life…, what is it and what is it all about? What is the best way I can describe to you the meaning of life? It is simple: life is a game. It is absolutely no different than the game that is called Monopoly.

Back home, when growing up, people used to know me by a certain nickname, which stayed with me right until the time I woke up. I used to be called ‘Trick’ because, when it came to games, I was one of the best. I knew every trick in every game.

When I was a young boy, brought up on a little farm in the north-northwest of Ireland, we did not have much to play with. So, instead of having many games, my family used to sit around watching television in the evening time.

I was only around 8 or 9 years old then, but one of the favourite shows we used to love watching was about magic tricks. We all loved magicians and the magic they showed. I was enthralled by this, but only for an instant because I could see very quickly something that no one else could see. I saw how the tricks were really being done!

When everyone else was watching the distraction, I was watching the other show, the slight of hand.  But I very quickly realised that I was the only one who could see it, while no one else could. So I decided I wanted to be a magician.

And so I would spend most of my days doing tricks for people. And I have to honest, I made more money doing tricks than I ever did at working. I was that good.

In my spare time, I was so good that I became a hustler: cards, pool, snooker…, you name it. I played it and I always won! I needed to win. I had to win because winning made me feel so special; I thought that winning gave me everything.  I could see what no one else could see, and I could think what no one was thinking, and this gave me an edge over everyone else.

There was one particular game I used to play more than any other, which reaped me more money than all the other games put together. It was the game of ‘press-ups’. The best way to explain this to tell you a real life recount of a night I played it.

This game is best suited to ‘pub’ conditions when the ‘victim’ I would choose would be most off guard. I would always choose the biggest ‘mouth’ in the bar. He would be someone who would always brag that he was the best, no matter what anyone would say or do, he would always have done something bigger or better than anyone else.

This person would have been all ego and though I did not know anything about the ego at the time, there were a lot of those characters around, especially in pubs and bars. I joined this person and, after a few drinks, I started to boast and brag, which enticed the other person to get angry. To him, he would have to be the best. And so, when the temperature was just right, I made an incredible boast that simply outdid all his put together.

I said off handily: ‘I am so fit, I can do between two and three hundred press-ups in under a minute, no problem.’ He looked at me, and said ‘bullshit, no one can do that!’ I laughed and say: ‘maybe not you, but I can.’ I was really putting it up to him now, and all his friends began to laugh.

I said: ‘talk is cheap, put your money down and I will do them right here, right now so you can time me.’ I then added, ‘if you are not happy with the press-ups that I do, I will do those over again.’

By then he was very interested, and I had him. He said: ‘how much do you want to bet?’ I said: ‘Anything you like.’

So, when he said €50, I said €100 just to irate him more. But this guy would double everything I would double and, before we had finished, the bet was €1,000. So, I said: ‘the barman will hold the cash and he will be the referee’ and he agreed. He went and got his money and I got mine.

The final thing I had to get right was the bet, and I had to make sure that the barman knew exactly what the bet was. So this is what I told the barman, word for word: ‘The bet is this; I will do between two and three hundred press-ups in under 60 seconds, and any press up that this man feels is not done correctly, I will redo again.’

Now the barman was clear on the bet, and he had the two grand in his hand. I was all set. I got down on the floor while a big crowd gathered, and so I began. I did one, two, there and four press-ups, and then I stood back up and asked the barman for the money. The barman looked at me very sheepishly, because he did not know what had just happened, and neither did anyone else.

So, I repeated the bet to the barman and to everyone else that was there. I said: ‘the bet was between two and three hundred press ups, I did not say, between two hundred and three hundred.’ I said: ‘four is between two and three hundred’, so I won the bet and walked out with €2,000 in my back pocket. It is always the small details that everyone forgets to look at, and that is what the ego does with every single one of us.

Why do you think it is that I do what I do today? You see, before I woke up, I was unknowingly working for the ego, doing tricks and cons. Now, after I woke up, I work for God. No one knows the ego and all its tricks like I do, and this is why I know the ego thought system so well.

I know every single trick it has in its armoury because I learned them all from the ego itself. Now, I have turned the table on the ego, and God uses my knowledge against the ego. This is what I teach.

But there was one game in particular that really pissed me off as a child; it was a game called Monopoly. Like every other game I played, I was not only ‘one’ of the best at this game; I was the best. I cleaned up every single time. The thing is this, when I was playing that game, I really thought for a moment I was rich, that i had it all, but then the truth dawned on me.

And what pissed me off was that, no matter who much money I won, no matter how many homes, great houses, hotels, utilities I had -and I really had it all-, when the game ended, it all went back into the box. This is life, and people fall into the same trap as, people actually believe that this money is real and their success means that they have made it in life. However, the truth is far from that fact.

Because when everything went back into the box, I felt cheated and betrayed by this game. I felt that all my hard work and all the skills that I learned were all a waste of time, because every single time, no matter what I had accumulated, it all went back into the box. And, that is what life is. When you arrive back in the spiritual Universe, you will feel betrayed and cheated by the ego, just the same way as I did back all those years ago.

This life, your life is just like the game of Monopoly. We all play this game, and we all put everything we have to try and win this game. We acquire, we acquisition, we slave ourselves for this game, but at the end of the day, everything goes back into the box.

And, if we cannot win this game honourably and honestly, we will lie, cheat and steal to win this game. But after it is all said and done, when this life is over, everything you have slaved for, and everything you have sacrificed for, it all goes back in the box. You take nothing with you.

You see, there is only so much in the box, and when you have it all, others will be left with nothing. I remember when I played this game with my brothers and sisters, and when I had it all, they were left with nothing. I had taken everything from them in the game, I had taken all their money, all their homes, all their properties, hotels and utilities.

And now they felt worthless because I left them with nothing. You see, there is only so much in the box, there is only so much money, so many homes and valuables, and when someone take it all, they leave nothing for all others.

When I had taken everything, I did leave them with something, I left them all with the debts that they owed me, and it is the exact same in this game that we play here in this world.

When those who take it all, when they have everything, they still want more, so they enslave those with nothing with nothing but debts.

The box of Monopoly is this world and everything in it, all the money, all the properties, homes, hotels and utilities are meant to be shared equally with everyone else; that is if we are all One. But the ego has a different strategy, and that is, take as much as you can, as quickly as you can, and damm the consequences.

But when a few take everything, that means that everyone else will be left with nothing. In this world today, just 1% of people have all the money, and nearly 80% of our spiritual brother and sisters live on less than a dollar a day.

All new money in this world for the last 30 years goes to the top 1%, and they make that money on debt. Every few years, this small group of people will instigate a bank crash, and when that happens, everyone goes broke.

And so they make even more money on loans and debts owed just because of that crash. You see, it is an economics fact that all money is really debt. If there was no debt in this world, there would not be a single dollar in this world.

So, for every dollar you have in your pocket, someone owes that in debt. And just imagine that if you had a hundred million in the bank, it would be a hundred million debts you have on your conscience. All that debt really means that person is also carrying all that pain, suffering and death that comes will all those debts.

Someone, somewhere, owes that money and that debt, and that debt will cause them much pain and much suffering. Plus many will die because of it. People really need to understand that money really means you take on other people’s misery.

In this world, people applaud the guy who is the best, the guy who gets to the top, they guy who is the best. And, the guy who is best, it also the most special, and this is who everyone really wants to be. But in the Spiritual Universe, they guy who is without an ego, it honoured, this guy is applauded, and it is this guy that will be revered.

There is a guy who owns 70 billion dollars in personal wealth, and to be truthful, I would not like to be that guy when he returns to the spiritual Universe. Why? Because he will have to come back, and give it back, because everything goes back in the box.

And not only that, he will have to balance that equation. He will have to pay that debt back, and it will take him some time before he clears that debt. You see, everything has consequences and everything is built on the Law of Cause and Effect.

The consequences are these: when a few have everything, many will be without. Did you know that almost 75% of this world does not even have a single house dwelling that they can call a decent home, while a few others have several homes and several hundred investment properties?

Did you know that 50% of this world does not have clean water to drink, and another 50% will die from starvation before this world ends?  Every action in this world has consequences, and those consequences can be quite severe for many.

When one person has all the money, all the wealth, it means that there are many that will be without. This world was given to us by God, and everything in this world is meant to be shared equally and honourably with everyone else. We have one lesson to learn and when we learn it, things will change.

That lesson is, that we are all One, and we must demonstrate that Oneness to each other on all Levels, especially Level-1.

There is no difference in that guy, and what I did in the game of Monopoly with my brothers and sisters. I took everything that was in the box and left them with nothing but debts that were owed to me. They were left dejected, worthless and penniless. I had taken everything.

I had all the money, all the homes and all the hotels. But when the game ended and I went to bed that night, I too was left with nothing, because everything must go back in the box. And that will be the same of all of us, no matter what you have acquired, no matter what you have accumulated in your life; it all goes back in the box when it is over.

The only thing you take with you is the debts that you have accumulated. And if you have taken more that you have given, then you will be coming back to balance that equation. The guy that has the 70 billion only has 70 billion worth of debts that belong to everyone else. But they are his debts, they do not belong to anyone else.

So, he will be coming back to give those debts back.

Jesus said: “Whoever has something in his hand will receive more, and whoever has nothing will be deprived of even the little he has”.  (Gospel of Thomas; 41)

“Whoever has something in his hand will receive more.”

In Metaphysics this means the something that Jesus is talking about is Love, Truth, it is the truth of Oneness, Equality and Fairness.

“…and whoever has nothing will be deprived of even the little he has.”

This line means that those who have nothing but money are the true poor of this world. And they will be deprived of that wealth and much more!

You are free to choose, but you are not free from the consequences of that choice!




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