Advanced True Forgiveness (Video)

No gift of Heaven has been more misunderstood than has forgiveness”.

Advanced True Forgiveness (ATF)

No gift of Heaven has been more misunderstood than has forgiveness”.

“It is impossible to look upon the body and not see sin”

“You cannot look on sin and then forgive it”

“You will always see in another person what you have not forgiven in yourself”

“It is in the absence of judgment that healing occurs”

The Five Steps of A.T.F

Step 1;

The first step of ATF- What do you see in this person? Is this a call for love or an extension of love?

(a)    If this person is extending love to you then graciously do accept it, by returning it; remember we receive by giving, and what you give you receive.

(b)   If this is a call for love then the answer must be true forgiveness. If you react with rage or even a little annoyance to any person then you must recognise that this is a call for love and you must use forgiveness. “The form the seeking takes you need not judge”.


Step 2;

The second step of ATF – Recognise that what you see in another is what you have not forgiven in yourself.

What is it that you see in this person, what aspect of the ego do you see and recognise?

Recognise what you see because this person is showing you what you have not yet forgiven in yourself. By holding this in your mind you are recognising that the problem is not outside of me, it is not you, the problem is in me.

The problem is an aspect that is inside my own mind, which I have denied and now I have projected it out onto you.

It is always an aspect of your own mind that needs correction. Never ever think that it is the other person that needs to be corrected.

Only your ego will try and see another ego, and only your ego will try and correct another ego, but, remember there is only one ego and it always belongs to the perceiver, You.

Remember, to recognise the aspect you have projected before you move to step 3.

Let’s use this example, that the aspect you see in this other person is that this person is victimizing you.


Step 3;

The third step of ATF – Undo and Remove Judgment

The Course states; “It is in the instant that the therapist forgets to judge the patient that healing occurs”.

You simply cannot look on another person (body) and forgive them; they must be removed from the picture, by you recognising that they are perfect and innocent, that it is my ego that needs correction.

This is the Holy Spirits judgment, that your brother is wholly perfect and innocent.

Remember this other person is just the mirror reflecting back to you how you see yourself. You must own the projection that you see in them.

“You will always see in the other person what you have not forgiving in yourself”

Judgment says that you have attacked me, and now I am justified in defending myself against that attack. So, the ego’s judgment must be removed for ATF to be applied. We remove the ego’s judgment and replace it with the Holy Spirits judgment.

In the first step you have recognised this person is calling for love. In the 2nd step you have acknowledged that the problem is not in this other person or persons, they are innocent, the problem is in me.

And now in the third step you remove your judgment on this person and what is left is the ego aspect you have projected out.


Step 4;

The fourth step of A.T.F.-Undo Projection by Owning and Releasing

In the fourth step now with the person removed, all that is left is the aspect that you have projected. The fourth step now entails you undoing this very projection.

You now simply say this; this is part of my own unhealed mind, this is my own ego that has victimized my true Self. Then because you are now claiming it as your own you have the power to undo and release it.

Remember; unless you claim it as your own, you do not have the power to undo it.

Step 5;

Release & Heal

The last step in ATF is releasing and healing. True forgiveness is impossible without the Holy Spirit because the fifth step belongs to the Holy Spirit.

By simply saying that this is a part of my mind that I do not wish to keep anymore, and I now release it by giving it to the higher power, to Jesus or the Holy Spirit.

This is very important; this aspect must be handed over and released, to a higher power for healing to occur.

We willingly hand over our projection to Him and He just takes it away because, in effect, He has already taken it away.

This is what living A Course in Miracles means, using forgiveness each day.

To summarize; The 5 steps of A.T.F

Step1;Recognise firstly is this a call for love or an extension of love? This step is a call for vision.

Step 2; Acknowledge that this person is innocent, and that what you see in this person is what you have not forgiven in yourself. This step recognises that this person is wholly innocent.

Step 3; Remove this person from the scene of the crime, this step is undoing judgment and replacing the ego’s judgment with the Holy Spirits Judgment.

Step 4; Bring back your Projection into your own mind and own it, this step is undoing projection.

Step 5; Release and Heal your mind, this step is you undoing the ego.

4 Responses to Advanced True Forgiveness (Video)

  1. Robin says:

    These precise steps are very helpful…I love the way this has madevtrue forgiveness seem easier. Thank you!

  2. Catherine Shane Kirkpatrick says:

    Well put Michael – it’s so easy to miss step 4! Thank you for reminding!

  3. Jeanna Gollihur says:

    Thank you from Idaho, USA

  4. J Dasi says:

    i ustilised this video after stewing in rage that came up during meditation regarding a big body issue that came out of meditating on lesson 38, i got up,walked out and projected this issue on the form -the special one that was projecting the body issue for me but more so my ego was spewing out the control so incredibly strong but not as strong as the love- once i turned on michael teaching forgiveness -instant joining in love

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