The Ego Split Mind – Part 1


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The Ego Split Mind

 Part 1


The Ego Spilt Mind – ‘The Complete Spiritual Energy”

We have already covered, Layer;1 which is the story that everyone has currently in their lives. We also covered the false image, which is Layer;2 which everyone has, and almost everyone is in denial of. Then we also covered the Persona, which is Layer;3, of which, if people will just look at, but most will not. So that now leaves us now with Layer;4 The Ego Split Mind.

Today we are going to cover ‘Part 1’ of the ego split mind, and this section is called ‘The Complete Spiritual Energy”.

The ego split mind on Level-1 is the last Layer of Level-1 that all students must contend with, if they are to escape the prison of Level-1 and the ego in its entirety, and reach Level-2. So, just how does the ego split mind work, and what are the Metaphysics of this mind set.

And, when I talk about Metaphysics, I am talking about ‘Spiritual Facts’, I am not talking about the ego’s intellectual conjecture, of right and wrong or good and bad. Metaphysics deals only with the facts, and that is why the ego hates Metaphysics. The ego just loves intellectual arguments of rights and wrongs, and will do everything it can to avoid Metaphysics.

When Jesus spoke in Metaphysics, the religions of the day hated what he said, and what he taught, why? Because the ego was the religion of the day, and when the Pharisees attacked and killed him, it was the ego within them that did this.

They Pharisees could only see the rights and wrongs of what Jesus was teaching. They could not see the Truth in Metaphysics that he was teaching, and they did not want to even consider it.

Why? Because there are no special teachers in Metaphysics who have the ‘right teachings’, which really means that other ware wrong. You see, you cannot have ‘right teachings in Metaphysics, because that would mean that there are those who have the wrong teachings. And, there are no wrong teachings in Metaphysics, just teachings that are not true.

And even today, in this world, the Pharisees are alive and well with A Course in Miracles teachers, because many believe that what they are teaching, is the ‘right’ Course, and everyone else is teaching the ‘wrong’ Course.

What this really boils down to, is specialness. When a teacher indulges in the ‘rights and wrongs’ of who is teaching what, they are indulging in their own specialness as a teacher of god, just the same as the Pharisees.

However, in Metaphysics, all teachers will teach the exact same teachings, and it is a simple what they will teach. They will teach only the Truth, and if you seek the Truth, then seek Metaphysics. However, the ego cannot do this, and so, those who choose to teach right and wrong, and good and bad, are really saying, I want to keep my ego, and I want to be a ‘special teacher’ with my ‘special students!

But, I would say this to all teachers, whether it is the Course or religion they teach, when you return to the Spiritual Universe after this lifetime, you will be dealing only with facts, you will be dealing with only Metaphysics.

There will be no intellectual arguments about what you have done or not done, or what other have done wrong or right, because your life review will be conducted only in Metaphysics, that is also exactly what your script will reveal, and the choices you have made.

Please do not think, that just because you have done what is ‘good; and ‘right’ in your life this time around that that will be enough for you to break the chain of reincarnation, because it certainly will not.

Many have fallen into that trap, and when they see the truth of what they have ‘believed’ and ‘thought’ and then ‘taught’ which was the ‘right’ thing to do, and say, they are really taken aback when they see the truth, when they see the facts- of what they have done and not done in their lives.

Also, for the first time, they will see the truth of what they have believed and not believed. Remember, all beliefs belong to the ego, all knowing belongs to God. The Course tells us very clearly, that the ego is cunning and devious, and it gets so many people to either believe this or not to believe that.

So, here is a rule of thumb that you should always remember, the ‘right’ thing to do, is not always the ‘Right’ thing to do. So now let’s get to some True Teachings, which deal only with facts, so let’s deal only with Metaphysics.

Metaphysical Fact #1
The Human Mind;

The human mind is a complete illusion, and when I say complete, I truly mean complete. When you as a child, was born, whether you were a male, or female, you were deceived immediately. You will often hear many people say this, but in truth it is the ego saying this, ‘that men should be men, and women should be women’.

Today I am going to reveal one of the biggest illusion of all time, that there are no men and women in the Spiritual Universe, there are only the Masculine and Feminine Spiritual Energies. So, what does this mean? It means that when you arrive back in the Spiritual Universe, in the Awakened state, you will have already united with what has been missing within you for centuries, your ‘other half’.

When you as a human mind was born, your mind was split almost immediately, and now there is exactly half of you missing! This missing piece is the other half of your ‘Spiritual Energy’ and it is that which drives us to become seekers of love.

We now seek for what is missing, which is the Completion of our Self, but unfortunately, it is to the ego that we run to for that search. And we enter into ‘special relationships’ to find what is missing.

Let me explain;
Let’s say you are born a man, and you are ‘all man’ what has happened is this, you have been born within your ‘Spiritual Masculine Energy’ only. What is missing now in your life, and this is most likely what you will spend your life seeking for, is your other half. Which is your ‘Spiritual Feminine Energy’.

And, the same goes for most women, when you are born into a woman’s body, you are born into your ‘Spiritual Feminine Energy’ and then you will most likely spend your life seeking for what is missing, your very own ‘Spiritual Masculine Energy’

And, there also a few other permutations that we can look at.

Let’s say, that you are born a man, but you are born within your ‘Spiritual Feminine Energy’, and If that is the case, you will automatically seek again, for what is missing, you will seek of your very own ‘Spiritual Masculine Energy”, within another man.
Maybe you are born a woman, and you are born within your ‘Spiritual Masculine Energy’ then you will seek for your ‘Spiritual Feminine Energy” within another woman.

So, I think you get the picture here, please do not be fooled by the body that you are within, because they body itself is an illusion of your very own ‘Spiritual Identity’. Religion and society at large has judged such behavior as ungodly, and it is, to the ego’s god. Because the ego’s god is unjust, unfair, a bigot, a racist and a homophobic.

And, if you think I am being mush too hard on the ego god, and you agree with any of these terminologies that I have just mentioned above, then you know where your loyalty is. Your loyalty is with your ego god, and not with our One and only true God. Our One and only true God loves all His children equally, no matter what dreams or experiences that they choose.

No matter what bodies they choose to love or experience, God love each and every single one of us, equally with everyone else, there are no exceptions to His Love, Period.

So what does this all mean?
It means that as long as you keep choosing the ego, you will keep denying exactly ‘half’ of your Spiritual Energy’. And then, you will seek for it in this person, or in that person, or probably in many, many people, until you finally realize that it is within you, it is not within another. When you are seeking for love in another, you are really seeking for your very own ‘Complete Spiritual Energy’ that is missing.

This also Means that when you finally Wake Up!, you will automatically become One, with your ‘Complete Spiritual Energy” that has always been missing. Why do you think that everyone who wakes up, goes straight into ‘Bliss’?

It is because you will be uniting your ‘Spiritual Masculine Energy’, and your ‘Spiritual Feminine Energy’ together into your ‘Complete Spiritual Energy’. It is like when you meet your ‘Soul Mate’ here in a body, you just know that this is the person for you.

What has really happened is, that you have joined with this other person not only in a body, but also you both have joined your and their Spiritual Energies’ together into One ‘Complete Spiritual Energy’.

The energy of this relationship will be a very Spiritual Energy, where one or both will be heavily involved in Spirituality. This is why those who have experienced this, have long lifetime of unconditional love and sharing together.

However, as long as you remain spiritually asleep with the ego, you will be in denial of that ‘Complete Spiritual Energy” that is missing, and it will be painful when you search of it in another person. It will be painful because the ego will convince you that it is in this person, or it is in that person, and it will not be. Or, maybe the ego will convince you not even to look for it, and therefore the ego will keep you denying it even exists.

However, there are three things that will not long remain hidden, the sun, the moon and the Truth. And, when you return to the Spiritual Universe, you will see the Truth in everything, and everyone.

But you will only see this truth when you are in the Awakened State. In the Awakened state, in the Spiritual Universe, you will have a Spiritual Body, not a physical body. Which means that you will literally be having sex with your Self, and within your Self.

Or maybe you will Awaken here in a body, and when you do, you will again literally be having sex with your Self, and within your Self. This is the Bliss that every Awakened Mind experiences, because in the Awakened state of Mind, there are no needs, Period! No one will be seeking Love or Sex in another, it will all be within you, in your True Self.

I ‘Part 2’ of the Ego Split

One Response to The Ego Split Mind – Part 1

  1. Mesha says:

    It’s very interesting that my 13 year old daughters name landed in all these categories.
    I breathe in and see her as one with myself.
    I am willing to forgive my seeing, and trust God will heal my mind.
    I am thankful to know that I can step back and let the Holy Spirit lead me. (Thank you Holy Spirit, I love YOU)
    I want to see the real world, I love her in spite of my thoughts and emotions.
    I pray that the miracle of forgiveness will stimulate openness between us.
    and end once and for all, my judgement about her.

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