The Evolution of the Soul~ Part 1

The Evolution


The Soul 

~ Part 1 ~

Why is it that there seems to be such a wide gap in the energies of everyone in this world, at this time? Some people seem to be ruthless, we have terrorists, killers, rapists, and serial criminals all around us?

And, then others seem to be poles apart, such as creative artists, great music composers, amazing writers, ground breaking Scientist’s, lifesaving Doctors and Nurses, and true Spiritual leaders.  Again these answers can only be clearly seen when you break life down into the 5 Levels that Genesis provides for us.

As you can see in my diagram there are five primary levels of our Soul evolution, from Level-1 the world of separation, right up to our final Reality, which is Level-5.

When I experienced revelation with God all those years ago, I also experienced the Complete knowledge of the Mind of God. And, God said to me, reveal to the world what you have seen, tell them everything, and do this, when the time comes.

And, that time has come, and as you can image, there is a lot to tell you on all Levels. So, it is going to take me some time to reveal everything, but as you can see in this group, I have already started and there is still so much more to come.

For those who have ears, which Jesus said all those years ago, this means that those who are ready to wake up, they will hear these truths that I speak, they will embrace them into their hearts and minds. And, when they do, they will wake up, because they are ready to receive the complete Knowledge of God, now!

And, for those without ears, which means for those who will reject this knowledge, then they will have to wait for another number of lifetimes, until they are ready to receive the word of God. So, how do we know who has ears, and who has not?

Well, the knowledge I am about to reveal to you today, should tell each and every one of you. Because within this knowledge you will see who is at what Level, and therefore the Levels will reveal who is ready and who is not.

So, let’s begin at Level-1 and then we can make our way up the ladder to Level-5.

On Level-1 there are seven life cycles that the Soul will experience, but it will go through these seven life cycles three times before it will evolve into Level-2. This means that each Soul on level-1 will have 21 cycles before it arrives at a higher level of consciousness and awareness, which is Level-2.

The simplest way I can describe each cycle is to symbolize each cycle to a stage in life that we can relate to, which is to our own human evolution through life, from birth to death. We are born into a body, as infants, we then become little babies, and we grow into teenagers.

Then at the age of 21 we become adults, and this correlates exactly to the 7 cycles on level-1 by three, which means 21 also.

Level-1; 1st Life Cycle- The Infant Soul

The newest of all souls which comes into awareness is called the infant soul. The infant soul is not what it seems to be, because in this world an infant is recognized as a child of complete innocence. It is wholly dependent on its parents and family for nurture care and love.

However, an infant new soul who comes into this world is completely at the mercy of the ego and so, its first experiences are in the darkest unconsciousness of the ego shadow.

This means that most infant souls will begin life is the shadow, and that means that they begin their soul journey in darkness, and therefore will have experiences such as career criminals, they will be killers and mass murders.

Nearly all those who join terrorist’s groups around the world will be new infant souls. They will have a mind of complete destruction, as the ego shadow has, and will not accept the rule of law, or even be capable of living in a civilized society.

The new born infant soul will have very little or no conscience whatsoever. Nearly all infant souls are rejected by the persona souls because that is what makes the false image in the persona, seem to be a good person, with a good soul.

The infant soul’s sole objective is to destroy the persona image. The persona image sole objective is to detach and disown the shadow image. The battle between these two seeming opposing forces; the shadow and the persona begins with these to early souls; which are the infant and baby souls; but this can be carried into many other levels, with many other types of souls as we go down the list.

If there were no infant souls who had shadow awareness, then civilized society would have a big problem.

That problem would mean that civilized society in the persona, would have no shadow to project onto, and so it would find it very difficult to think that it is a good civilized society with good people.  What makes good people, are those who we think are bad people, and vice versa.

The infant soul will start human life as an extreme negative, which means that it will kill and be killed. In its second reincarnation, it will experience an extreme positive life cycle.

Which means that it will fight against terrorism, but will still kill and be killed doing that job. Then in its next incarnation it will experience a moderate negative, which means that it will not kill, but will be a part of an army, or terror group that is responsible for killing.

And so, it will be either captured, or badly injured by those who are fighting against terrorism. And, lastly, in its next life cycle, it will experience a subtle negative, and then a subtle positive life experience, which means it will experience a lot of pain, suffering, loss, and finally death. Life is not good starting out as a new soul in the 1st life cycle of Lvel-1.

Level-1; 2nd Life Cycle- The Baby Soul

Once the infant soul has experienced seven life cycles, they move into the second soul cycle, but they are still on Level-1. This soul is called the ‘Baby Soul. The baby soul will now shift its awareness from the Shadow energy into the Persona energy.

Once it experiences this energy, the baby soul will want to be accepted by civilized society. The baby soul will join as many institutions as possible, such as political parties, church congregations, community organisations and so on.

The baby soul does this because of its previous experiences as an infant soul in the shadow, was totally opposed to civilized society. The baby soul will want the security of a  large number of people, and the more memberships it has, the safer it will feel. However, it will see life in very simple terms, everything will be either black or white, good or bad, up or down, and so on.

This is because there is very little depth to this soul, it is just now really beginning to evolve as a soul. Again the baby soul will begin life in this second life cycle in the extreme negative, and then in its next incarnation, it will experience an extreme positive.

For example, the baby soul in the extreme negative, will wish to kill the bad people, and all those responsible for terrorism, but it methods will be both illegal and immoral. Then in its extreme positive it will experience its life cycle do it everything it can to avoid killing, but will most likely be killed trying.

And, then it moves into the moderate negative, and moderate positive, subtle negative and subtle positive until it arrives in its seventh life cycle where it finds balance. In Metaphysics, what is occurring is that the soul in shifting its experiences from the shadow false image, into the persona false image, until at the end of each cycle it arrives in its center.

The personality is the center that all soul must arrive at before it can evolve into the next higher level of consciousness and awareness.

The Soul Balance

When I talk about balance I am really talking about the personality that each soul carries within it. The personality is connected to each soul’s higher Self, and so it is connected to truth. However, when the soul is either in the right, which is the ego persona, or the left, which is the ego shadow, it is ‘off’ balance because it is embroiled within the ego thought system.

When the soul experiences one life time in the shadow, it must balance that lifetime with the next, which means that it will experience its next life cycle in the persona. The soul will experience these two polar opposite experiences, until it comes into balance as it nears the end of that level.

To give you an example of how the seven life cycles operate, let’s begin with life cycle one, on level-1.

Cycle 1 & 2;

When the infant soul begins it journey on level-1, in its very first life cycle, it will be in the most extreme darkness, it will be a killer and a victimizer. However, it is next life cycle, it is will be severely victimized and finally killed to balance the previous life cycle.

Cycle 3 & 4

Then in its third life cycle it will not kill but will be a victimizer, it will probably kill someone very close to it. And so, to balance that life cycle, in cycle 4, and it now will be a victim, and maybe someone very close to it will be killed.

Cycle 5 & 6

In cycle 5 & 6 of the infant soul on Level-1, it will now experience perpetrate  a terrible injustice, maybe it will be deliberately accuse an innocence person of a crime, and that person will spend maybe a life time in prison.

Then to balance that life cycle in its 6th life cycle, that soul itself will be innocently accused of a crime that it did not commit, and so it will most likely spend its own life time in prison.

Then, if the soul has learned that lesson, it will find balance in its 7th life cycle, where is will spend its life time, rejecting good and bad, and right and wrong, it will find its personality and have a peaceful lifetime, and now it is ready to move to a higher state of consciousness.

The first two life cycles on level-1 are the most difficult for every soul to experience, and when it gets to balance its second life cycle on Level-1 it is ready to experience the world as a teen soul.

And, once the baby soul has experienced its seven life cycles as a baby soul, it will now move again into a higher level of consciousness and awareness, it now moves into what is called a ‘Teen Soul”.

Level-1; 3rd Life Cycle- The Teen Soul

The Teen Soul.

The teen soul’s last life set of life cycles on Level-1 will be experienced as a teen soul. And, like all teenagers, it will now seek for fame, riches, untold wealth, glamour and will be attracted to all things that glitter and shine.

The teen soul will desperately fight the eternal battle against aging, and some teen souls will even go as far to the most extreme and desperate measures such as plastic surgery for the feminine energy, and body building for the masculine energy.

The teen soul will do everything it can to not look old, even when it experiences old age, it will still desperately try to look young, by wearing and dressing like a teenager. However, when all seven cycles are experienced, and the teen soul finds balance, it now moves up again to another level of higher consciousness, and awareness, it will finally move out of Level-1 and will now experience itself as an ‘Adult Soul’, when it arrives on level-2.

I should tell you this at this point, when I say the soul will have 21 life cycles on Level-1, that is the minimum, and it is a very rare case that any soul will achieve that target. In truth, a soul can experience over a hundred, and sometimes two hundred life cycle, just on Level-1.

It will do this by choice, because sometimes it will not wish to find its balance, and so all life cycles will be repeated until it does.

No soul can evolve into a higher state of consciousness without first finding its balance.

This is because it will bring that same energy with it, and this I am afraid, it impossible. So, until balance is found, outside of right and wrong, and good and bad, the soul will continue to experience the same set of life cycles over and over again, until it does find balance.

Level-2; Life Cycle- The Adult Soul

On Level-2; The Adult soul experience only one set of life cycles, from one to seven. And, it will now begin living life at a much deeper level of awareness. Its interests will education, writing, philosophy, and be intrigued by outer space. It will encompass a much higher intellectual understanding of the world and world politics.

In the seven cycles on Level-2 it will move from one experience to another. In one life cycle it will attack those who are the decision makers in this world, and in the next cycle it will embrace those very same decision makers and applaud their decision making.

In each cycle, the soul will move from one polar opposite to the other, but when the soul reaches the seventh cycle on each level, it will find balance, it will discover its personality.

And, when it does it will have grown a much deeper understanding of life and what it is to live in a more moderate world. If it does not find this balance, then it will repeat as many life cycles as is necessary. The soul must find its personality at the end of each life cycle, and until it does, life cycles will be repeated as many times as necessary.

The previous six cycles are all experienced firstly at each end of the polar opposite, but then after each experience in each cycle, it will sooner or later find its balance at the end. For example; the adult soul will be either completely anti politics, and then in its next cycle it will be completely pro politics.

This can and is equated with both the shadow and persona. The shadow is left wing, and the persona is right wing. You will see this in the politics of this world, with the hard right wing, and the hard left wing of politics.

Then you have those in the centre, who seem to be the balance of both wings. You see the soul is constantly arriving at its own centre, and it will not move up to the next level until it finds that balance.

Hence, when it reaches the seventh life cycle on each level, it has learned its lessons, and finds the balance in life that it needs now to evolve. And, when the adult soul finds its balance, which is its personality, it is ready to move up to the next Level, which is Level-3.

Level-3; Life Cycle- The Old Soul

The Level-3 soul is known as an “Old Soul”. It is known as this because it has amassed a lot of experiences in all its previous cycles and levels. The old soul will be very reflective; and it will ponder life rather than become embroiled in life.

It will quietly avoid choosing sides; and it will be diplomatic and will always seek to find resolution and seek to solve any and all disputes between warring factions without condemning one side or the other, or who is right and who is wrong.

There are no extreme negatives or extreme positives. All negatives and positives will be of a subtle nature until it arrives at its centre at the end of its life cycles on this Level.

The old soul will be an ambassador, within the family, within the community, and even in the arena of National and International Politics.  The Old Soul will also be deeply involved in education, and have the status of head teachers, senior professors and especially college lecturer’s in many Colleges around the world.

You will see this soul as some who is caring, sharing and with all-encompassing love for nature, art, literature, music and the beauty in life that is all around us. However, the old souls journey is not over yet, and when it reaches the seventh cycle on Level-3, it will now move up and into Level-4.

Level-4; The Enlightened Soul

The Level-4 Soul is someone who is a great spiritual leader, and will be experiencing life in the Awakened Mind. The Enlightened Soul will have completely detached from all ego and they will be a living demonstration of what it is like to live in this world.

To name but a few who are at this Level, you could include the following names in spirituality. Sai Baba, Mahatma Gandhi, Paramahansa Yogananda, Sri Ramana Maharshi, Eckhart Tolle, Byron Katie, and Mooji.

There are also those who have lived, but not as spiritual on this level, such as; Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, John F. Kennedy, Albert Einstein, many, many others. Also great literature writers on this level, are William Shakespeare, Mark Twain, Charles Dickinson, Oscar Wilde, Leo Tolstoy and William Wordsworth.  There are many more, and too many to mention here.

Level-5; The Five Prophets

And, finally there is the Level-5 Soul group. These five are also known as the 5 Prophets of God. A Prophet is someone who has not being born and has not gone through any of these cycles but has always been in complete Oneness with God. A Prophet is someone who receives direct communication from God.

Messengers of God receive their instructions not from God, but from one or sometimes two, or even from all five Prophets.

Messengers do not communicate with God, but are in direct communication with a Prophet. Helen Schucman who scribed A Course in Miracles was a messenger of God, and she received her instructions and messages from Jesus, but not from God.

The 5 Prophets are direct descendants of God, in Spirit.  The Archangels are as well as the lower Angles have also never being born in a human body to evolve spiritually. However, that all do have physical human experiences as I will reveal in my book Genesis when it is completed.

The 5 Prophets have also experienced physical incarnations at one time or another, and they have done this to open up one of the five levels. Each of the 5 Prophets is responsible for the revealing the consciousness of one Level each.

There is a level for every Prophet, for example, Moses was a Prophet and he opened the consciousness of Level-1. It was Moses who received the ten commandment from God.

This Revelation from God to Moses, split the ego on Level-1, into what was right, and wrong, and what was good and evil. This was vital for our human evolution, because before the ten commandments, and because there was no other human laws, the ego was in a state of oneness, which meant it was completely insane and embroiled in darkness.

So, when Moses introduced the ten commandments to civilised society now had a set of rules to experience living in a civilised world.


Every single person in your life, in your family, in your friends, in government, and in this world will be in one of those life cycles, and on a certain Level. If you look around you, you will see very clearly, that each soul is on a journey, and each journey is on a Level. We all have been infant souls, baby souls and teen souls on Level-1. We also have been Adult Souls on Level-3, and there are many Old Souls on Level-4.

But the main point here is this, sooner or later, all souls will make it to the top, and then as the Course tells us, we will share all those experiences as One when we all arrive at the Real World on Level-4 of the  “Genesis the Awakening” diagram.

And finally just to re-enforce this point, Jesus said, “the last shall be first, and the first shall be last” which means that we all go home together as One.

This will be continued in Part 2…soon…


Michael Quis Ut Deus

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  1. gerardine says:

    hi there I live in the cavan area moved back home 2 years ago done the cource in texas loved is there any classes down the country thank you ,

    • Michael Murray says:

      Hi gerardine,
      I am not aware of any groups in the Cavan Monaghan area. There are classes in Ballina and Dublin every month. See events page for full details.

  2. dimitra says:

    hi michael . is there a law of detachment? ie where we are asked not yo take things personally thank you for everything you are offering us

    • Michael Murray says:

      Hi Dimitra,
      Yes, there is a law of detachment…it is called…
      Advanced True Forgiveness,(ATF) and you will find it on this website…


  3. Mary Andrews says:

    “Let the light of the world shine through this appearance”
    My ego false mind would have me believe that a body condition is real and its voice is loud!
    I am so grateful for my path & ACIM that is helping me and your latest book Micheal which is mind blowing! See you at the conference 🙂 x

  4. Wendy says:

    Dear Michael,

    I’m eagerly awaiting your new book in the mail. 🙂

    You are Awesome..your teachings have helped me tremendously with ACIM so far..thanks for everything..!

    With Love from Montreal..Canada


    • Michael Murray says:

      Dearest Wendy,
      Thank you for the very kind words, and I am delighted that my Teachings have helped you, you are very welcome. I also hope you enjoy the book! I am sure you will find in very interesting indeed.
      Blessings I send to you…


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