Accepting & Correcting

Accepting & Correcting

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  1. dimi says:

    hello thank you for all your work that helps us understand on a practicle level acim . |can you please help me out ? i get it that i am seeing my projections on someone else and that i need to correct my self by going to the right mind and doing the 3 steps you outlined with simple forgiveness , is the fear of earthquakes the same ? is it my fear or the egos fear of death? do i take responsibility for that fear? and then what do i say to myself for correction before i give it to God ? thank you

    • Michael says:

      Hi Dimi…
      All fear is already inside you, and when we experience fear, our first reaction is to rationalize it. For example…I am fearful of spiders, flying, driving etc etc.

      We are never fearful of anything external, we think we are and that is the rationalization. And what you rationalize you keep. What you bring to truth you release….All fear truly comes from our belief is separation, nothing else..and that is it…everything else is just a rationalization…

      So you say this to yourself when you experience any fear, “This fear that I am experiencing is coming from MY belief in separation” “And I give this to you” And you keep doing that everytime you experience any fear whatsoever. When you undo your belief in fear, you undo your belief in the separation.

      Dimi…if you look at my video on complete forgiveness on this website you will see exactly what I am talking about…

      Hope this helps you Dimi…

      With Love

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